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67 Home Remedies for Leg Cramps


A very simple remedy which sounds silly but it does work.
At the onset of cramp in the lower leg you can get instant relief by each of the following.
Press your forefinger into the joint between your big toe and second toe in the affected limb, the cramp will instantly go.
If you cannot reach the foot you can use the big toe of the other foot.
The second method is an old Chinese trick sounds crazy but please please try it as it works just as well as the first. At the very first sensation of cramp starting press the bone between your nostrils with the side of your forefinger. This pressure point always works for some unknown reason.
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2 simple remedies to stop the onset of leg cramp. They both involve applying pressure to pressure points. One pressure point is between and to the front of the space between your big toe and the second toe. Firm pressure with one or two fingers at the onset of cramp will stop it instantly. The other pressure point is the Septum? which is the lower bone between the nostrils. Firm pressure on this point with the inside of the forefinger at the first sign of lower leg cramp will stop it dead. This last one sounds silly I know but please try it as it nearly always works.


pressing your finger on the nerve at the front between your big toe and second toe takes away leg cramp instantly providing it has not got hold. Another pressure point (believe it of beleive it not) is the bone between your nostrils, if you press this hard as soon as the cramp appears it will also work in most cases


If you get leg cramps at night, try this: unwrap a bar of soap and put it under the bottom sheet of your bed where your legs will be. It should help right away.


While in the midst of your leg cramping jump up from bed and walk around on the affeted leg instantly the cramps will begin to fade


Eat a few tablespoons of yellow mustard or a few mustard packets..


After suffering leg cramps for years I finally tried some Ginkgo Biloba 30mg herbal supplements. It took a couple of months to work, but now I have no more leg cramps at night. It's not a cure, but now I have relief after suffering for years. In the meantime I used the Blue-Emu cream that has emu oil, aloe,msm and glucosamine. This cream stopped the cramps within 5 minutes and I swear by this cream. Please research both of these and I'm sure it will help.

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