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Pain in the butt

I was told by a general surgeon that you can put a non-coated aspirin inside your anus and it will shrink the hemorroids.
Even though some meds are inserted through the rectum, I was a bit afraid to insert it. I used a baby aspirin, crushed it and applied to the outside only. It seemed to help.


Hydrocortisone, is the best & fastest treatment ive found& have used whether its overnight or within a couple hours the swelling/irritation is gone in no time I guarantee it & its painless. Simply apply a generous amount onto the tip of your finger or use a qtip to the hemorrhoid & I promise in no time it will be gone.


I tried the creams and ointments, even the sits bath. I read somewhere else that Naproxen reduces the swelling and relieves pain. Naproxen is the only thing that takes away my menstral cramps so I figured I'd try it. I was in excruciating pain by end of day two. I took one 500 mg Naproxen and 90% of the the pain was gone within 15 minutes. I noticed the swelling is going down too. I am taking 1 Naproxen pill every 6-8 hours as needed. I been pain free since. Naproxen is also called Aleve and can be purchased OTC. I weigh 175 and 500 mg worked great for me. Hope this helps :)


More than a month I was suffering from Hemmis. It was too painful and irritating. I stopped eating my normal spicy food and started only vegetables, fruits and curd rice etc. Incresed my water intake as well. Apart from this I also visited doctor and had medicines as well. But it did not work. Meanwhile I visited my home country but I was restless and did not enjoy with my family and friends as well. In the office as well I was having a lot of trouble while seating on chair as my work is sedentary work. Due to Hemmis and diet my weight reduced by 5 kgs :(

Fortunately, yesterday I saw this forum and read all the remedies and found that GARLIC is the best option to treat Hemmis. 'So I minced garlic cloves and added Apple cider vinegar and put it on cotton ball and applied to Hemmis.' It burned slightly for few minutes and then I got a huge relief. Now, in the morning I am feeling perfectly alright, no pain and no irritation at all. I will try it one more time tonight. Thank you so Much for such a perfect remedy to treat Hemmis instantly. Good Luck and Try it :)


I got hemorrhoids for the first time Saturday night and now it is Tuesday and it is pretty much gone. After a night of no sleep and excruciating pain I went to the drugstore and bought maximum strength preparation H as well as the preparation h wipes with witch hazel, these helped but I was still very uncomfortable and the swelling did not go down, what helped was taking 4 of the 200mg advils combined with the preparation h, the next day the hemorrhoid was 1/4 of it's size and much less painful



Went to vitamin world after not finding this stuff at GNC. Guess its in asparagus cause it makes your pee reek but it works great and I'd tried over-counter creams, rx for proctofoam and got zero help from that stuff. Go to a vitamin shop and ask for rutin (might be called oxyrutin or something similar), you can get like 100 of them for 8 bucks. Take 500mg 2x a day and you'll notice immediate relief with the pain and they'll start to disappear by the 2nd or 3rd day, pretty much all gone in like 7-10 days.
Get it, all the other (though well intentioned i'm sure) suggestions on here are bunk compared to rutin.

Relief at last!

I know your pain! After reading the entire internet on this subject and dealing with a couple horribly painful episodes of hemorrhoids let me share my results. FIRST: Witch hazel, witch hazel and more witch hazel provides about 80 percent relief after a few hours for me. You can buy it at Walmart next to the rubbing alcohol. After applying it all day I soak a small small cloth and sleep with it on the hemorrhoid. The many other topical home remedies mentioned here did nothing to relieve my pain. SECOND: Fiber, fiber and more fiber. I eat more than usual - here are foods that help. Whole wheat toast, fiber one or wheat bran cereal, bean soup which I make with (among other ingredients) black and dark red kidney beans with the most fiber, raw cabbage, raw celery, raw kohlrabi, and sandwiches with a little meat and lots of whole wheat bread. Basically you need to use every bit of your appetite to ingest as much fiber as possible. My bouts of hemorrhoids always happen when I change my diet away from fiber foods usually when I have a head cold and don't eat much regular foods. So bottom line you need to hit them hard with witch hazel from the outside and fiber from the inside. Good luck!


After suffering with a large external pile for the last few days, I have decided to try the garlic and Vicks remedy. I have used a clearisil wipe for the witch hazel and put on a small amount of Vicks. I didn't have fresh garlic but have a frozen cube version. I have used this in its frozen form and the relief is immense.
It stings a little, but I am not experiencing the full burn as others have described, possibly due to the garlic being frozen and numbing the area!
I do stink a bit though! But hey if it works.....


