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67 Home Remedies for Leg Cramps


A massage therapist told me about this, and it really does work for the cramps in my calves (though not the more painful ones in my thighs).

Take the hand of the opposite side of the cramped leg, and simultaneously pull and pinch the ear lobe on the same side of the cramped leg. Pinch the ear lobe firmly, but extreme pain isn't necessary. Also, pulling to pull the ear off isn't necessary, either. Maintain the pull/pinch steadily until cramps subside. It usually takes one to three minutes for the cramps to subside.

So, right hand on left ear lobe for left leg. Left hand on right ear lobe for right leg. For cramps in both legs at the same time (rare for me, but it happens), cross your arms & grab your ear lobes to pinch & pull.

Charles McClory

I am retired and play golf and walk 18 holes 3-4 times a week. I would get sever thigh cramps at night. I discovered a simple cure. I taught myself to sleep with my legs straight. I have not had a leg cramp at night in over a year!

Don Miller

I am 88 years old.
I use castor oil externally for many joint problems. It eliminates leg cramps as soon as applied.


Relieve leg cramps instantly (no kidding!) take 'Hylands Leg Cramps'

I really suffered from these cramps and was astounded when these worked, and did so within seconds. Thank God!

To keep the cramps away, I take Potassium + Magnesium supplements, as the cramps were likely caused by these vitamin deficiencies


I take two pills by Metagenics called Myp-calm PM at bedtime. I also eat 1/2 of a banana and keep a bar of unwrapped soap under the cover near my feet. I will also delete milk toward the end of the day and press on the bone between my nostrils if there is an onset cramp.


At least 4 ounces of pickle juice will stop leg cramps in less than 2 minutes. It's not too bad if it's cold and it works wonders.


For leg cramps, the quickest way I relieve the pain is rubbing alcohol rubbed into the skin of the leg as soon as I feel the cramp coming. This had always worked for me.


I keep tonic water (as in Gin and Tonic)for leg cramps as it has quinine in it. It won't provide instant relief, but it will releive the cramp and prevent further ones for at least 24 hours. The small bottles are good for 1 - 2 'treatments.'


If you relax and don't panic, the muscle will relax and not cramp-up.


I have used an organic remedy for nearly a year now and it works amazingly. The product is made by Caleb Treeze Organic Farm and is actually based on an old Amish remedy. It's called Stops Leg Cramps, and I kid you not this stuff will stop even the most severe cramp right away and can also prevent them entirely for a good 24 hours. When I feel a cramp coming on I will sometimes even take a dose before I go to bed and not even have to worry about it.

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