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It's not at home so to speak but there is a supplement called hemrid I ordered it off amazon and it came quickly I've been following instructions for 3 days and I'm 99 percent better. If you try it I promise you won't be disappointed it comes with a money back guarantee and this may sound like a sales pitch but it helped me so much I googled several places to leave info soooooo awesome


Any ideas on how to avoid staining your underwear with all the oils, creams, garlic and gels while trying to get rid of Hemm's?

I have tried saran wrap, wax paper and none stay in place.

Please advise.


Garlic, Vicks and Witch Hazel worked for me. It took about 5 weeks to reduce a external little buddy (about the size of a peanut). Thank you to everyone that posted. You gave me hope.

David Stanley

Quick Help: you need to reduce the straining, this is the most basic cause of Hemorrhoids and the easiest and more efficient way to do that day in and day out is when you are on the toilet by using water from a Hand Held Bidet Sprayer. Like a mini-power enema you can shoot some water up inside to get thing looser and moving without straining. As little or as much as you need. See


I have been suffering for the last 2 weeks with External. Happy New Year to me! I found this web page and was reading some of the remedies. I was unsure of the Garlic, Vicks and Witch Hazel but was up for anything to get relief. Stuff my doctor prescribed was not helping and didn't want to have surgery. I tried the remedy for a few hours and realized that it was feeling better, so I tried it overnight and by the next morning it was feeling much better and had reduced by half. I did it again the following night and got the same results. 1 more night and I think I will be cured. Thank you so much for posting this. It really worked for me and gave me much needed relief. I also use a product that you can get over the pharmacy counted called Calmoseptine. It is like the pink Butt paste that they use in the hospital for bed sores. This really helps when I have a minor flare up.


Buy a bidet and keep your ass clean. I have tried other remedies on this site and they are helpful but after traveling to Japan and experiencing bidets (they are even in the airports!) this has been the best for me. Any regular toilet can be adapted to have a bidet for under $50. Try it and also save on asswipe.


Hi all,
I am a chronic sufferer from the infamous piles since I was 12. Now I am 42 means 30 years of unbroken anal bliss, tried so many treatments except that dreaded surgery and wish to share few thoughts.
1) piles isn't curable, merely controllable, how much time in remission you get depends on your lifestyle, diet and stars.
2)a mixture of treatments help, rather than a single one.
Cutting the usual crap, known to everyone, I will go straight to the point how I got some relief from my latest attack
Sitz bath, nitrogesic, nifedipine, diltiazem, lidocaine did not provide any lasting benefit, merely numbed it for sometime.
Most of the google searches advocate aloevera and a host of other natural chemicals.
Few report excellent benefit with honey.
i combined everything together. This is my routine, how it is.
I mix apple cider in hot water, 50: 50. Then wash the infalmed haemorrhoids with that. i think a sitz bath with the same would be in order.
Then I take a hot water bath.
I lightly wipe the area to make it dry, but not too much.
Then I lie on the bed , expose the area and direct hot air from a hair dryer from a distance.
When quite dry I apply natural honey locally.
Next I apply a cream called addcure, something given to patients after radiation for a soothing effect, it has almost all the natural agents listed on the net for piles viz. aloe vera, green tea leaf oil, salicylate, bees wax vit E total 28 ingredients.
Lastly I direct hot air from the dryer once more, but not too much, since honey would be degraded.
I am not a marketing agent for addcure, simply got it from a doctor who saw my suffering ,I myself saw it had all the suggested ingredients in one go, so chose it, and care two hoots if you think I am promoting it.
Hope this helps.

Hate culo pain !!

Banana peel!! banana peel it's really works!!!!
Cut a piece put it on the hemorrhoid and change it every few hours you will feel the difference.
Vicks helps too for the worse pain
Love the web site



David Ong

This is not cure, but it really worked for me for 8 mths to reclaim my life. I have hemorrhoids since 2012, and bleeded furiously at times. I have tried several methods to cure, tried pushing in the piles using KY gel during work or soap when bathing. But no success. Then one day I tried using wet tissues to push in. Worked like a charm! Even when I have diarrhea and had to go toilet 3 times, it still worked!!

Right after my bowel business, I would clean up using a wet wipe (pref the flushable type - otherwise do not throw into toilet bowl).

Then I take another (mine is 19x20 cm) and fold it into half, then fold again.
Position 2 fingers onto the center of the wet wipe (now quarter-sized) and push gently into anus.
I would push at the center of piles (I have 2 big and 1 small, the smaller one most painful).
Push gently in, while relaxing your anal muscles. Then withdraw fully, then push in again.
Repeat one or twice more, then begin targeting the piles, pushing them in.
Total of 6-8 times shd do the trick.

But why wet tissues? Because they provide enough traction to draw the piles in, but wet enough to make it painless, and tough enough not to break.

1. Experiment with different hands when pushing. I used to do it with the hand I normally wipe with, but my first finger started to ache after 3 months. Then I tried the other hand, and behold, angle is such that it is much easier to push in. And because it takes less effort, my finger of that hand has not ache even now.

2. Squeeze your anal muscles gently after the piles have been push in. If you feel a slight sensation of piles being drawn in fully, then you'll know it is done. Even if not, as long as your piles is no longer painful nor interfere your life, it shd be considered ok.

The whole thing only takes one more min in the toilet. And by using flushable wet tissues, it is so convenient, you can just throw into the toilet bowl, at home or outside.

Thanks for reading my post. If it is helpful pls pass it on.

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