This is my story.

Hemorrhoids are hereditary in my family. I am the oldest of 3 children and my mom blames me for her hemorrhoids because she first got them while pregnant with me 28 years ago and suffers from them til this day.

At the age of 21 I delivered my one and only daughter and the family curse of hemorrhoids fell upon my rear.
Doctors and friends told me not to worry as it is very common in women to get hemorrhoids from pregnancy and that they will go away in a few days after a few sitz baths and fiber diet.

A few days turned into 2 years of suffering. I dreaded having bowel movements (BM) because of the excruciating pain. I would avoid going to the restroom at all cost. I deliberately caused myself to become constipated and had a BM only once a week or two. Since I did this for two years it became a normal practice for me (I read that for some people it is normal to not have BM often) and did not bother me until the day that I would have the BM. When that day came it was hell for me every single time. I still remember sitting on the toilet, crying, praying aloud to God for the pain to stop and to make the BM as quick as possible and through the BM I started to yell out all kinds of obscene profanity that you could swear I had Tourette Syndrome. At some point I think I even started speaking in tongues; it was literally HELL!!!

One day I received a little booklet in the mail. It had a bunch of Advertisements from local businesses as well as coupons. I considered this junk mail while quickly flipping through the pages but then something caught my eye, an illustration of internal and external hemorrhoids. I read the ad. They were advertising a laser coagulation treatment and had a bunch of positive testimonies. There was only a 1-800 number, no website, no clinic name, no address or doctor info. I immediately thought it was a scam. But the small hope that there may be an end to my suffering compelled me to dial. When I called, they asked me a bunch of questions regarding my case and then gave me the phone number to a near by office near my zip code. I called the office and they scheduled an appointment for me to see a doctor. The weirdest thing is that they said that they will not give me the address until a day before my appointment when I call again to confirm that I will come in. It all sounded too fishy to me but I followed along.
So the day before my scheduled appt I called to confirm and they gave me directions on how to get there. I arrived to a professional office building where several businesses rented office space. The doctor's office was one full floor of the building and when I walked in it was clean, professional and the receptionist was very friendly. There were other people in the waiting room and I immediately noticed that at 24 years old I was the youngest one in there. Finally, I got to see the doctor who explained that the treatment consisted of using a laser on the hemorrhoids to coagulate the blood and stop the blood supply to the hemorrhoid. I asked about the whole secrecy thing and he said that because hemorrhoids are such an embarrassing condition, they protected their client's privacy to the max and you will only be seen by appointment and recommendation from previous patients.

The procedure was virtually painless that the first time I got it done I kept wondering if I had fallen victim to a scam. But I followed the doctor's instructions; soak in a warm bath for 15-30 minutes every morning. Drink 2 tablespoons of Mineral oil every morning on an empty stomach to lubricate my intestines helping the BM pass through smoothly and softer. Drink lots of water and increase my fiber intake and avoid coffee, soda and alcoholic beverages. He told me most people need 6 sessions. I went once a week after work (Wednesdays) and was able to drive myself - no downtime. He gave me a powerful ointment for a fissure that I had (a small skin tear on the anus) that was caused by straining during BM before my laser treatment. He warned me that the ointment was potent and if used too much I could experience a headache. I was skeptical of using it after that warning so I didn't use it and I didn't have to because the other instructions that I followed made BM more comfortable and regular. I only went to 4 sessions out of the 6 because by the 4th session my hemorrhoids and all the pain WERE COMPLETELY GONE! The doctor did tell me before hand that i will notice this since before the 6th session but it is recommended to follow through with all 6 to make sure results last. But I didn't feel that I needed all of them as I no longer had hems and also they didn't accept insurance so I was paying $500 cash per session every week! Expensive but SO WELL WORTH IT and the only thing I regret was not knowing about this procedure sooner. I was left with a hanging anal skin tag which the doctor said was caused from the skin stretching from having hemorrhoids for so long and the only way to remove it is surgery which he did not recommend because it may lead to incontinence and embarrassing involuntary BM. He explained that anal skin tags are harmless and painless and only a cosmetic inconvenience. He simply recommended that I keep a balanced diet and avoid constipation to maintain my results as hemorrhoids are prone to come back.

