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Crippled By An H-bomb

I'm so glad I found this site. You guys here are lifesavers. The Vick's VapoRub has worked WONDERS for me. WARNING: After applying it, you'll have to ride out the 'steady burn' for 10-15 minutes (it's best to lie FLAT on your stomach during this time, breathing slowly and deeply). But the pain relief is phenomenal.

Some tips:
1. Gently pat the 'bad' area with apple cider vinegar, then apply a nickel-sized amount of the Vick's. Every four hours is best.

2. Drink PLENTY of water. Cranberry juice is excellent, but apple juice is even better (since it is high in both Vitamin C and fiber). Buy a 64-ounce bottle and drink it until it is all gone.

3. Take a hot shower, allowing the water to 'hit' your lower back and hips.

4. Another secret: Jagermeister. Moderate amounts of Jager after (especially heavy) meals helps to break down the food and even help blood circulation. Keep it in the freezer. Pour it over ice and sip slowly--about two thirds of a glass. It is a common practice in Germany to have Jager after meals; drinking it once a day for about a week did amazing things for my digestive system. Don't like Jagermeister? Then stick with the apple juice. Regardless of these methods, plenty of water is a MUST.

Hope this helps!


Vicks Vaporub and cold PrepH cooling gel mix.

While on temporary duty in the DC/Arlington area, I experienced the worst flare-up ever. In need of immediate relief I crawled the web and found this site...THANK YOU!!!!

Vic's Vapo Rub offered the best and most effective relief when combined with PH cooling gel kept in the fridge. I mixed a dab of each in the palm of my hand then applied generously to the area. My first application was Saturday afternoon; felt better by bed time; woke Sunday in much better shape. Reapplied as needed on Sunday; 90% relief just before going to bed. I also showered after a bm and sat in a hot bath tub 2 times today. I'm seeing my Dr as soon as I get back home. I need a real fix.


After about a month of an increasingly painful flareup, I confided to a friend about my pain. She told me a story about the time her sister went looking for Vaseline in the dark and accidentally took the Vicks jar. After 10 minutes of cussing her face off, she said the pain went away. After hearing this story, both my friend, and a second sister eventually tried it, both with the same result.

Desperate enough, one night at around 2 AM, I googled Vicks and hemmies, and found this site. Emboldened by what I read, I tried a number of your suggestions, and now, 46 hours later I have gone from barely able to move, and in nauseating pain, to virtually pain free. So I'm posting to list the suggestions that seemed to work best for me.

1. A stool softener. I'm not one for taking medicine, but I see this one as critical to keep from undoing any good the other remedies can do.
2. Epsom salts bath. Especially eucalyptus salts. Besides, it makes your skin feel soft! :)
3. Apple cider vinegar. I used it with baby wipes. Shocked the heck outta me that I think this was very helpful. I cleansed with it about 4 times a day, and then applied...
4. Noxema. I always keep this around for treating sunburns, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise that this really seemed to cool off the burning pain.
5. The lying on your back and sticking your feet in the air thing, like doing bicycles. I found it a bit difficult maintaining the pose for 5 minutes, but the pressure subsided almost immediately, and I
was able to sleep afterwards.

For some rime, up until 2 nights ago I had to deal with this horrid pain, which cut through every pain killer over the counter. Tonight, I've only done the first 4 things above. I might add the 5th for good measure. So thank you all very very much.

P.s. As for the Vick's, I didn't have any. I did find a jar of Buckleys white rub (which is similar,) but it was not pleasant. I gave it 20 minutes and then went to the vinegar.


Okay so I have been battling these horendous things called hemoroids for a few weeks now, 2day has been the worst! I mean I cannot take the pain anymore. I have tried preparation H, preperation H cooling gel, desitin, toilet paper between my cheeks 2 keep the area dry, always use flushable wipes, drink tons of water eat well. So I have read all of ur suggestions and as I write this while sitting in an epsom salt bath ( which is kinda helping the pain, its the 1st time I've been able 2 sit 2day) my fiance is on his way 2 our local grocery store with a list for Vics, witch hazel, coffee filters, bananas, rock sugar, and garlic cloves... So I am praying your advice works, I am desperate 4 pain relief. The vics and garlic sound like the best bet, but I am also gonna drink the banana drink. I am so greatful 4 a site like this & ppl not embarassed 2 help others. I will let u know how this goes and what worked best. Best of luck 2 all of the other sufferers out there. Oh 1 thing I did try worked only temporarily tho was applying anbesol 2 the affected area. Wish there was a true numbing agent we could use. As I have them inside & out :-(


This is going to sound crazy but it works great. If you have hemoroids instead of the OTC med. use vicks. Girls just don't wipe the wrong way. I sware by this.


Hello, I've read this post because I've had a problem for about 2 weeks and it really started to concern me because it wasn't getting better. Prior to reading this post, I did apply Preparation H Cooling Gel to the area (it's external). I made sure I kept the area clean and after each time to the bathroom I cleaned up with a Tucks medicated pad and even walked around with a cotton ball soaked with Witch Hazel held between my butt cheeks. I do have to say that the Witch Hazel is wonderful with helping with itching and burning!!! I decided to try a few new ideas from this post and I'm seeing fantastic results in less than 24 hours! I've tried the following:

- Took Aspirin to help thin the blood clot.
- Taken a hot bath with Epsom Salts and other bath salts that have Eucalyptis as the main ingredient (I didn't have any Vicks).
- I used a blow dryer on the area to try to warm it up. Be careful though... it gets hot quick!
- I went to bed lastnight with garlic clove split lengthwise and applied to the problem area.
- Today I soaked a cotton ball with garlic juice mixed with Witch Hazel.

The area has shrunken by at least half in the past 18 hours.... yay! Let's hope it keeps up to get rid of a very embarrassing situation.


I was suffering from hemorroids for a year and half and got really desperate, I was considering calling my doctor about surgery until one day I read about apple cider vinegar. I applied it to the hemorroids and inside the rectum. At first I wasn't sure it was really going to work because it did burn, but I was able to sleep. I woke up the next morning and was amazed the pain was gone. I noticed one of my 7 hemorroids was shrinking and the others seemed less swollen. Now three weeks later after applying a few more times, I am down to just two mild hemorroids. In addition to the apple cider vinegar I was taking metamucil 2xs a day and taking supplements flaxseed oil and vitamin b6. I think all of these combined helped my hemorroids, but the apple cider vinegar gave me the quickest relief.

Dennis Oxendine

If you are having problem with hemorrhoids then I have a solution for you that will work. Get the extra strength Monostat 7 for women's yeast infection. Use the insert to get as much as the cream inside the rectum,especially if our hemorrhoids are within. The secret is that the Monostat 7 has a blood thinner that will decrease the swelling of the hemoroids....I have had no problem is 6 years and the doctors wanted to do surgery at first....It works.


For external hemorrhoids I recommend applying ice in a plastic bag directly to the area. It may sting a little at the beginning but it doesn't last for long and does wonders in both numbing the pain and relieving the inflammation from the hematomes. For additional longer term relief I applied KY lubricant gel to the area which is perfectly hygienic and helps a lot in reducing friction to the area. I also applied apple cider vinegar which probably helped. Thing is, doing these things I went from not being able to sleep from the pain to not feeling a thing (the inflammation has yet to fully come down) and all in just two days, after having had them for more than four days before.


I have been suffering for years... tried the vicks vapo rub..Oh my God! What a relief! I was unsure at first but soooo glad I tried it...took the pain and itching away within minutes hopefully it will shrink them after more applications...thank you!

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