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David Ong

Hi all,

I have been suffering from piles since 2 years ago. It had been so bad that I bleeded a lot (keeps flowing) each time I poohed . Few months ago I have begun drinking coconut water. And guess what. My problems disappeared! Coconut seems to have an anti-inflammatory properties (not to mention anti-bacterial and anti-viral). That's right, anti-viral when none of our medicine are! I found my external piles retreated inside, then subsided. Cooking with coconut oil also have the same effect (that's how I realised this effect) It is also healthier too. For those who think not, that coconut is full of saturated fats that are no good, please go ahead and google 'coconut' and find out for yourself. I know what a pain in the ass this problem is (pun intended). So try it. It cost you nothing. I recommend the real coconut, or a can juice with pure coconut with pulp. Some cans comes with water/sugar/preservatives.

I wish you all the best.

David Ong

So much pain !

I am trying the Vic's. ! After 4 days of pain from external ! I couldn't stand it any more and I don't have garlic or hazel in the house . I'm in to much pain to go out to the store . If this don't work I'll try
Garlic ! I'm 40 yrs old and got piles from childbirth
And constipation from pain meds for a back problem ! Thanks & wish me luck


After suffering with external hemorroids for many years, the itching was very intense and the problem was lasting longer than usual. I saw this remedy on this site - garlic. I used garlic (minced in a jar), directly on and around the area. Oh my gosh, it was amazing how I had relief within the first hour. I felt ridiculous and it stung a little, but I was determined to give it a try. I then used corn starch to keep the area dry and also used witch hazel towlettes instead of toilet paper. As the day went on, I felt better and beter. I re-applied the garlic a few more times during that day. The next morning it was so great to feel normal, no problem at all! I strongly suggest just giving the garlic a try, it's amazing. I read that it helps rid the area of bacteria. Garlic may sound silly, but hey, whatever works!


Long-time hemorrhoids sufferer here. Finally, after trying out many remedies, here is a good mix that will quickly eliminate pain:

What you need:

1. Hemorrhoidal Cooling Gel (active ingredients: Phenylephrine HCI 0.25%; Witch hazel 50% (From Walgreens/CVS).

2. Aspirin (325mg). If you are allergic to it, try your alternative.

3. Flushable wipes (I use equate from Walmart).

4. Metamucil (or your favorite fiber supplement).

5. Ice and plenty of drinking water.

As always, if you suffer from hemorrhoids, avoid alcohol, hard-to-digest and hot foods.

If your hemorrhoids start to swell, immediate action is crucial:

After cleaning yourself well with your favorite toilet paper (every bowel movement), always use wipes to finish up your cleaning so the area is clean, free of bacteria.

Wrap ice with the wipes mentioned above and apply to the affected area until you feel relief (a few minutes).

Apply the cooling gel to the clean and dry area.

Drink your fiber and take your aspirin before you go to sleep.

I followed these steps one night and the following day pain was almost gone. This is an incredible step forward for me on hemorrhoids that were already swollen.

A very important step is to drink more water than you usually drink. Keep yourself hydrated. This is key.

Best wishes!

Don Carr

My doctor told me that his personal method to relieve pain was to sit in a bath that was as hot as he could stand, and flush the area with the water. I found that it worked really well, but for portability I keep a perineal wash bottle with me or in my car (learned about those after my wife had our first baby). Heating the water about 50 seconds in a microwave is about right for me. Be sure to shake well after heating and give it the 'back of the hand' baby bottle test first. The bottle jets the water, which does a good job at cleaning up. It has literally saved my butt!


I live in cow country, and around here Bag Balm (chapped cow udder salve) seems to work great on external hemorrhoids. We have used Bag Balm on severely chapped inflamed hands & dry elbows. Never use internally. I have always had a small hemorrhoid that never bothered me. suddenly it has gotten very big & inflamed. I am going to use these other suggestions (as a lot of them have been suggested by Dr Oz), then slather Bag Balm for over night.


apple cider vinegar mixed wtth honey lemon juice & water heal hemroids bleeding or not reduces swelling &iritation. 3_tbl spoons vinegar, 2 tbs honey 2 tbs sp lemon. in qt jar &fill with warm water melts honey so it will disolve. my husban has used it for years when he stops he bleeds!!!!!


PRID'S Drawing Salve is an excellent remedy for external hemorrhoids. It is a homeopathic remedy and is very inexpensive. It's in a round orange tin.


I have been suffering almost my entire adult life with hemorrhoids, they would come and go, but now at age 58 I have severe external ones, and I can feel at least one internal one. I have tried a few remedies without success. Last night I decided to try a modified remedy found on this website. I crushed a clove of garlic, and to that I added apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, a few pinches of alum powder, and a few drops of coconut oil.
I rolled a single toilet tissue into a form that would fit inside my anus, and soaked it in the solution I made. I inserted the rolled soaked tissue so that it was in contact with the hemorrhoids. There was almost immediate relief. Each hour I removed the tissue and replaced it with a new one which also was soaked in the solution. I left one overnight.
In the morning there was no more pain, and I believe the external hemorrhoids have shrunk to almost half.
I will make a new solution for today, and continue to apply it to my rear end.
So far this has been the best relief I have found, and I think with daily application, my hemorrhoids will be history.

god bless

hi every1 welcome to my world, im suffering from internal piles for 3yrs now(after the birth of my 2nd baby)and it all started from constipation.for the 1st 2 yrs i took the dr's advise and used the cream which u apply by inserting the nozzle.but it was HORRIBLE pain day n night!when i want to go toilet i use to dread it!it was like cracked glass comin out not poo!during the 3rd yr the dr thought it was anal fissure(means a tear in my anus)n prescribed me another cream(aniroid xp)which was excellent!!bad news is u cant use it for more than 7 days(i used it for 1yr on and off)my remedy now is before and after you poo sit in a small bucket of warm water for ten helps you to go a soft stool and helps with the pain.and also every night before i go to bed i take small amount of cream (anusole)which is very mild,in my index finger ,put it inside my anus (only the top part of ur finger)n slwly massage for about a min. trust me no piles no pain!!!

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