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67 Home Remedies for Leg Cramps


For leg cramps especially during the night keep a piece of soap (any kind) in a sock or just at the bottom of your feet. It really works. One person keeps a piece of soap in his pocket all the time and my husband keeps a piece of soap in a sock when we travel on a plane. There is something in the soap that helps these cramps.


For night time leg cramps that you can't seem to walk off in the calf or thigh, for years I will drink a glass of Gator Aid or eat a Banana, or a Banana and a glass of orange Juice. All of this stuff is high in potasium which the lack of seems to cause leg cramps.


I often see a recommendation to eat bananas to prevent leg cramps but that doesn't work for me -- I eat a banana every day and I still get them but I have found a solution. The cramp in my calf usually starts as I am bending my leg. I am awake enough to feel it starting and I immediately straighten my leg as quickly as possible and it stops cramping immediately.

For almost immediate relief from those night time leg cramps, I put about 1/3 teaspoon of salt under my tongue (seems to work faster that way) and the pain is usually gone by the time the salt desolves (at least this works for me).


To help prevent leg cramps I suggest 2 Tums a day and a banana before bed. Do not drink milk before bed it actually will cause a cramp. To relieve one do not make a sudden movement. Instead lay on your back (assuming its accures during sleep) and slowly point your toes up until they point toward your face. This will stretch the calf out but make sure not to stretch too hard. Then gently massage it. (I learned these few tricks while pregnant and suffered horrible leg cramps every night)

mildred C.

A Dr. told me to eat two tums when I get a cramp and If I need to I take another tum and my cramps are gone within five minutes. I have bad leg and hand cramps once in a while and it really works for me. i have done this for nine years now.


Eating alfalfa sprouts every day or every other day will stop leg cramps.


Pinch your bottom lip as hard as you can for 10-15 seconds. It will eliminate the leg pain.

Mary Ginty

For leg cramps, I take calcium, and homeopathy and most importantly, I also wear knee high athletic socks. The socks keep the calf and ankle muscles warm so they don't cramp. I cut the toes out of the sock so it doesn't get too hot and to free my toes. I'm going to try potassium next and see what that does.


Take 2 - 600 (+D) Calcium vitamin tablets each day. Will stop leg cramps by about 90%. My husband had them really bad - his endocrinologist started him on that and it really works well. If he runs out of them, it starts back immediately.

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