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Lucky mom

Am a 31 year old stay at home mom of two wonderful kids. I don't have any problems with constipation but I definitely love spicy food. About a year ago during my second pregnancy I suffered from hemorrhoids. I was scare, in pain & embarrass to tell anyone about my condition. The worse part is that one of my hemorrhoids popped while I was peeing.... I got so scare when I saw all the blood in the toilet. I though I was having a miscarriage. Anyhow, I started treating them with witch hazel & preparation h. The pain was minor & the discomfort wasn't that bad. Everything went back to normal after my baby was born. Occasionally I will feel a hemorrhoid but it wasn't painful. About a week ago, I started feeling a pinching sensation, then discomfort while sitting. I checked during a shower and I hemorrhoid was there. After a day or two, the pain got to the point if me not wanting to sit down or even using the restroom. I started the usual witch hazel & preparation h. This time it didn't work. The pain got worst. I even wanted to check in to the hospital. I called a gastrointestinal doctor but couldn't set up an appointment. Then my husband suggested aloe Vera. That's when I realized that it had to be a home remedy for that. Then the search started. After reading and reading countless web pages something kept on plopping out. Garlic & vapor rub. After my usual night shower i noticed a bunch of hemorrhoids, I didn't know what to do. I was desperate. So i cleaned the area with witch hazel. Then I mixed some vapor rub & mince garlic. Applied the mixture with a cotton rounds and leave it overnight. For my surprise it wasn't painful at all. At the contrary it fell a fresh relief. Of course, I felt the Vicks sensation thru the night but It wasn't painful at all. In the morning & checked and surprise, all but one of the hemorrhoids were gone. I treated the huge one again to see if it will shrink over time. No more pain, no more discomfort. Thank Goodness!!! Am not old, I don't suffer from constipation, & have two very active babies so I don't spend much time sitting, I move around the house all day. So I don't know where this problem originated. I also read that potato, tomato & aloe Vera are also good for treating hemorrhoids. Hope this will help someone with my same problem cuz hemorrhoids are horrible..... After today am gonna try aloe Vera, so I will combine the treatments.

Bobby Pinson

Mix 3 parts 100 proof Vodka with one part witch hazel put a good table spoon of powered red pepper .You will think why did I doo this but when it calms down (about 5 minuets)you have no problems with your hemorrhoids and it gets easer over time give it at least 3 days and you'll be a believer.


Hi, I had a hemmeroid no more than 2 weeks ago..I was in agony from the pain, I couldnt sit, stand or use the bathroom without nearly being to the point of just crying..the doctor suggested certain suppositories that may help, which they did not.
After many baths in salt water, smothering my back side in cream, I had had enough and decided to go to my local health food shop, I spoke to a very helpful lady wwho took me straight over to the Witch hazel..which didnt seem to make a difference but what did help and has helped ever since for me.. was a certain herbal tablet called 'Nutralife - Circulation support. It is a horse chestnut 2000 complex. I am telling you that taking 1 tablet at night..I woke up feeling at least 40 to 50% better..a lot less pain and felt so much smaller than the day before.. I would say to all those people who are suffering from the pain of hemmeroids to go and buy these tablets, they are around $35 (im in Australia) but they seriously did work and are still working for me..after 2 to 3 days of taking them morning and evening.. I was in no pain and back to my normal life.
I know how depressing and horrible it is having this problem and thought I should pass this info on since it worked quite quickly for me. Pay it forward I always here I am paying it forward. Goodluck xx


Something's are worse than others... For instance a prolapsed hem is worse than an internal and an prolapsed external is by far the worse one of all... I've had internal with bleeding for years, used TUCS pads with good results for many years... Witch hazel (in tucs) appears to be good for the pain and itching...

But I now have an external (first ever) and have found a new respect for the word hemerroids... The pain and discomfort is almost unbarable and this one started a little larger but it now is about the size of the top of your little finger. Purchase Prep H for the first time... Kept using the Tucs and placed a dab or two of Prep H about every three hours or so... Not a lasting lasting relief at all, very short.

:-) Found this site and now I am trying Vapor rub with minced garlic. Mixed two table spoons of each together with a splash of witch hazel, made sure I had a good amount of oil from the garlic jar. Placed a dab right on the little bugger, no real serious burn... No more than I would expect from the vapor rub... After ten minutes now and it is just a warm sensation... More importantly I am sitting with no discomfort other than that warm feeling and the faint smell of garlic... That is an improvement... Just got out of the chair and felt a little familiar discomfort from the rhoid but it is still too early to tell... I will update in the comments to this post.

Advice for the wise
Remedies should be qualified by the symptoms... Internal bleeders are much 'very much' different than an external... One is discomfort the other is very painful with discomfort.

One size does not fit all for this subject...

And like many things... Remedies, for sure these kind, are good in moderation, sometimes a little dab will do ya, don't slather on a bunch of a wierd garlic based concoction and not expect some consequences...


After 1 week and no relief for a pile outside of anus I bathed in epsom salts for ten minutes pile reduced in size after 2 baths I then used witch hazel and it was immediatly soothed and seemed to reduce in size also. Chest rub definatly soothed and calmed down the irritation also.


