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67 Home Remedies for Leg Cramps

Robert D.

Some friends we recently did a strenuous hike with said that this is something that usually brings on bad leg cramps. Their go to fix was to eat mustard! Sure enough I cramped that night, got up and took a tablespoon of mustard and no more cramps. They stock up on the little packets at fast food joints and keep by the bed.

Heather Wilkinson

Bottle of schweppes bitter and lemon drink some before bed time ,was told this hint by a old chinese doctor and it work for me


I found a permanent cure to leg cramps that is good for you, and tastes good, too. It has proven to be my miracle solution that is also improving my stamina and overall health.

I have fought leg cramps for 44 years and have tried everything from supplements to extra salt. Now I drink two cans of nutritional beverages from Vemma. It's the same product that TV celebrity, Dr. Oz, uses every day and recommends it to his patients.

Believe me when I say I've tried everything. I've consumed massive doses of multi-vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C over the years with little effect. The quinine that did work was taken off the market because my doctor says it's linked to blood disorders. She recommended drinking tonic water--but to get the amount I need--means downing half a gallon every day and either overloading on sugar or filling my body with unhealthy sugar substitutes. Coconut water is another option, but again, I have to drink gargantuan amounts with no guarantees.

I decided to try the Veema products to improve my health, but I had no idea that they would solve my lifelong problem. One day after a vigorous workout in the garden, I knew that unrelenting leg cramps would soon follow. Nothing happened--no leg cramps. A few days later, I was away from home and forgot to bring my Veema, and shock of shocks, the leg cramps came back with a vengeance! I couldn't believe it, so I tested again. Drink Vemma products--no leg cramps. Don't drink them, and be in hop-around-the-floor, agonizing pain. I was so impressed with the product that I decided I never want to run out, so I became a distributor.

Please understand, this is not a sales pitch. I just know how much I suffered and how much more poor little Mom suffered. This is a good-for-you cure that also helps restore health on the cellular level to repair cells, fight free radicals, and keep organs functioning as they should. It just also happens to be my MIRACLE cure.

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The best, and easiest remedy is to sip a tablespoon of bread & butter pickle juice. cramps are gone 45 seconds later. - my wife gets terrible cramps and pickle juice works every time she's allergic to quinine and can't take it and nothing else works.must have something to do with vinegar.

Harriet Federal Way, WA

I haven't been pregnant in 20 years but still get the leg cramps. Pointing toes up for calf cramp immediately cause cramps in the shin. You haven't lived until you have calf, shin, inner thigh and foot cramps on both legs at the same time. To stretch one muscle contracts the other muscle. Organic apple cider vinegar (2 tbsp + 1/4 tsp baking soda, let fizz, add a couple oz cold water and drink...if in too much pain just swill the ACV straight) helps almost immediately. However, as a Hashimoto's (low thyroid) patient there are 'seasons' where the muscles twitch in prep for cramping at any and all times of the day. I use EmergenC and Peter
Gilliam's Natural Calm (pwd magnesium) to supplement. THis helps, too. I also rub copious amounts of magnesium oil (buy online) and coconut oil onto my legs. Usually sleep like a baby then. Looking forward to purchasing the Amish 'Stops Leg Cramps' soon.


I went to Sam s Club looking for pastries. They were giving free food samples. One was a drink. I was nt interested until the person said 'it will take away your cramps'. That caught my attention because my 87 yr old mom was suffering from leg /thigh cramps to the point of extreme torture. I bought the product which is a powder in 30 small packets you dissolve in water and that same night after just one packet her cramps were gone, completely. It s called ECO DRINK. Also sold in costsco s. Best Wishes.


A bar of soap at the foot of the bed does work. My acupuncturist, who hadn't heard of this remedy but didn't discount it, said it must be that it changes the ph balance in the body. So what is soap? ALKALINE. That would explain why magnesiu supplements would work, as well as pickle juice (vinegar is alkaline) as well as the cider vinegar combos. The 'Amish' stopslegcramps is indeed helpful as well. And of course exercises stretching the foot and calves before bedtime is a good idea.


Walk on a cold tile floor.

My calves sometimes cramp up, when I'm laying down, and it's extremely painful. I mentioned it to my ballet teacher one day, and she told me to walk on a cold tile floor. It works instantly. Once I set my foot on the tile floor, everything's normal again. I have no idea why it works, but it does.


My boyfriend had terrible leg cramps that would wake him up in the morning EVERY morning. He would cry because they hurt so much. Then, I told him to try taking 1-2 capsules of 500 mg turmeric with 95% curcuminoids. For 3 weeks since taking this, he has not had ANY leg cramps except for one morning because he forgot to take turmeric the day before. Make sure you take it early in the day because it will disturb your sleep if taken later in the day. I myself think better and have more energy when I take it. I take it as a cancer preventative. Read the research on this herb. It's amazing.


It might seem strange but a black domino between your big toe works immediately. My mum insisted we always had one in our house. Tried white domino but it does work as well. Don't know how it works but it does.

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