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Also meant to mention alum!!! You can buy rock alum in Chinese/Asian grocery stores. Take a couple of cubes and let sit in a glass jar with a little bit of water covering them. The crystals will start to break up. Put in your sitz bath ring and immerse your bottom. Amazing results as well!!!


I also inherited the genetic baggage of hemorrhoids as well as having 10+ pound babies all over 23 inches. I have found the biggest thing that gives me problems is diet. I have noticed that ANY enriched flour products (this is processed sugar) such as breads or pastas will 'light me up'. Also, any alcoholic beverages with sweetener (margaritas, tonic water, grenadine, sweet and sour mixer, etc.) will light it up. I have to take a stool softener (colace is the best and non-addictive) and drink plenty of water. No sodas at all for me. I also really limit my beef intake as well. I like the tea bags, Vicks, aloe, rutin, and cayenne pepper pills as relief. I really would love surgery but cannot afford it. They just have to be babied. I am also mid-40s and carrying extra weight which I am certain does not help. Another gigantic help is colloidal silver (that we make) and I will drink that as well as apply externally. That seems to be a great help as well. It really seems that you have to stay on top what you ingest.

So relieved

Eat whole wheat toast with butter, large amount of minced garlic and a sprinkle of salt. I stopped Tylenol!! It can tax your liver which effects your lower abdomin. I had toast with each meal. By 4 pm, and after drinking lots of water, the pain subsided. I had been in pain for 4 weeks! I tried all OTC meds and ointments. Oh well your waiting for pain to subside. Inflatable ring helps when your sitting I car or at kitchen table, couches too soft for me.. Good luck everyone!


Just mixed some Vicks Vaporub with Preparation H and applied it 10 minutes ago . First relief since this started 4 days ago . If this doesn't shrink the swelling I will trying some garlic later in the week. So grateful for the tips on this site . Who would have thought it - Vicks Vaporub.??

Your Mom

GARLIC!!! Get a clove. Cut a sliver. Shove it up there. Slight burn. Hour're cured. Do It!
Because there's No Pain like Butt Pain.

P.S. I love this site!


Garlic is the solution. This forum is amazing. I read about the power of garlic on this forum. I was in serious pain on friday and saturday, but when I read about garlic, I just feel that I should try it and seriously it works fine for me. My horm was a serious one, very big on my anus in a way that I could not sit and walk. It was even bleeding. This is my recipe. I minced garlic aspirin lemon hydocortisone to form paste. I put the paste on the hermo lump. It was seriously hurting but before I know it tha pains went off. Now the hermo has appreciably shrink. Thanks to this recipe. I can work and sit comfortably now. I even drank beer this evening.


I suffered with external piles as well as fissures. I was in agony with them and had tried all creams and suppositories doctor could give me. I even had a local anaesthetic to use but it had no effect. After looking at peoples experiences on here I tried salt, grated potato and sitz baths. Nothing helped and I was getting worse by the day. After one really bad day when I was on my knees in tears I phoned a homeopath. After a long discussion about my symptoms he sent me some pills. After the first pill my anxiety started to ease and within a day or two the pain was settling down also. I now have no pain at all and fissures have healed. Piles are just loose tags now. My advice is to find a good homeopath and hang in there. I had been in agony for 3 months and couldnt see a way out, the difference now is amazing.



If you're here, like me, you've likely already spent a fortune on over the counter preps that aren't much making a difference. If they are not helping, you have poor/compromised vein structure (vascular system).

Repair what is there and you can not only avoid surgery (no matter how bad it feels, it is SO worth trying) PLUS you will prevent it from ever happening to you again. (AMEN).

TRUST ME when I tell you, don't waste one more second before obtaining a good leg vein essential supplement with the following ingredients (or you can buy the ones not found in a combo, separately, all easy to find on-line):

1) Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids
2) Rutin (sometimes this is in the C)
3) Stone Root (also called Collinsonia Root)
4) Horse Chestnut (standardized)
5) Butcher's Broom
6) Bilberry extract
7) Grapeseed extract
8) Hawthorne berry extract
9) Goto Kola extract

Initially, I was concerned as I have a hayfever allergy but none of these supplements bothered me, check with doc if you're particularly sensitive.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you will notice at least small improvements within a few days (for me, within 3.5 days before small noticeable improvement). DO NOT give up because it's not instantly better, that is not how this works! KEEP ON TAKING THEM daily WITH ORANGE JUICE (unless you are experiencing any discomfort, of course).

Every day after that you will notice steady improvement. Just don't forget to take the supplements daily. Once you are at 100%, (don't stop before 100% happens) if it's hard for you to take daily, keep at least a regular maintenance dose maybe 3x a week or over weekends going to prevent further issues.

At the time of this writing, I had used the following which covered all the ingredients listed above:
1) swanson leg vein essentials,
2) solaray vitamin c with bioflavonoid concentrate, rose hops and acerola
3) swanson stone root

But you can find similar with many other vendors.

Important note that you should take to heart. Like in my case, if your veins are in this kind of shape, you may have an undiagnosed nutrition absorption issue, so seriously consider taking a good multiple vitamin with minerals (NOT A TABLET that's encased it what might as well be plastic), also activated B-complex and amino acid complete wouldn't hurt, either.

Always try to get gel capsules, ones with the powder you can see inside of it, in case your stomach does not produce enough acid to break down tablets (so you're not spending money and taking tablets that don't break down for nothing).

In two weeks, if this helped, please, please take the time to come back and post to let others know that this worked for you, too!

Have a happy life! :)


dice two cloves of garlic and soak in witch hazel for one hour. mix with coconut oil well and make suppositories. place in the freezer, when frozen, grab a suppository, soften the edges with your fingers, goths bathroom and gently position it inside your rectum. try not to release gas, do it in the bathroom, plus it stinks. apply until your hemorrhoid is healed, then apply only when you have discomfort. your diet is important, eat lots of greens, juices, lots of beans, and food that contain lots of FIBER. Also drink plenty of water and do cardio


Hi all,
I recently had a baby and I was dying due to all the pain from C-section and plus more pain from hamrroids, fissure and piles in my bottom. So I googled home remadies and found this form, where I found very useful remedies. remedy with garlic worked wonder for me. And eventully I was free from all the pain. But I came to write one more remedy that worked miracle for me. I drank more then one liter of butter milk for four days and it worked like miracle. You can use yogurt if you like. But it was perfect solution for me. Finally I was able to poo without any pain or discomfort. I hope this will help someone. Because I was misrable that time. Sorry for spelling mistakes.

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