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I've always sneaked a few sips from the pickle jar. When I found out I was pregnant, heartburn was the worst I've ever felt it. So, when I stole my regular sip from the pickle jar, my heartburn dissappeared!

J Lester

For Heartburn simply eat a hand full of rasins after a saucy or spicy meal


I have used the vinegar tip, also raw potato - both work... however I have recently discovered papaya enzyme... chew a couple of tablets before eating or if you are like me and only suffer occasionally... chew a few once the symptoms start...

works well :-)


Immediate relief for heartburn is 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 4 tablespoons of cold water. Mix, drink and it's gone.


When I was pregnant, I used to take Tums in the beginning, but it gave only temporary relief. Later I tries several things, of which two remedies worked. I soaked 8 almonds overnight. in the morning I removed the skins off the almonds, then made a paste of almonds with a little water in my mixer grinder, added a little more water & I drank this every morning. This not only took care of the heartburn, but also supplied me with good nutrition as almonds are a good source of calcium and protein,Magnesium, pottassium, phosphorous, vitamin E, and iron.
Another thing I tried was mint. I used to make tea by boiling a few chopped mint leaves in a cup of water, strain it, add a tsp of honey to it and sip it slowly after meals.
These two things helped me a lot.

RON From Hawaii

Try This! 2 Pieces of Raw Ginger size of a quarter smashed, placed in a cup, fill with water, microwave for 2 minutes. Sip your acid reflux away! works instantly! many other benifits with it! almost everyone has this remedy available at home! Try it! wish you well.......


Eat 4-8 raw almonds. It will cure heartburn almost immediately and last a lot longer than tums, rolaids, or baking soda.

Gail Murphy

Over 30 years ago, I learned that if you have heartburn, most of the time, no matter how bad it is, if you will swallow a teaspoon of MUSTARD and wait at least several minutes to drink ANYTHING, by the time the mustard gets to your stomach, the heartburn is gone! Try it, you will be amazed.


I eat a few spoonfuls of plain (unflavored and unsweetened) low-fat yogert. It does seem that the problem is not enough acid- I always thought it was strange that eating an acidic substance like yogert would help but within a few minutes the symptoms subside.


I had a long long day of heartburn, I was uncomfortable and couldn't seem to feel any better. I read a remedy of a spoon full of mustard. Reluctantly, I tried it and felt a little better, I then ate pineapple, which I also read about and it totally worked. So...spoon full of mustard and then pineapple, just don't mix the two together.

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