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alan h carlson

Three things you experience in life that nothing can prepare you for. Teenagers, menopause and hemorrhoids. Outlived the teenagers, older sister told me wife would be like that for ten years but nobody or nothing gets it right on hemorrhoids. The first bout is the worst and most embarrasing along with the pain and discomfort. Had first bout late 30's early 40's? and was not prepared for the pain or what caused them. After experiencing piles for over fifteen years am convinced they are caused by a virus. Dealt with cold sores all my life and would get them in the spring and fall almost yearly. Seem to have outgrown them but now deal with piles. Notice sometimes get headache then everything after that goes thru me and shortly after would have a bad case of hemorrhoids. Again like cold sores I seem to get them around the fall of the year, a bad case about every two years. Convinced it is a virus. Have read that lifting, stress, child birth (I am a man so that doesn't apply) even too long on the can contributes. Just have dealt with them long enough now that about two weeks, like cold sores, is needed to get over them. Do not waste money on creams and lotions to reduce swelling, time heals all. Just try to keep yourself clean. Have read that a clotted hemorrhoid is worse and have not had to deal with that thankfully. Arizona is the only state that offers vaporizing hemorrhidal tissue. I would stay away from severing and sewing up hemorrhidal tissue as I have read that is not always a cure all. For regularity I take a couple tablespoons of raw flax seed a day and have never been constipated which aggravates the hemorrhoid condition. Again I am convinced they occur after a virus attack, just don't know the best way to deal with the damaged flappy skin left in the aftermath. Flatulance no longer is a problem because you loose your ability to toot. Let me know if someone knows how to shrink/remove the stretched out tissue caused by years of hemorrhoid bouts. I am in my late 50's.


TWO Important Points:
1) keep area dry from urine (ladies) but be sure to softly blot (don't rub) that area. Avoid moisture!
2) ARNICA cream worked after I thought I'd tried almost every scare thing possible. This page offered some good ideas I hadn't tried. I was almost desparate enough to try VICKs (scary) then noticed my tube of Boiron Arnica cream. Instantly, this stuff provided relief. I'm not sure when/if these hemos actually go away (as if forever, or if they just go into remission) but ARNICA cream worked for me to stop the insanity. Also staying aware of the irritation of moisture.


Read in couple of old school remedy books that making candles out of raw potatoes, rub some garlic on them and insert them (not all the way) and leave in there until next bowel movement. Hemorrhoids should go away in 2-3 days. Tried, worked for me.


Sit i'n scolding hot water 30 minutes at a time 3 -4 times a day --and push them suckers back up's alot of work and painful but it does work ..also use vices vapor rub (alot) grease up your keyster and push them right back ...Aldo stay off your feet ...grease up a suppository with bucks and shoot it up i'n your bum ...after about 24 hours you'll feel like a new man's painful but it works ..push them guys up i'n - it's going to take alot of time abd pain ..but it works 30-45 minutes a shoot at pushing them up 3-4 times a day


I know this may seem strange but when your in pain and can't stand it any longer YOU WILL TRY ANYTHING!!! Numbing Ear Drops yes you read it right The ear drops have Benzocaine in them did this a couple times and what a blessing.


Wipe with medicated pads, which use 'Witch hazel' as an active ingredient after going number 2, and at least three times daily besides that to clean the area. Use Preparation H cooling, as well as the regular, I found mixing them is beneficial. Also take Vitamin B three times daily, as well as a multi-vitamin. Make sure you introduce more fiber into your diet, try a banana, with each meal and drink 'Fiber-sure'. For pain if it's awful, I suggest Moltrin 800's or something strong. Weaker doses did not help me. Together this helped clear up mine in about 2 days. *Once it is gone continue to apply Preparation H and witch-hazel each day to keep the area clear, and of course eat more fiber!

Dr. Blomeyer (from the lawyers profession)

I get them rarely; once it was so terrible bleeding and painful. I knew that the specialist in Berlin would operate me and in despair I took Google's advice.
I read that in the old days the patient had to sit on a bucket with ice water and within days the hemmorhoids would disappear completely. One Canadian firm offered a short plasic round stick (hemofree), thick like a pen, having inside a fluid to keep it cold. I put it into the deep freeze for an hour and placed it into the rectum for 15 minutes. After 3 days I was completely healed. It was like a miracle. I keep this plasic piece in the deep freeze and will use it, when the hemmorhoids come again.
I find this portal extremely useful as I see that there are also other ways to avoid an operation.


The best remedy to stop the pain of hemorrhoids are Ibuprofen the pain will go away instantly


Thank you good people at Vicks. Your vapor rub has finally given me relief. All these people saying it works are right, it works. Glad I found this site, wish I had earlier. Try it and spread the word.


I have had this awful problem on and off for a couple years. The worst of it was ,Im only 26 and a female at that so needless to say I was mortified!!! Anyway, I have tried the VERY expensive little tube of ointment from the Dr., it works but you get such a tiny amount and it's very expensive and my insurance didnt cover it. What works wonders...AVOID warm or hot baths. It draws blood flow, it may feel good in the moment but kill afterward. Sit on icepacks, it will help!!! i'm talking major shrinking within 24 hours!!! Hope this helps...

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