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19 Home Remedies for Heart Care


Hawthorn Berry is a very good herb to take for the heart. Has the ability to smooth out stress related palpitations. Usually stress related palpitations manifest as angina that shows up in various places around the heart and even in areas that are nowhere near the heart. Doctors call this type of angina atypical angina.

Ron Benefield

Avoid all vegetable oils. The only safe oil is olive oil. You are are actually safer using lard and real butter than what the misinformed medical profession tells you. 631,636 coronary deaths last year and that does not seem to me we have the proper remedy for heart disease. Statins do more harm than good.


Make sure you are getting enough of the B-complex vitamins. Even a sub-clinical deficiency will cause heart palpitations. I take Brewer's yeast daily and have not had palpitations since I started.

John Wakamoto

500 mg of Niacin after every meal


Drink a cup of tea boiled with 1/4 teaspoon powdered cardamom to help with heart palpatations.


Avoid spices and dried fruits.


Avoid all foods cooked with oil and butter, get regular exercise, and avoid stress to reverse heart problems.


Eat a ripe banana every day.


For heart pain, drink a cup of water boiled with a half teaspoon sandalwood powder thrice daily.


Eat sprouted grams and moong daily.

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