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I had a thrombosed hemorrhoid which was one individual swolen vein sticking out. I'm in my 30s and had hemorrhoids once before, but this time it was really unexpected and SUPER painful. I had trouble walking, didn't want to get out of bed. Horrible! I tried some natural remedies and they didn't solve the problem for me so here's what I did. I went to the doctor as a last resort and he prescribed hydrocortisone Acetate 2.5% - Pramoxine HCL 1% cream. This helped enormously, but I also took a warm bath every day, sometimes 2-3 times a day, using epson salt in the water. I also changed my diet to include lots of fruits and vegetables (high in fiber). I stopped eating sugar (no pasta, rice, candy, soda, etc.) and also supplemented with organic coconut (1 spoon a day - for digestion) and started taking butcher's broom (helps rebuild cells). I saw huge progress in 4-5 days and recoved fully in about 10-12 days. Change your diet and you won't get hemorrhoids again! Good luck.


I'm in my early 30s and discovered I've had hemorrhoids for the past few years now, but they usually went away after a couple days with PREP H. It may have started while I was in the Navy, eating all that ship food does a number on your insides and on their way outside!

I read and tried a number of these home remedies and went to see the doctor after the beast wouldn't go away for over a month. (Which was very unusual for me so far.) Got prescribed PROCTOFOAM and started inserting that into my butt! Yay Fun! psssh. PROCTOFOAM seemed to kinda work, but its more for internal hemorrhoids than external. But I began applying it externally too. Seemed to work for a couple days and then after a regular bowel movement, he was back.

BTW my diet and fiber intake are pretty good. I don't have straining bowel movements. oh and I always use baby wipes and never toilet paper, and the last month I always use the PREPARATION H WIPES with WITCH HAZEL.

Time to try some herbs! I got a bottle of VARI-GONE, which is supposed to help with varicose veins and hemorrhoids. It has HORSE CHESTNUT and RUTIN in it along with some other ingredients. Been taking 1 pill twice a day for the past couple weeks. Can't really tell if it's helping but it did seem to make me thirsty and get migraines the first couple days!

Off to home remedies! I got a bottle of WITCHHAZEL from Walgreens, a whole GARLIC, and cotton balls. Made my own little concoction and stuck it in there! First time it started to burn (I used fresh garlic cloves chopped up), so I reduced the amount of garlic. Pain subsided and it seemed to reduce the hemorrhoid. After a couple hours I removed the cotton ball and applied DESITIN BABY DIAPER RASH treatment (it has ZINC OXIDE which is another home remedy). This combination seemed to work pretty well for a couple days, but then the hemorrhoid came back again! and my asshole was getting a little raw from the garlic/cotton ball I think.

Next, I tried a new bottle of Prep H cooling gel, since my other one was close to expiration. Kinda works and a nice cooling sensation. Called the doc again because not much improvement, but they said they will give me a fiber supplement and for me to take more sitz baths.

During this time I have been taking full body baths 2 or 3 times a day. Just left the water in the tub and heat it up a little each time. They do a pretty good job in combination with everything else.

Overall, I think everyone has different types and severity of their hemorrhoids and out bodies work differently to get rid of them, but this is ultimately what I have come up with and it seems to work for me!
- I got a bottle of RUTIN supplements(450mg) I take 1 capsule 3 times a day.
- A bottle of Garlic capsules (1000mg), 1 pill twice a day.
- Prep H Wipes with witch hazel (for whenever you have a bowel movement, or take a shower)
- Prep H Cooling Gel/cream (to help it shrink down)
- Drink lots of water!! I try to drink at least 1000 ml of water and this is a minimum you should drink 2000 ml of water(2 liter or 8 8-ounce glasses of water)
- I changed my posture on the toilet. Now I sit up straight and put both my feet on a small stool. The angle is great and helps bowel movement!
- Regular exercise! I have been slacking lately but now get a 45 minute cardio routine 3-4 times per week. Try not to sit around on your ass all the time, get up a walk around. Lay on your side instead of sitting if you can.
- The last thing I did was cut out alcohol from my diet for now. I used to have a beer or two per night and now I just drink water instead.

I think that's it! Hopefully it helps some of you other hemmes out there!


I was shocked after going to the bathroom that I found a growth, very painful, very uncomfortable...quickly started reading for remedies. Found that after going to the bathroom use baby wipes gently, than use a cotton ball with witch hazel with aloe, than use a cotton ball with tea tree oil on it. Gives a warm feeling but the pain is gone within minutes.


I mixed up a spoonfull of jarred minced garlic with a spoonful of Vics Vapor rub and added a spoonful of coconut oil. I apply a glob of this to my roids before going to bed everynight. I felt so much better in about 3 days. They are not gone but feel so much better. I have had a horrible problem with them the past 6 months after stopping smoking....


I tried the Vicks and garlic but it made the pain worse. Reading other submissions I started using diaper rash cream with zync oxide in it and Hemovel pills with diosmine in it. It took two days but can barely feel it now. In a few more it should be gone by the pills directions. I also stopped eating spicey food and drinking coffee. I hope this helps someone else. I'm so glad I found this site.


I'm 27 years old and out of the blue I got a flared up generous. It's been three days of pain. The only relief I've found was bathing with Epsom salts. I just tried the garlic and Vicks and can only describe it as someone stabbing my hemroid. I hope it works because it hurts like hell. Will keep you posted

Chage my Life

Avoiding proteins from milk and milk products is very important. Yogurts and cheese are killers to.
For me it WORKS, it change my life.
And a apple a day keeps the doctor away ;-)


I tried everything from garlic to apple cider vinegar and nothing as working on my very painful hemorrhoids. I was very hopeful with the ingredients that included garlic, but even though it was working for others it did not touch mine. I had no insurance and no money for a doctor. I was in very bad shape,desperate and in pain. FINNALLY....I found what worked for me. It may burn at first, but if nothing else is working, try this. It will. Take a small cup (I used a McDonalds ketchup container with a lid so it would not evaporate), Mix 1/2 Preparation H to 1/2 witch hazel in the small cup. I used a broken-in-half Q Tip. Place a dab on a cotton round, place it firmly on the hemorrhoids, and go about your business. Mine was so bad that it took 2 days to go away, but the relief was bliss. A little word to the wise....If they seem to act up a small bit APPLY THEN!! Don't wait.


Just tried the garlic and vapor rub remedy. I have been in sever pain for days! I have tried apple cider vineagar, preparation H, tucks pads, heat and ice and nothing was working. Then I read about the garlic and vick's remedy on this site and decided to give it a try. I took a spoon full of minced garlic crushed it with a spoon the best i could and then added a spoon full of Vick's. I then took a cotton swab and coated it in the solution. I took the cotton ball and rubbed the solution on the affected area then place the cotton ball right on the Hemorrhoid and allowed it to stay for 20 min. The relief started almost instantly. There was absolutely no pain from the garlic and Vick's. Now just an hour later the Hemorrhoid has shrunk over 50% and my level of discomfort has decreased significantly. Thanks everyone for posting this remedy!


anyone have recommendations for internal, bleeding and very painful piles? I'm also crying in pain on the toilet and wait days before having a bowel movement just to spare myself the pain.

Suppositories and witch hazel have not been much help.

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