Now here I am four years after my laser treatment. I started experiencing occasional minor flare ups that I could manually push back in. I realized that this happened when I consumed too many alcoholic beverages. But I would drink a lot of water the next day and they would disappear after the alcohol was flushed out of my system. It was nothing I couldn't handle... until last weekend. It was my friend's birthday and I drank ALL SATURDAY NIGHT. I didn't stop partying until Sunday at 7:30am. I had never drank so much before. That Sunday I had a flare up which I didn't pay much attention to since I expected one anyway. Then Monday came and the hemorrhoid was still there and progressively was getting bigger and painful and was very uncomfortable at work. That night I went to bed crying from the pain and woke up Tuesday morning with agonizing pain and I couldn't even walk. I missed work and searched all over the Internet hoping to find the doctor's office that helped me 4 years ago but either they still work in high secrecy measures or are no longer in business. I could not find them. I researched for other procedures and learned of a new procedure called CRH O'Reagan System. It takes the idea of the old rubber band around the hemorrhoid method but this one uses a plastic one time use tool that suctions the hemorrhoid and ties the rubber band around it in less than 30 seconds. There were great reviews and just like the laser treatment it is supposed to be virtually painless and with 0 downtime. I found a nearby clinic and the nurse who answered was super friendly and sympathetic to my pain and answered all my questions. She took my insurance info (Thank God this procedure is covered.) She said that she will call me back with the appointment date and time. Wednesday I didn't receive a call so I called but couldn't get a hold of anyone and I left a message. I went to work and I couldn't even concentrate. Thursday the nurse called me and informed me that the soonest they have available is a week away. I had no choice but to accept. Friday I left work early because I couldn't sit, walk or concentrate and I almost cried. This is the worst flare up I have ever had and I am going crazy wondering how I will survive for another week waiting to get the procedure done. I have been on the Internet constantly looking for home remedies. Tried Preparation H which made my hemorrhoid bigger and more painful. I boiled epsom salt and poured the hot water on a chamomile tea bag and then added Witch Hazel to that concoction. I placed the warm tea bag on the Hemorrhoid and found temporary relief but a few minutes later it started stinging like hell and the size didn't change.

I found this site through my search and read through ALL the posts and comments. I am so glad that this source is available. I keep reading on here that garlic and vapor rub are the cure. But I also see the adverse reactions that some suffered from trying this. After reading everything I have concluded that most people who used the garlic raw/fresh either burned their flesh off or obtained a significant reduction in size by the next day. The people who used the Vapor Rub alone mostly first burned and then felt a cooling sensation and there was also a reduction in size within a few hours. The people who mixed both fresh/raw garlic and the vapor rub suffered extreme stinging for up to 20 minutes and then the results were worth it and the pain and swelling went away within a few minutes. I found several recommendations to not use the garlic fresh but maybe the oil from a garlic capsule or dry minced garlic simmered in water.

After all this research I have decided to give the garlic and vapor rub a try. But I will do it in the following manner:
I drank mineral oil on an empty stomach this morning. I waited a few minutes then ate some fiber rich foods. I am waiting at least two hours and then I will take a pain killer (prescribed Hydrocodone that I have left over from a horrible ear infection a few months ago.) The mineral oil makes it hard for any vitamin or medication to be absorbed by your body if you do not wait at least 2 hours in between. About 15 minutes after I take the pain killer I will clean the area with a Witch Hazel dipped wipe. Then I will spray the affected area with garlic water (I simmered a tablespoon of dry minced garlic in an ounce of boiling water and put it in a little atomizer/spray bottle that I bought at walmart for 97 cents.) After spraying it, I will put some vapor rub on the affected area. I am expecting the dreaded burning sensation but hopefully the pain killer will minimize the agony. I will comment later with my results.

Wish me luck!!!


Well Last night I was in so much pain so I read almost every page on this site and I decided to do a mix of garlic, Vicks, preparation H and ice I started ( in my mini food processor)with a teaspoon of minced garlic (in the jar) then 3 cloves of fresh garlic, chopped then added a tablespoon and a half of the Vicks vapor rub, then 1/3 of preparation H (cream max strength)mixed then used 3 cubes of ice. I kept the jar from my minced garlic and use it to store my mix. I used put it on a cotton ball and put it on my Hemorrhoid and laid down with in 10 min the pain faded away an I was able to fall asleep I got up in the morning and I felt great it shrunk my hemorrhoid down to a pea size and it was the size of a large olive I am doing it again tonight but I want to say wow what a relief from the pain I am so happy I read everything I did on here this site it saved me and i got some well need rest Thank you and good luck everyone

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