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155 Home Remedies for Heartburn


Two Tbsp baking soda in one half cup of milk. It tastes really nasty, but in a couple minutes you will belch A LOT and heartburn will be gone for a few days.


Eat a ham and mustard sandwich, the starch in the bread and the burning of the mustard kills off the burning almost instantly.


Took 2 spoonfuls of honey, sat up for about 5 minutes... my heartburn is GONE!!!! I can finally sleep :) I am telling you, you have to try it!


Omg...I have beenin so muchpain all day, took over the counter heartburn pilss...they did othing...Just mixed the juice of lemon and a tabelspoon of honey. Ifell so much better and i has only been 5 mins!! Try it!!!


1 tsp. bentonite clay powder mixed in 8 oz. water, drink, and be relieved! works instantly!


I get really bad heartburn when I drink low alcohol contented drinks, such as wine coolers and daiquiris and so forth. I have found that just one stick of celery will do wonders and make the pain go away within minutes because of it's fast stomach acid absorption properties. I was in so much pain, when having a few evening cocktails the other night, and ate a few stalks of celery and I was completely pain free and able to 'use' my cocktails for the evening relaxation they were intended.


1 teaspoon of mustard, relief in seconds. It truly works!


I use 3/4 hot tea (heated first) and 1/4 milk (put in after the tea has been heated) with honey. It works amazing and its calming and soothing, especially at night before bed.


I have had heartburn 3 times in the last week - week and a half lasting from 2-3 days each time. Last night I woke with a real burning sensation on my throat and across my chest. Finally managed to get to sleep. Had it real bad this morning still, ate cornflakes and milk and a cup of tea and it released some of the gases. Still have it but it helped relieve the pain associated with it. Going to have a Ba Swallow at the Xray department tomorrow. Not sure what it's called but it's nil by mouth. I think I need a permanent fix though.


Try mixing a little baking soda with warm water in a glass and drink the whole thing. That always works for me.

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