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155 Home Remedies for Heartburn


Eat an apple, I swear it works. My husband gets heart burn like literally every night. He eats an apple and its gone.

Also, keep in mind laying on your back makes it worse.




i was suffering for heartburns in a day and i was very afraid what might be the next,even checking in the site i was afraid untill i decided to face this suffering. I read about the colgate and thats the very first thats available, I tried a 'P' size and it works a bit the feeling is still there so i drink water and lay on my left side atleast this will bring me peace for the whole night. Tomorrow I'll buy lemon and baking soda I'll be back if it works. good night everyone!


I wish I had lime right now. That's what usually helps me. Squeeze lime straight into my mouth and it makes me feel better. I just tried some balsamic vinegar and made it worse. I don't have much in my fridge, so I ate a piece of bread, had a spoon of honey, and drank some water. So far nothing, I still wish I had lime.


a guy was at my house asked if i had anything for heartburn i didnt so he asked if i had tooth paste he took a little on his finger put it in mouth moved it around a little and swallowed it so the next time i got heartburn i tryed it to my surprise it worked


If you're ever kept awake at night with heartburn, lay on your left side!!!


1am in the morning cant sleep.. Recently, my doctor changed my blood pressure medicine and the new medicine created constant heartburn. Had my doctor switch me back to the original medicine I was taling but still seem to have on and off heartburn throughout the day and evening. just tried taking 2 teaspoons of apple cider vingear and small glass of skim milk.. pain is almost all gone throwing away my tums

Shelby :)

I'm only 16 years old and I get heartburn , it's really bad because it always hits me in school, I tried tums but they do nothing so I was looking around on google and I read , drink a glass of water and then lay on your LEFT side ! I'm currently awake because of heartburn but after I drank the water I felt a small relief , now I'm laying on my left side and its gone :) yay !


When reading through all of the heartburn remedies, you need to decide if you are having a problem with acid reflux, or whether you have common heartburn. The acidic remedies, like mustard and vinegar, are better for heartburn than for acid reflux. Honey is good for both types. And, in both cases, make sure you sit upright for a full 30 minutes to allow things to calm down fully, especially if you have reflux.


WOW!! 5-6 swallows of pickle juice and the FIREBALL in my chest was instantly put out! I know this may not work for everyone, we're all different, but it is worth a try.
I tried handfuls of tums and nothing, prilosec OTC and NOTHING! Pickle juice...INSTANT!!!

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