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155 Home Remedies for Heartburn


I did the Braggs Vinegar 1 ounce of it, the heartburn went away fast but it still hurt because I had it TWO days, so I tried the honey and it started soothing it. SO AMAZING!

Timmy G

Just eat an Apple! It works!!!


I just eat a starchy food. Like a slice of bread. Cereal works, and the milk seems to help as well.


A cold Cup of Chamomile tea, with alot of crushed ice,with a pinch of baking soda, works for me!! my cure for heartburn


I've been suffering from heartburn and gerd for years. I've tried everything nothing is guaranteed the mustard worked the first couple times wonderful it doesn't work anymore pickle juice baking soda nothing someone help


Apple cider vinegar works for heartburn. I know it sounds weird, and it'll burn a bit, but heartburn goes away. Hope this helps!


I have the worse heartburn, with pain from gas all over my chest...I take a half of lemon put half of water and goes away!!! finally after 2 days suffering!!!


I went to a midnight movie premier last night and today I had work at 7 am. So to wake me up I had a 2 huge glasses of coffee. For lunch, my co-workers and I picked up some Chik-fil-A and I absolutely love their Buffalo Sauce and their Chocolate milk Shakes. Well the combination of Spicy chicken sandwhich plus the sauce with a chocolate milkshake on the side with my gallon of coffee in my system, caused one big hurting me. I had heartburn. So, I walked down the street to starbucks got my self some hot scalding lemon tea, and then i got some extra packages of honey. while waiting for my tea,I ate a few packages of honey and my pain subsided. After the tea and walk back to work, I was feeling better! Honey really works!!!


I ate arbys earlier today (knowing it gives me heartburn) I ate it anyways then forgetting to get some rolaids I was dying a few moments ago. I drank a half gallon of milk and prolly as much water. Dying for an ease I turned to google! Found this website...i did the honey bit! I took a table spoon because it was sooo bad. Its gone! I made the mistake of 'oh hey my heartburns gone I can lay down' so it came back a little bit but I sat right up and I disappeared! Thanks home remedy people!


i've had heatburn for 2 days straight! ughhhhh! i never had heartburn before and it sucks big time. i just took a spoonful of honey and now i'm drinking some hot tea. i hope it works cause i want to sleep tonight! :((

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