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155 Home Remedies for Heartburn


I was having the WORST heartburn of my life. It came in waves and doubled me over in pain. This is what I did: STAND UP. Sip Tea made of: Hot Water, Apple Cider Vinegar Tea, Lemon, and Honey. It subsided as I burped a few times and paced a little in my room. I still do not know what brought it on. Hope this helps you as it did me!


I was skeptical about yellow mustard, but I read multiple people saying it works. So I tried it and it worked pretty darn well. Unfortunately it didnt last long.


Instead of actually drinking the pickle juice, I ate the actual pickles with the juice in a cup. I couldn't really stomach just drinking salty/sour dill juice so I munched on pickles.

Acid was gone in a minute and a half.


Mustard Works! DD had heartburn the worst I have seen maybe ever. She was in pain and slept in an upright position propped up. It kept coming in waves. She tried several different things that would ease it but not stop it. I got up with her and looked up home remedies. The pregnant women that get severe 2-day heartburn swore by the simplest cure: 1tsp yellow mustard. (cold) Praise God! It worked!! Took it away in about 2 minutes.


I was taking an antibiotic that will upset your stomach easily. Usually when I took it, it would make me feel as if I was going to throw up. Stupid me took the medicine and went straight to bed without letting it settle! I tried eating bread, did not help. I tried the mustard... took some of the edge off for a few minutes. Then I decide to look up help. Honey started to sooth it right away. I am very thankful for this site.

Ron Paul

This is the ultimate cure for extreme heartburn. Take one teaspoon of regular kitchen honey and this will stop your heartburn in a very short time. Honey is also a healing remedy that will sooth and help in healing an irritated esophagus.


Okayy, so about 10 minutes ago i developed heartburn. I started googling remedies and got this page up. As i was reading through, i was drinking a cup of hot sweet tea and taking deep breaths. I had also had a spoonful of honey AND 'Voila!' no more heartburn.


Try not to eat a couple of hours before bed and milk always helps.


The teaspoon of yellow mustard remedy really works! It completely grossed me out to swallow that, but it worked like a charm! I have been suffering with extreme heartburn (pregnancy) for 2 days straight and I live an hour from any stores, so I felt a little desperate and tried took maybe 2 minutes and the heartburn was almost completely gone! Try it!


I read all of this in about 10 min and my symptoms all went away. I had no mustard,honey,baking soda,lemon juice,milk. I just kept reading and after about 10 - 15 min the pain went away ande now I can go back to sleep! The poor man's way to beat the problem.

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