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155 Home Remedies for Heartburn


I took a swig of works almost instantly. i was shocked.hope it helps

Jason R

The one thing I know for sure that works and work almost instantly is vinegar. Cider or white it makes no difference. Start with a tsp and if that don't kick it take another. I've never needed more than two teaspoons and in fact it's very rare I need more than one.


mint works really well. My mother used candy canes when she was pregnant with me a real lifesaver.

mark richard

I have had acid reflux for 20 years. I always used Tums or Rolaids but that worked less and less well as the years passed by. I saw that people had poeted that gum was working for them. I laughed when I first read that people were chewing gum to get rid of heartburn. But i tried it about 4 months ago and I have to say it definately worked for me. I read that Wrigley Juicy fruit was the best so I tried that one. I chew maybe one or two pieces every other day or so and my heartburn has decreased by 90%. Its not totally gone but I am good with 90% less. I thought I should post this because maybe it will help someone like it helped me. Good luck.


A glass of milk always work for me. Once I drink it it goes away right then and there.


For heartburn and reflux (especially that feeling of a lump in the throat) the remedy that worked for me was the Pomegranade peels, you can dry them up and chew on them when you feel something. The other one is have Papaya every morning at breakfast and you will say goodbye to heartburn.


I eat a pepperoncini or two and it takes my heartburn away.


I drink a couple tsps of baking soda and water. I also started doing Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar drink in morning and night Absolutely amazing results. 'Ive also tried acidfex, nexium, pivecid, zantac, and a lot of priolec since the natural remedies I have gone a while with no problems.


Drink a few shot glasses full of pickle juice. Dill pickle juice! It works wonders.


Hazelwood is an ancient remedy first used by aboriginal people. It has the medicinal property of neutralizing the body’s acidity. It relieves or prevents acid-related ailments such as ulcers, acid reflux, and heartburn.

Hazelwood is worn as a necklace, and in order to receive a therapeutic benefit, the hazelwood necklace must come in direct contact with the skin and be worn as much as possible, including overnight.

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