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I agree witch hazel on a cotton pad works. I've used this method for years. Another remedy I've had success with is the inside of the banana peel. Peel strips from the inside and place it on the hemorrhoid overnight. Just thought I'd pass it on.


I was bleeeing, in pain so much so I became anemic. So I kept a food diary. This is what works
Stay clear of coffee, carbonated drinks, fried foods and spices. Eat whole grains bagels, carrots, and twice a day take 2 to 3 tablespoons of oilve oil depending on your condition. Give it a few days. Now im no longer in pain, I've stopped bleeding, I'm healing, bowel movements are easy and painless. Hallelujah! Good luck.


Prevention is better than cure. Has anyone tried squat pooing as a way of indefinitely clearing up the rhoids? There was a study done and all of the participants managed to alleviate their piles by squat pooing. It's much better for the bowels and far less stressful, less straining etc etc. I got dehydrated the other day and have just had a baby so ended up with rhoids... in the session which ended with me having rhoids I switched from sitting to squatting and it made such a difference... have squatted since and see improvements, but will only go to the bathroom when I really need to! I still need to use the other remedies to soothe so that I can get a good night's sleep, but I think this is the ultimate prevention and will help to take the strain during the recovery process.


I need to thank everyone for their advice.. I've been in agonizing pain for four days I went to the store and bought some which Hazel pads I cleaned the area and sprinkled garlic on the witch hazel pads I placed them on my piles waited 2 hours and I feel soooooo much better all week long I have been using preparation H cream's and suppositories they did not work at all this witch hazel and garlic is a miracle!!!!!! thank you so much everybody!!!!


So I've received my first bout of hemorrhoids. I had two outer piles that were extremely painful. I've been trying prep-h for almost a week with little to no relief. Today I couldn't take it anymore. I came across this site and read probably about twenty different pages and decided to try the garlic remedy. Let me tell you this is the most relief I've had in a week. I used minced garlic on a cotton ball and put it on top of the piles. There is a slight burn to it but no where near as bad as dealing with the piles them selves. I've kept the cotton ball on there for about three hours now and my piles have shrank and the pain has almost gone away completely. The piles were almost the size of grapes and after three hours they are about the size of peas. Wish I would have tried this a week ago! I could already be rid of these awful things.

Angele Orr

Another vote for tea tree oil. I poured the tea tree oil into a bottle of witch hazel and applied the mixture to a cotton ball and applied several times throughout the day. Results are almost immediate and within 5 days, no sign of a hemorrhoid.


Tea tree oil on a cold cloth.
But if all great home remedies don't work for you ask for help! In some cases surgery can't be avoided but today there are many great alternatives like THD ligation that are fast, less painful and efficient.


Homeopathic Remedies:

I have been using Aesculus Hippocastanum 30c and Hamamelis Virginiana 30c 2x/day without consulting a homeopath.

Have been using for 4 or 5 days with noted shrinkage in size and improvement in pain/sensitivity.

Also using a topical ointment called Hemmorease at every visit to restroom. It is made by Taos Herb Co and can be ordered online.


This works for Hemorrhoids!
1) Buy Esther-C tablets at Walgreens.
2) Buy 50mg of Rutin tablets from VitaminX store or order online from IHerb or GNC.
3) Take 1 ea tablet/day Esther-C
4) Take 2 ea 50mg tablet/day Rutin
5) Within next day, you will be better...and within 2 days will feel great and as the days go by you'll feel like a miracle has happened. NO JOKE...This works!! By the way Rutin used to be called Vitamin P...which our govt took off the market. It was used years and years ago for this very issue. Its also good for vericose vens. You'll see!!!!!


I am 27 years old and I suffered from my very first hemorrhoid which started back in May and has lasted until just yesterday. I have always had hard stool issues, which I know was the cause of mine.

I have tried all the remedies suggested on this site from Prep H, witch hazel, garlic, lemon juice, supositories, and even VapoRub. The VapoRub was by far the worst for my roid. It became irritated and became the size of a cashew. I even changed my diet to eat more fiber and limit my dairy and wheat. The best temporary fix was using Tucks with Prep H. The roid was almost gone until one day I was doing squats and it came back with a vengeance.

I was discouraged to know all my progress was for naught. Now I'm almost 2 months in with this pain in the butt. This past week I discovered the magic of RESVERATROL!!!
This miracle substance has amazing health benefits from anti-inflammatory, longevity, anti-tumor, to anti-cancer properties. But how does one come across this substance?

RESVERATROL can be found in the skin of red grapes, but is highly concentrated in the very invasive plant JAPANESE KNOTWEED.

I harvested very young shoots of the KNOTWEED, and I chopped the shoots up in a food processor. From there I put the chopped knotweed into a Tucks pad, lined it up with the hemmy and clenched it between the cheeks. Literally after 12 hours of having the KNOTWEED up there (changing the pad after every 4hrs) the hemorrhoid was non-existent. After 24hrs, completely gone.

RESVERATROL can also be purchased as tinctures online, but I am now going to make a tincture for myself

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