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Try gently pulling your hair around the area where your head is hurting. This sounds ridiculous, but it is a trick that I learned from my masseuse and it seemed to help me.


I have suffered horrible tension headaches for the last 5 years. Although I have not found any cure to a tension headache, I do have some tips that might help. I have found relaxing with a cup of chamomile tea helps. It's not an instaneous relief, but it helps you to sit down and relax. Also I have tried drinking a bottle of gatorade and surprisingly it really does help. When I have a really bad headache, I go to bed early, put on a sleeping mask, and put ice on my neck and forehead. (If you know you are definitely having a tension headache then put ice on your neck! It relieves the stress in your whole head) If you don't have a sleeping mask, get one!! It helps me tremendously. I also go to a chiropractor regulary to get adjustments and massages. This helps a lot!
Try to eliminate stress (who am I kidding you can't eliminate it, but try to find some time for yourself)
From one headache sufferer to another, I wish you all the best in trying to get rid of it. Best of luck :)


remedies for head aches
1.) rub an ice over your forehead
2.)soak a small piece of cloth in hot or cold water and put it on your forehead
3.)take a bubble bath
4.) drink some fruit juices
5.)chew mint chewing gum
6.) soak vicks in a very hot water and breath in the fresh steam


What always works for my headaches is peppermint. Peppermint works so well rub a little bit on your temples and smell it. It will work instantly!


2 Ibuprofin 200mg with room temp water, turn off all lights and tvs, turn off all phones, close the blinds, and lay out some light bed clothes. Take a room temperature shower, don't rush but don't hang out in there, get ready for bed take 1 more Ibuprofin 200mg only drinking room temp water.
Then slowly crawl into bed and just think positive for a while, tell yourself headaches come and go.

This works for me very well as long there are no interruptions.
Best of luck to all of you.


Sometimes there is nothing I can do to get rid of a headache, but this seems to often help, especially if it is a tension headache: try rubbing IcyHot all over your shoulders and neck. Then lightly put peppermint oil (stay away from your eyes!) on your temples and along your forehead. Take some Excedrin Migraine, and try to rest for at least an hour. The topical cream and oil have a cooling effect which allows you to relax enough to get some rest while the meds start working!


Drink a cold can of Coca-Cola in less than 5 minutes. Your headache will go away.


Take a cold shower. Believe me, it works.


Try drinking LIPTON TEA for your headaches.

Instant Headache emover

I found this remedy on my own when my head lots of pain and i was tired so here is what you do. Take a small amount of water that you can gulp down easily. You might want to sit down because you need to close your eyes.Take a sip of water ,gulp down the water and right when the water has passed down your throat open your eyes real quick you might feel strange after it because the pain may instantly leave.

And if the pain still lingers try ice wrapped in a cloth or something where you have the pain do the same thing with the water this time right after u gulp the water when You open your eyes remove the ice at the same time. hope it helps it works for me tell your friends if it worked that way you don't poison your body with pills and it is way faster. :]

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