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321 Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Anil Duggal

For Internal/External Hemorrhoids:

1. DONOT pressure while passing out stool. Let it go with least pressure.

2. Wet(water) part of toilet paper .5 to 1 inch and use it. DONOT rub with dry paper.

3. Warm turmeric powder with any oil, apply with cotton balls. I used oliv oil. watch youtube demo how to use turmeric powder. This site did not let me put link (search for 'Home Remedies For External Hemorrhoids - Thrombosed external hemorrhoids cure without surgery 100%) ')

4. Drink turmeric powder with warm milk/water. Best time is early morning with empty stomoch. It will help stool and reduce swelling.


tried anusol cream and pre h. found the prep-h wipes soothe the area after BM. However its the Vicks vapour rub that really takes away the discomfort. Strange but true !!


I've been suffering from internal and/or external hems ('and/or' cause GP and specialists i have been to keep changing their minds but, unfortunately, do nothing else). I've had them since July but, although the pain/irritation has decreased due to changes in my diet and Hemoclin, my external lumps are still with me. Applying witch hazel to them has alleviated the irritation but not shrunk them despite its alleged astringent property. Currently taking horse chestnut/butcher's broom tablets and vitamin c with bioflavonoids capsules, twice a day with food. So far, they've soothed irritation but I'd like to think I'll wake up one morning and find that the lumps have vanished. Unlikely, but i can still dream...


Don't know if it is a coincidence, but my hemorrhoids started right after having a colonoscopy/endoscopy.
I've been in pain for weeks.

After reading this site, I did the following: 1. applied a warm peppermint/black tea bag to the area 2. cleaned the area with a cotton ball soaked in Listerine 3. showered and washed the area with Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap. The offending thingies shrunk immediately and I was able to push them back inside. I feel MUCH better and hope to continue doing so.


For External hemmroids the very best thing I have ever used is green gel aloe vera, the same thing used for sunburns. Apply it directly to the inflamed area 1-2 times daily. The cooling gel is gentler to the area than any type of paste or cream. If at all possible, try to relax for 15-20 mins after applying for quicker results


Got my first curse of the hemmies within the last week and a half, which I'm assuming happened from falling out of an amazing diet. While just taking ibuprofen to subside the pain and decrease swelling (which did help a lot). It's my birthday and I'm just laying here in pain reading all these remedies. I don't have garlic so until I get some I just mixed Vicks, hydrocortisone & hemp lotion! Basically instant relief!! The Vicks feels so good on my bummy lol. Just don't fart;)


I suffered from hemorrhoids and pain for years. The best thing I ever did for myself was purchase an electronic bidet. It soothes the area and makes it feel so much better. I bought the Serenity S900 bidet from Umizu and it is the best investment I have made.


I'm confused, I can't tell wether my hemorrhoids are advanced or not.. I only have pain when I go to the bathroom, as soon as I get out, no pain and there's no itching.. I've had it for months now though. My farts sound like claps because I'm blocked down there lol

I've tried: preparation H, seems to help back then
Another ointment, didnt help.
Milk and olive oil, I think it helped like a laxative lol
Sitz bath, they relieved the pain I use to have


After 1 week of an unexpected attack of hem I purchased over the counter ointment. No relief 4 days later.
Thank you for this site.
I applied the advice of apple cider first and then applied vicks.

The outcome is very little pain on application, incredible relief after 5 minutes, significant shrinkage after 16 hours. Back to doing daily chores the next day!
So simple it is unbelievable.
I just had to tell readers that it is worth a go even if like me you are sceptical.


I just discovered the joy of hemorrhoids a few days ago, so I'm new to this kind of pain. I don't have any witch hazel, but figured cucumber's an astringent. So I sliced off a chunk, and trimmed any sharp corners. And now I'm sitting on it, and I have high hopes. At least there wasn't any pain involved, and I'm thinking about freezing some, because ice cubes seemed to help. Also, sitting in a warm bathtub really helps with the feeling I get that's like razor blades, after going to the bathroom.

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