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Just read all the posts, tried pineapple and am drinking milk and it already feels so much better!

Heartburn in STL

On top of having Lupus and taking meds with heartburn/acid reflux set backs I just had to eat Shrimp Lo Mein too! Needless to say i'm up due to extreme burning in my throat and chest with a cough.

Sipping on water; coughed back up! Pea size Colgate; my insides continue to burn...grab my what's your question...home remedies for heartburn..omgoodness...there are
others up after midnight feeling equally if not worse then me!

Tums had been my saving grace but now agreeing with several postings the coughing and urge to throw up calmed after drinking 1 cup of milk and the burning stopped and I burped after swallowing 2 Tbs of yellow mustard. all 14 pages of heartburn remedies pain free and 45 mins. later nearing 1AM I'm ready for bed....thanks all


I have the worst heartburn pain ever. It goes clear through my chest into my back and it's been for hours. I tried lime- baking soda, honey, acv, apple, rolaids, toothpaste. It goes away briefly then it's back. Say no to the spicy fish tacos!


Thank you so much for the site. I was eating rennies like candy to no avail. Then 1st tried some milk and then water, only temporary relief. Then tried vinager and helped a bit. Finally resorted to a pea size portion of herbal toothpaste ans it is completely gone. In tears of relief. Not going to try lying down for a good while but thank you so much for all of these posts!!!! I think the most important thing is not to lie down aswell!!! It only made my situation worse. Thank you thank you

Chris D

From a healthy 24yo, spicy food caused heartburn is quickly fixed with a cup of milk. The natural pepper spicy, not the artificially created spicy.


Put 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar into your mouth and make it dissolve with your saliva, then swallow and wait a few seconds and drink a bit of water...hope this helps :)


One teaspoon yellow mustard and a shot of milk im pregnant it WORKS!


Mix a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water. doesn't taste great, I usually have to hold my nose as I chug it down, but about a minute after I get it all down I usually have a couple big burps and then it settles down. Definitely don't lay down immediately, always stay sitting upright for a while before laying back down.


terrible heartburn had me up at 2;00am. Took Pepcid Complete, no help, took 2 tums, nothing, ate 2 tsp of vanilla ice cream, cold felt good, lasted about 3 mins. tried 1 tsp od Bragg's organic apple cider. Felt like fire running through my throat and chest for 3 seconds, then, whooosh....gone. no heartburn. i have been sitting up for 30 mins now, hoping laying down will not bring it back. Assume I am good to go.

Emma S

At 2:20 am, the last thing you should be worried about is heartburn. But tonight, its different. So I read quite a number of ideas and tried a couple. I tried the tablespoon of vinegar. Nothing. So I had another one. There was some relief but as soon as I jumped back into bed, the discomfort burn (you all know what that discomfort feels like). Anyway, after a few minutes of 'trying to let it set in', I took a few sips of milk. That seemed to also give a little relief. And I began chewing on mint gum. I'm sitting up now, waiting a few minutes and so far, so good. Still a slight tingle, but it is nothing compared to the original burn.
And now for the big test...lying down. And...its been a couple of minutes, gum still being chewed.I seem fine. At least I can lie down (haven't been able to do that in the last hour and a half). Hope this helps.

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