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Press between the web of the thumb and index finger to relieve headache


This doesn't cure my headaches completely, but it does provide some relief.
You can use anything from your finger to the eraser end of a pencil. (careful not to pick something with any kind of indention on the end, otherwise you'll be walking around with the indention in the middle of your forehead)
Press down on the area above the bridge of your nose between your eyebrows. Press as hard as you can for about 15 seconds then slowly release. You should immediately feel some relief at least temporarily!


I heard that spicy spices helped so what i do is get a hand full of whole peppercorns and crunch em up and eat em. But it makes ur nose run a little but its worth it


When I get severe headaches I fill an empty screw top bottle with hot water. After doing so I lay in my bed and put the bottom of the bottle to each of my ears for about 3 to five minutes each. Then I put it to my forehead for the same amount of time.


This sounds gross but after working in a restaurant for 12 years and using this cure I know it works. First pour half a glass full of coffee then top it off with coca-cola. Make sure its not too hot then drink the whole thing or as much as you can all at once. Try holding your breath or pinching your nose this will help with the taste.


Do these steps and your headache should go away in a matter of 5-20 mins. Worked for me after having a horrible headache the entire day.
Drink an EmergenC (1000mg of vitamin C), Drink as much water as possible,
Eat a Shin Ramen (korean spicy ramen).


A good method of dealing with headaches is to make a tea out of two herbs called Feverfew and Scullcap. It doesn't taste the greatest, but it does work. You can get these at your local herb store. If headaches tend to occur frequently then try a magnesium and zinc supplement. Also getting some potassium can help.


I personally find Monster Rehab (Lemonade flavored) to be a cure-all for my headaches.

Note: If one can of Rehab doesn't do it for you, don't drink any more hoping to boost the effects! You'll likely make your headaches worse!

The reason I think it works is that it has lemon, coconut, ginseng, berries, and a ton of Vitamin B. on top of that, it provides a ton of Caffienne, which many people suggest to help with headaches.

Rehab WAS created to help treat hangovers, after all...


Prolonged angry masturbation seems to work nicely

RIP Nana Boo Boo

I know this sounds crazy, but after an intense night of sushi my head was pounding like an elephant stomping on dandelions.
I talked to my Nana Boo Boo, from Jamaica and she gave me a fool proof method!! I've been using it ever since and it has stood the test of time! All you need to do to start feeling like yourself again is follow these steps..
(Read instructions carefully before beginning. Also, Nana Boo Boo suggests consulting a physician of high standing in the community.)
1. First things first: this remedy will go NO where without a little faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust!
2. Lie upside down on the couch. Let your head dangle and swing back and forth like a metronome!
3. Play some smooth tunes and make sure your head sways to the rhythm of the music of the night.
4. Combine warm milk with the zest of a lime and sip ever so slowly through a straw (you should be sure to minimize the head metronome motion at this time, however if things go awry, Nana Boo Boo always says 'don't cry over spilled milk)
5. Finally, reset yourself to your original upright position on the couch. Your head should be completely freed from any ache by this point, however I strongly suggest carrying yourself with a distinct metronome swagger for the rest of the day.

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