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i sometimes get really bad head-aches and i find that this remedy always works! hold your breath and pinch your nose for as long as you can and then slowly breath out and in, do this a couple of times and the pain should go away! its always worked for me! hope you feel better soon.

Nida Rizwan Shah

Cumin seeds helps to relief your headache,boil the cumin seeds in a container and drink hot.......


drink a hot coffee.
is it smells good!!!!!!!


Massage the area between your thumb and index finger really hard! It really helps


my mom told me to take your thumb and your index finger and put them against the harder part of you nose and press down .... Hopes this helps !!!!!!!

Dr. FeeLGooD

If u have a headache....this is the absolute best home remedy in the world. Check it out.. Follow these steps:

1. Grab something to hold ice water.
2. Place a face cloth inside the ice water.
3. Let it sit for about 2 minutes
4. Call a friend.
5. Roll a joint baby and relax your eyebrows.

Hope this helps...


Gulping Chilled juice from garcinia indica or kokam squash helps relieving headache

louisville,ky girl

Recently I woke with a headache not sure why I took a headace pill and drank some moutin dew. Rubbing the Back of my head with the tips of my fingers I Could feel the relief


Grab the lobe of your ear with 2 fingers (index and thumb) and jerk outwards not too hard not too easy. It may slightly hurt your ears but it goes away and helps with headaches.


Recently I came down with an unbearable headache nothing was working and I had no pills so I decided to just go to sleep, not having any other options. As I was about to lay down my dad came home with pizza, and because I was starving I dragged myself out of bed and went to grab a slice. I flooded the slice with hot sauce, and within minutes of finishing my head didn't hurt at all. So that's the solution: HOT SAUCE, I'm not sure of the science behind it but it works. Gatorade also helps too.

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