I have suffered with hemorrhoids for 2 years now the 2 on either side of my anus were the size of blueberries stayed that size and at times grew to the size of grapes. After 2 years of sobbing and having a hard time even picking my daughter up and trying onions, garlic and everything else i read i gave up until the other day i hurt so bad i took a trip to the store and bought witch hazel, horse chestnut,turmeric, milk thistle. Worth the money! I use with hazel ever time i use the bathroom. I take 2 of each turmeric milk thistle. the other night i hurt so bad i broke open the turmeric capsules and milk thistle gel capsules made mixed it and put it on my area nest morning less than half the size! no pain! Try it!


I'm a 26 year old male. I just recently had my second encounter of the year with an external hemorrhoid. I'm not sure if the ailment stems from my lifestyle (I smoke and drink frequently - eat A LOT of spicy food - probably should drink more water than I do) or from specific circumstances (the last hemorrhoid appeared after a stressful day in extreme heat while I was on my feet all day) or from hereditary reasons (the males in my family have had hemorrhoid problems before). Regardless, I'm here to focus on the solution, not the cause!

My first flare up happened about two months ago and lasted for just under a week. I did little to treat it outside of easing off of booze, wiping with wet towels, and readjusting my diet. This last flareup began two days ago, and really came to a, excruciatingly painful peak yesterday.

I stumbled across this site last night after waking up in extreme pain. Unable to find any sort of comfort, I tossed and turned in bed while the hemorrhoid felt as though it was throbbing and sending pulsating waves of pain throughout my entire body. Those who have never been inflicted with a hemorrhoid will have a hard time understanding the sharp, unrelenting pain.

I automatically took to the internet and found this site and all of its post to be the most useful and informative. After reading through most of the post on here (as well as a handful of other secondary websites and articles) I found that Vic's Vapor Rub and garlic seemed to be the most effective solution to combating the pain of a hemorrhoids.

I left my apartment at 4:30am, having a difficult time walking and getting into my car due to the pain. I drove to a 24 hour grocery store in my area and picked up Vic's Vapor Rub and minced garlic. Upon returning home, I applied the Vapor Rub to a cotton ball and inserted it the cotton ball onto the hemorrhoid. Instantly, I felt a burning pain that lasted about 5 minutes, followed by an icy, menthol like feeling that lasted for about a half hour. It helped out enough to get me back to bed.

When I woke up this morning I removed the cotton ball. The hemorrhoid was still present and sore, but not anywhere close to the stinging pain that had almost brought me to tears yesterday.

This afternoon I reapplied the Vic Vapor Rub, but this time I dipped the cotton ball into the minced garlic, soaking up the juices. I applied that and felt yet another burning sensation and jolt of pain, followed by a slow burn that lasted for about half an hour.

The Vapor Rub and minced garlic solution - both separately and combined - is painful. However, it is not anywhere close to the pain of a volatile hemorrhoid. Depending on how intense your conditions are, it is worth doing. If you can make it through the half hour of discomfort and pain - and the grossness of doing things like putting minced garlic and Vapor Rub up your ass - you will find comfort slowly returning, and the hemorrhoid will decrease in both size and pain.

Because this site helped me, I felt like I should pay it forward and post my own story in the hopes that someone else who is suffering will find it useful. Never thought I would be posting about hemorrhoids and sticking minced garlic cotton balls up my ass, but here I am!

I'm currently on Day 2, so I will continue to post and keep you up to date on the progress. Best of luck...


Mixed a little Vicks Vapo Rub with a little Preparation H. Finally!!! After using the prep h alone, witch hazel, nothing helped. This mixture did the trick for the pain.


After many years of tears, pain and swollen hemorrhoids and tried everything, I finally found my cure. I purchased a hot water bottle used the attachment for enema`s and inserted it every bowel movement. The water cleaned the area very well and I NO longer suffer. I was going insane with the swollen and itching and pain and this really worked for me. Never in a million years did I think the hemorrhoids would shrink internally and externally. I use this every day and am hemorrhoids free, please try it. I am 61 years old and have suffered so long, it`s really worth the try.


Thanks KayCee for your post! I wasn't too thrilled about inserting garlic or anything up there so I had to try the pills she suggested. My health food store didn't have same brand but had a similar leg vein pill with all the ingredients (check her post for list) & the Vitamin C with rosehips & bivlavinoids. My leg vein pill seemed to be in a plastic capsule so I emptied it & stirred it into my yogurt to make sure I would digest it. My vein pill said I could take 2/day & 3/day vitamin C- so I took them all at once after breakfast. As KayCee mentioned, be patient for results. In 2 days bleeding stopped, after 5 days- the pain was half of before. By day 12 almost no pain at all. Mine was an external about the size of a grape, on day 14 I felt some pain again so when I checked in the mirror, it was barely to size of a pea. So the pain I think was from the blood vessel shrinking & going back to where it belonged. I've been so happy cause anything my doctor prescribed didn't work & Prep H made it worse. Thanks again :)

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