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For headaches, I found out that prolonged exposure to Halo games is an absolute pleasure


have sex. having sex releases endorphins from the brain to relieve pain


I can usually eat a peppermint and it helps lay off the caffeine and drink plenty of water


Try Mixing a tablespoon or two of pure maple syrup, and a few drops of lemon juice with about 3 cups of warm water. drink it all before u go to bed, and u should be fine in the morning.


One night night i was trying to relieve a headache, and me and my two girlfriends were sitting outside so we decided to fill a bag with ice, and stick it ontop of my head. Also (reccomened for smokers), smoking a cigarette helps! +(as i type this im sitting with a bag on my head!) hope it helped!


My remedy for a mild to severe headache is very simple and everyone has one in the house. All you need to do is get a magnet from the frig and apply to the temple and lay down. I have been doing this for about 7 years and it always helps with my headache. My other remedy is placing a cold pack behind both of you ears and hold in place. Just cover the cold pack with a towel first. The best thing to try without taking loads of meds.

headache/migrane sufferer

Go to your local Herbal and/or GNC store to purchase a small bottle of pure peppermint oil, and then dab a little on your fingertip and/or cotton swab and smear across the top of your lip and directly underneath your nose, and in minutes your headache will disapate. *note** the site where the oil is placed will tingle, and feel funny, but will not harm you in any way, or cause alarm, with, the reason for the strong tingling feeling is due to the purity of the peppermint oil itself) Trust me, it is used each and every time I have a headache. It works!!!!!!


Don't listen to music or loud noises, avoid bright light, lie down and wrap a moist, hot towel around your neck ( not tightly!! ) rest and stay at home. Drinking sprite and noodles helps, try not to eat too much and lay off the candy! :)

hope you feel better!


the very best cure for headaches that i have found is actually in henbane leaves. many people are afraid of this plant because it is highly poisonus, however they ussually never do any reaserch on it's many many uses. this plant is harmless and extremly benificial when used externally. as far as headaches simply take a leaf and place it on your head, whare it hurts the most, and put a warm wet wrag on top. your headache should be gone in about 5-10 min. if not simply add another leaf.


I have had sooo many headaches that lead to tummy aches its not funny. So what i do when i have a headache is:
1. eat something that will help my stomache
2. Drink some sprite.
3. take my temp.
4. put a cool clothe on my head
if it dont help take some meds

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