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Pickle juice (one big drink) and mustard on a pickle then just a squirt of mustard.. worked wonders for me! In 5 mins the burn was gone!!


A spoonful of pickle juice followed by a spoonful of honey. Works right away every time.

Kelsea V

It's 12:52 PM & I'm scrolling this website looking for ideas to cure my overacting heartburn... Milk!!!! it was fine instantly!


Laid down for the night. 15 min later I'm back up in horrid pain between my shoulder blades and under my breast bone. I find this site at 2:30 in the morning THANK GOD! I have took two doses of Pepto a prescription stomach pill with a glass of water and nothing is touching this pain. I go to the kitchen ready to take everything in chances of some relief. First thing is the Apple Cider Vinegar. One thing they don't tell you here is to don't take a big gulp of this stuff like I did lol. It will take your breath and you'll think you're gonna die lol. But guess what heartburn GONE! Goodnight all!!!!


I used to have painful heartburn that even woke me up in the middle of the night. It was awful. I went to the doctor, and she of course, prescribed me 60 days of Prilosec, which I refused.

There is something very wrong about taking a medication to solve heartburn. So, I conducted a lot of research. Turns out the biggest contributor to heartburn is BREAD.

I switched my diet totally and went Paleo/Primal and my heartburn is gone. No more bread, no processed foods, no grains, no flour. The food that I eat has to meet the following criteria, or I do not eat it:

If it runs, eat it.
If it flies, eat it.
If it swims, eat it.
If it grows from a plant, eat it.
Fruit and dairy in moderation (watch the sugar)

Eat clean, and watch your heartburn take a hike. Mark Sisson and The Primal Blueprint are your life guides!

Good luck!


Terrible heartburn...worst ever. Chewing sugar free gum and within 5 minutes it is 75% better.


Worst heartburn ever - Hurts to inhale, arms and shoulders are burning and chest hurts so much, considering the ER. :(

Tried: Zantac 150 x 2, Pepcid, Tums (20), milk, baking soda, Alkaseltzer, yogurt, ginger, turmeric, ACV, pickle juice, two kinds of toothpaste, carbonated water, sore throat spray, honey, mustard,honeymustard, sugar, rice cake, apple, pineapple, Almond butter, magnesium, raisins, chamomile tea with lemon, mint tea, Mylicon, Gasalia, celery, and a pear.

It's been hours of one remedy after another. No longer considering ER but in far too much pain still to try to lay down. So tired. I wish I had gum, aloe juice, pine needles, saltines, or some Pepto to to try. Nothing was instant pain relief but I think the honey took it down a notch.


the best remedy for heartburn is liquid antacid 4 tablespoons and sore throat spray 1/2 teaspoon and liquid benadryl 1 teaspoon mix together and drink for instant relief. i was given this 'cocktail' in the emergency room.i woke up one night,the pain was so bad i thought i was having a heart can take a 2nd dose if you need helps too if you sleep with your upper body elavated.


So, I woke up at now 4am in bad pain, enough to make it hard to breathe. Dang that Huckleberry wine. A friend suggested baking soda so I searched for some, none. Came on here and read alot of mustard and honey ideas. Well, it just happened to be I had honey crunch corn dogs (Foster farms) and a fat table spoon of mustard to dip it in. A little tiny ouch left but I killed two birds with one stone and feeling better. Thank you.


I have to put in my two cents: I've been up for hours with the nastiest heartburn; I ate so many Tums I was feeling sick. After reading countless remedies, I decided to go for the mustard cure. It's been only 5 minutes, and my heartburn is 80% better. Whoever figured out that trick is a genius! Thank you!

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