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67 Home Remedies for Leg Cramps

Alvin Thames

I've used some stuff that is actually called 'stops leg and foot cramps'..It's an Amish home remedy with ginger, garlic, and apple cider vinegar. Works like a charm, you can pop a capfull as soon as you feel a cramp or take a few doses before going to sleep and you should be fine.

I recommended this same Amish stuff to my sister because her son was on a little-league soccer team and kept getting cramps in his legs, he is 12 and a bit heavy set and it worked like a charm for him too. How it works I really don't know but I tell you it really does.

Bill W

It is very simple for me, after Quine was not a able I take Gatoraid. It is adult Electrolights.

Bonnie B.

I have very bad leg cramps at night. I took quinine pills that were prescribed by my doctor. I was hospitalized on several occasions and doctors could not discover what was wrong. The last time I very nearly died, I was bleeding out; they had to give me 4 transfusions, Finally discovered that it was the quinine. Doctors have found that quite a few people die from the quinine every year. Do not take quinine pills or drink tonic water. Your body may not have a reaction in the beginning but you may over time have a reaction to it and it can kill you. Be very careful using the quinine.


To END, YES, I said END, LEG Cramps, Take a teaspoon of vinegar once a day. I take mine at night. It not only got rid of my leg cramps, but gives me a general feeling of well being. Dr. Oz has long touted its benefits and after a night of being awakened several times with cramps, I decided to give it a try and have to admit that it WORKS!


I thought this was insane, but I get crippling leg cramps in my upper legs and groin area, I mean make me fall down and scream in pain, and the lasted for 15 + minutes! A friend told me that french's yellow mustard as soon as you start to feel the cramp, I thought she was nuts, but I woke up with one in full swing and had to crawl to the fridge, got the mustard and squirted a spoonful int my mouth and the ramp was GONE IN LESS THAN 30 seconds! It is a miracle


Sugar works wonders for leg cramps. Just dissolve a spoon full of sugar in your mouth. Cramps will be gone before the sugar dissolves. I keep packets of sugar on my nightstand just for this purpose.


My Dad suffered from Leg Cramps for years. He tried everything he heard about. Then he found the cure that worked for him. Drink some 'Dill Pickle juice.' I never heard a complaint about Leg Cramps from him again.


I use a 50% combination of orange juice and tea. I have it every AM when I take my vitamins.
I must say that it workd 99% of the time.
I will try the opposite ear lob pinch next time also.


Magnesium works very well for me. I first tried magnesium from CVS and that did not work. Then I learned that it is a laxative and your body does not absorb it. Now I use the MgBRIGHT brand 2 pills with each meal and am very happy.


I know this will sound really strange but my son really has bad leg cramps. He will wake up just about every night screaming about his legs. I read putting a bar of soap under the sheets by the feet will relive the pain. Tried and it worked!! Artical said to try either dove or ivory. I tried Ivory.

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