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I've gotten headaches for many years, some lasting months at a time, 24/7. It's unbearable. Then I started seeing a chiropractor, no more headaches. It was fantastic.


in south africa we have a product called Eno and it is great for very bad headaches. Have suffered for many years and came across it by chance.


Wearing nothing on your foot, pull your big toe backward and run your finger along the arch of your foot. You should feel a tendon there that is pulled tight (because your big toe is flexed backward). If you have a headache, massage up and down the length of that tendon (with the big toe flexed backward) and you should get some relief from the headache, or it may take it away completely. This doesn't always take my headaches away, but it does always give me at least a little relief. Using peppermint oil on your fingertips when doing this massage will help, also.


What i found that works for me is eating about 3 of 4 thin mint girlscout cookies. Its dark chocolate and mint and if you freeze them before you eat them its has the same effects as chewing ice. good luck


when i get a headache i drink gatorade and chew ice and it goes away becaus of the electrolights in the gatorade


Whenever I get a really bad headache, I smoke weed, then eat something a little while afterwards. :) hope this helped!!


When you have a headache, eat an apple. The natural sugars in the apple clear your head.


I searched through this site and gathered a few easy techniques that i found really work well.

* eat a square of dark chocolate (something in it is suppose to work really did for me)

* DRINK WATER!! dehydration causes blood to become think and pressure will build up in the front of your head due to this

hope this helped, it worked really well for me


Chew on ice.
Someone suggested it and I thought they were crazy but it really works!


In headache medicine you'll notice that caffeine content is high in each of them. If you have a headache, drink coffee or other caffeinated products. Especially if you drink coffee on a regular basis your body will fiend for the caffeine and the headache will fade away. Also lots of water helps! You could be dehydrated and you need the water to dilute any pills you take. Good luck!

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