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Burn coconut coir (hair) and filter the ashes. Drink this ash powder with one glass of water 2-3 times daily. I did that for about one week, it reduced the pain significantly but did not prevent bleeding. After stopping the treatment after one week, the pain again came back. Will continue with this remedy till piles are cured completely. Hope it works.


after not being able to sit down without pain for a week, I found this site and tried to garlic/vicks. IT IMMEDIATELY STOPPED THE PAIN. I was so skeptical but after reading submission after submission of success I figured what the hell, it's a cheap fix; and if it doesn't work, I can always utilize the cotton balls, minced garlic and vicks for later usage for what they were 'meant' to be used for. I took a very warm tub bath first and soaked for a few minutes then crushed the minced garlic along with some vicks and a few drops of water; put the cotton ball in the mixture and then applied it to the hemm. laid down in bed and within a minute RELIEF! I'm going to repeat it again before I go to sleep for the night but thank u to all who posted. I'm feeling like it has helped already. I'll repost again and tell u my results :D


Try VICKS VAPOR RUB..apply it directly to your hemorrhoids.


Hi - I appreciate everyone's info. I used to have a good formula. The hydrocortisone suppositories plus taking a teaspoon of l-glutamine daily (dissolved in water). Usually would go away in days and not come back for a year. Now I can't get insurance to cover the suppositories so I will try the witch hazel. But give the l-glutamine a try. You can get at vitamin or work out stores. It really helps.


I have dealt with these boogers for 6 years now. Had surgery twice, to no avail. I don't recommend the surgery either for that matter. It is unbearably painful and I almost bled to death after my second.

I've tried everything, or so I thought. Even vapor rub. It helps. But let's face it. The pain always comes back.

Lidocaine ointment from the doctor doesn't even touch the pain from them.

This condition doesn't ever end, we must deal with it at every flare up.


witch hazel , applecider vinegar and
tucks... prep h every two day will be gone in 5 to 6 days im 39 weeks pregnant.


Had Crohn's disease for 27 years had numerous surgeries, never had problems with haemorrhoids up until this year.
Had cooked Turmeric and added coconut oil for the dogs but out of curiosity!!!. Chilled and used as a suppository. The relief was instant!


Get red winter wheat. Grind it (like in a little coffee grinder) take 2tb in the morning on cereal, in oatmeal, in yogurt. It stops bleeding and reduces the size. I have no idea why it works. I have what doctors have called 'historical' hemorrhoids and they bleed excessively. And the surgeons have more than once told me NOT to get surgery because I wouldn't be able to handle the pain. The red winter wheat stops the bleeding and shrinks the size... they don't disappear, but they are hardly noticeable.


I have suffered with extreme pain from bleeding hemorrhoids for 40 years. I have spent a lot of money and tried everything. Nothing worked until a friend told me to try a home remedy. Buy a banana, peel it, eat the white inside of the banana,cut off a part of the banana and lay it on the hemmoroid, boil the peeling and drink the liquid (which doesn't taste too badly) 3 times a day. I did this ONCE and after that, I have had absolutely, without a doubt, no pain whatsoever! I don't have to drink the tea or inside of the banana or anything. I thank God that my new-found friend gave me this cure as I was ready for surgery. Please try this - I guarantee that it will work!


Well I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one in my predicament.

So on to the remedy. GARLIC GARLIC GARLIC. I literally took a clove and sliced into slivers. Put the sliver on a cotton ball with a little castor oil.

Then I took a naproxen.

Now it's 4 hours later and I'm pretty much pain free. I can walk. It's a miracle!

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