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hi i am suffering last two years of external piles.i used home remedy with Turmeric ,Washing cloth soap,powder it the soap and add coconut oil and heat it and apply that warm paste in Hemmrhoids .It works .use it daily till it shrinks at the bed time.


I have the occasional flare up.
Had one recently and found this site!
Was not ready to try garlic or Vicks yet as sounds really painful!.
I did find that calamine lotion on cotton wool has been a bit of relief.
Just put some cottton wool in a small container and added calamine and left by loo and used when I go, dabbed on the area after.
It is quite soothing and I think the zinc in it also reduces it (after a bit of internet research)
Thanks and good luck


ARE YOU PEOPLE CRAZY???!!!! I tried the after two dr's visits and one ER visit - I am treating 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my bottom (and part of my lower hoo haa)!!!!! DO NOT USE GARLIC! Oh yeah.....I STILL HAVE HEMMORROIDS THAT I CAN'T TREAT UNTIL I GET THE BURNS UNDER CONTROL.....most hemmoroid meds have alcohol in them.


I've only had 2 flare ups of hemorrhoids, and this is what I have tried:

1. Garlic - It seemed to work the first time in combination of Preparation H. After 1 night the size decreased considerably.

2. Diet - I started following a full Paleo diet around that time, and did not have any flare ups until the morning after I ate a bunch of grains, dairy, and sugar. I don't think it's a coincidence. I think if I would not have broken Paleo I would not have had the next flare up.

3. Hops and a natural Laxative - After flare up 2, I was trying garlic and PH with no success. I started taking Super Colon Cleanse, a natural laxative. This had no immediate affect. I had then received my Hops supplements in the mail, which I normally took but had been out of during this flareup. I had a bowel movement and took 2 Hops supplements at night. The next morning, my hemorrhoids were completely gone.


After reading so many stories about garlic...I was desperate enough to give it a try. I opted to mince it up and mix with the Vicks vapor rub. I applied it to a cotton ball and held against it. Yes, it burns...alot. After 10 minutes I jumped into a sitz bath, and I have to say I have some relief. I am not sure about shrinkage....but will continue a couple times a day and report back.


After reading the remedy s on this site, and not wiling to go through the pain of the garlic treatment, I tried the following last night.....boy does this work, my hemorrhoid s have shrunk to about 1/4 its original size.......I combined equal parts of ' polysporin triple with vitamin E ointment' and ' preparation H multi-symptom ointment'. Also used the prep H wipes with aloe and witch hazel. Pain subsided immediately, and swelling went down considerably.

I also purchased 0.5% hydrocortisone and Vicks capo rub as a back up should I need it. But I don't think I will need too. :)


So I was desperate to deal with my grape sized hemorrhoid I notice the vasoconstrictor in Prep-H is Phenylphrine. Phenylphrine is a decongestant that costs about about a buck for thirty. I smashed a few in my mortar, added a little water to make a paste, then add this to some prep-h thereby increasing the percentage of the active ingredient. worked overnight the first time I tried it, my roid went away entirely. mixed results with subsequent roids. I am still refining the formula.


A real whole aloe vera leaf put it in the fridge so it will get cold.....cut the aloe vera skin off and with a spoon, spoon out all the aloe from inside and add hot water to it and soak your butt in it for 15-20 minutes. WHAT A RELIEF

awesome again

THANK GOD FOR THIS WEBSITE. SAVED MY (at the moment) suffering life. I tried lemon juice (fresh squeezed onto a cotton ball) I read it on a different website and it did relieve a lot of the pain but after I read here.. I tried the garlic clove. SAVED MY DAY!!!! Thank you so much!!

That's all I used.. put some tiny cut up pieces on a cotton ball and applied. There was definitely some stinging and burning for about 10 mins but I feel completely normal again. Ahhhhhhhh garlic.. I wouldn't have ever imagined myself doing this weirdness but it is so with it lol


I noticed my first hemorrhoid yesterday. It came out of nowhere and I haven't been constipated or had anal sex or any of the supposed causes! I was/am freaked out. This is one of the most painful, embarrassing things that can happen! As if yeast infections weren't enough to deal with as a woman.

So anyway, here's what I tried: Minced 1 garlic clove and mixed with a dash of apple cider vinegar and a dot of Neosporin. I soaked it up in a cotton ball and applied directly to my anus. Yes, it stung, but not that bad, and certainly worth it if it works. I'll update in the morning...

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