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155 Home Remedies for Heartburn

Andrea Haws

I tried the ice water with baking soda, and that didn't help me. So then I tried the mustard and honey trick, it's working slowly for me. I just tried another spoonful of just honey. I can feel it calming down, but not completely gone.....


I have found that although it's uncomfortable.. throwing up is the best remedy. If it's excess acid.. the best way for me is to get rid of it. It just makes more sense calming it with reducers that may not work.

Lisa Wyndham with Foreverdoodles

THANK GOD for this website, from the bottom of my BURNING heart...Woke up last night.. WORST heartburn EVER in my 51 years! Tried Pecid AC, SKIM milk, bread, and then, remember this...GAS-X (Simethicone). No relief to the fire in my throat. Found this website, (thank God!) Started with a banana...some relief for about 4 minutes. Then tried ACV with warmed organic honey,..NO IMMEDIATE relief (I knew Apple Cider Vinegar, OR ACV, brings alkalinity to the body for better health. But if you do try it, do NOT heat the honey)... Finally, I considered another reviewer's suggestion of YELLOW MUSTARD. It's FIRST ingredient is vinegar...OMG!..It worked!! I could feel it hold in my throat just long enough to stop the burning. Also, by then, the GAS-X (everyone should keep a generic brand of this on hand) was kicking in, so the fiery burps began to subside. What I learned: Yellow mustard (or whatever home remedy works for YOUR LEVEL of heartburn) needs to be taken incrementally... 1-2 tsp at a time, with breaks in between, until symptoms pass. Also, you MUST sit up. This morning, I ate an apple for breakfast with skim milk. Feel 100% better. There is still a lump in my throat that needs to heal. So today, I will buy another jar of mustard to be 'prepared'...get it? 'Prepared Mustard'..Ha!(..Sorry, it WAS a long night,...just couldn't help myself:) Hope this clarifys things for whoever is sifting through these solutions. Hope you are making jokes soon and feeling better.


Eat a Fresh Banana or dried bananas


chewing gum works really well for heartburn.. Any mint flavor


Mug of hot marshmallow tea with 2 teaspoons raw honey. I keep marshmallow
root in my kitchen for urinary/stomach
problems. Helped me when Pepto, Tums,
and baking soda didn't do jack.
Hopefully there is a health food store
near you that sells loose herbs - or
you can buy some online. Tasty and
useful stuff. I've been drinking it
daily. Tastier than chamomile IMO.


I actually take antacids for my heart burn, because mine is chronic and im on medication, so if the home remedies dont work antacids that are labeled for reflux/ heartburn help, and if its percistant consolt your doctor, it could be something serious


So Im definitely new to the whole heartburn thing. Recently gave birth 2months ago and since then this is the 2nd time I've woken in the middle of the night with severe chest/ upper back pain, with the feeling of some intense tightness. The first time i had it I thought maybe I was having a heart attack. Googled my symptoms and after stumbling upon this site, tried the baking soda and water remedy. A few burps later, and sittting upright had me better in no time. This time it didn't help as much so here goes 2 slices of bread and a cup of hot tea and honey.


Tums didn't work, acid reducer didn't work, and the tsp of mustard didn't work. So I tried 1 tsp of baking soda mixed into 4 Tablespoons of ice cold water. Its been a few minutes and its starting to work :)


I just wanted to thank all you for posting your remedies. I found this site at 3am in immense pain. I could not decide between the mustard and the honey so I mixed them together. This really does work. I don't know which worked but it made the mustard taste better anyway!
Thank you very much.

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