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I was in severe pain after having a spicy meal 3 hours earlier. After looking around the kitchen like a crazy person for any of these suggested items, the easiest thing I could find was a banana. After gobbling it down I was very relieved to say it worked!! 80% of pain now gone!!


I usually eat some Ritz crackers and drink some sweet tea and its gone but guess what - no tea! A tragedy in my home. So I risk waking my Bear up and go get my phone so I can look at other people's remedies. Thank God I found this site first!!! Apple cider vinegar made sense but guess what - none!! Opened the fridge cause another tragedy to be out of in this house is pickles! I will never complain about my Bear getting the HUGE jars of Mt. Olive Kosher Dill pickles anymore I SWEAR!!! I don't know why adding acidic vinegar to an already acidic environment helped but it did IMMEDIATELY!!!! (It took a few swallows and just a little time for full effect but the help was immediately after the first sip! I could clear my throat, cough and everything.) I can't say 'thank you' enough! Now to go back to sleep since I'm wide awake at 3am and watching the old ghost busters cartoon on the Qubo channel. Lol Hope this gives someone an 'ah ha' moment. Goodnight y'all.


I haven't had heartburn in 30 years...(I was pregnant) and now that I am in menopause...I have it a LOT. I ate an apple after dinner tonight, and I got the heartburn. I drank a lot of coffee today..maybe that brought it on. Anyway.. I decided to try some stuff that I saw on here. First I ate 8 raw almonds, followed by a celery stalk that I dipped in a teaspoon of honey and ate that way. I hate the taste of honey! ugh! Then I ate another 8 almonds and drank a regular glass of water. (distilled) Now, I feel a lot better...not 100%, but, at least 75%. Plus, laying DOWN on your back doesn't help matters...try sitting up.


I get heartburn mostly at night after a have ate a spicy meal or drank beer and i always find that a dry slice of bread and a glass of milk does the trick.


I read in here about bananas actually working but I remember that when I eat bananas it triggers heartburn! I tried it anyways and afterward I drank a tall glass of milk and some water and I burped A LOT but it gave so much relief! I'm laying in bed now with almost no heartburn! And it's been only about 15 minutes since I ate the banana and drank the milk!


Drinking Ice cold water and a warm heat pack on the chest (and switching to my back occasionally) helps me with the ache of heart burn (if I can't stomach food and no meds available)

Keith M.

SIMPLE, CHEAP AND EFFECTIVE. I am not a doctor, but I have suffered with severe burning in my stomach for years. Not GERD--just burning in the pit of my stomach. I took Antacid tablets and OTC meds for over a decade, although the package says discontinue use for 4 months after a 14 day regiment.

After educating myself about the ph chemistry of the stomach and experimenting with readily available natural items, I found an easy cure for what ails me. More acid, it works every time. Sprite, 7Up and yes apple cider vinegar all give me instantaneous relief and they are all acidic. It is my personal opinion that these acids either a) neutralize the stomach acid or b) simply bump the stomach ph chemistry slightly toward acidic and this alteration may be enough to prevent the body from producing the much more corrosive stomach acid.

Whatever the reason, it works every time for me. I also found that taking my stomach ph chemistry in the opposite direction of alkalinity works as well. Instead of shutting down your natural acid producers through OTC meds, try altering your stomach ph chemistry when your stomach burns with either carrots (alkaline) or white soda (acidic). The acidic treatment burns for a second or two on the way down, but I get immediate relief thereafter. Hopefully it will work for you.

Dr. Kelle

Ok so I drank eggnog mixed with vsop brandy and fell asleep about an hour later. I then woke up about six hours later with severe heartburn at about 3 am! I ate two tums and it didn't stop (usually I take mylanta and it works fast but I was all out). I then drank milk and felt some relief, but heartburn was still there. I found this site and made the baking soda water mix. Definite improvement, but when I belch I still taste the eggnog and brandy! Gross right? Ugg.. so my throat is still sensitive so I try the honey. 1 TBSP and throat feels soothed. I take 1 more TBSP for good measure and my throat feels coated and when I belch no more eggnog and brandy!!! I said a lot but I wanted you to take your mind off the burning sensation as you try these techniques. It's 4:30 am now and I will try to go lay down. I'll let you know if it returns. Thanks all!


Why has nobody tried apple. Apple works very well. I usually slice an apple and keep it in a sandwich packet in the refrigerator and whenever I have heartburn, I eat a few slices of apple. Works like magic!


Its 330am. I never had heartburn that wakes me upfrom a sleep. 1st thing I thought is take some pepto and will go away. Nope. Then took gas ex...30 min...nothing. Then turn to this blog. I'm in my kitchen like a crazy person trying to make baking soda and water. Was disgusting. So I decided the mustard. Didn't work for me. Had a teaspoon of honey and piece of bread with milk and its better then before...took another teaspoon of honey...working a little better. So maybe just a mixture of all this stuff helps.

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