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Susan A.

I had suffered from headaches including migraines for over 10 years and basically used medication to manage them until my husband found this unique device on Amazon called the Headache Hammock that claimed it relieved headaches including migraines naturally. He bought it for me to try and I was really surprised after getting it that something so simple could work so well. The device basically lifts your head up while applying pressure to the muscles in your upper neck allowing the tension in your neck to relax, but the coolest part is that the device can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer. I usually use the Headache Hammock warmed to relieve that neck tension that tends to cause my headaches, but if I feel a migraine coming on which have been much fewer since using the device, I put it in the freezer to cool it before using it and that will sometimes stop the migraine from coming on. Just my two cents but the Headache Hammock really works.


All you need to do is take a nice warm shower and listen to you favorite music. Your headache will slowly fade away.


1. take a tablespoon of vinegar, or get a sour pickle and eat it. never fails


headache may be quite nasty sometimes and possible reasons for it may be excessive intake of foods,which are hot in nature,constipation,less sleep,less intake of liquids,high blood pressure etc. here is a simple remedy . take lemonjuice[1 medium size], a glass of water [200-250 ml],sme pint of salt. after squuezing lemonjuice in empty glass,add pinch of salt and then start pouring water from a jug from a height of 0.75 meter into glass containing lemon juice and salt. bubble formation takes place. then drink this liquid in 7-8 parts in such a way that everytime u sip it you churn it in ur mouth 5-6 times and then take it down. it will remove ur headache within 15-20 minutes. it is beneficial in mouth sores also.


For small headaches, squeeze the pressure point between your index finger and thumb. It really helps!


my remedy for a headache...i take a wet ray and lay it in the freezer for a few minutes..and lay it over my forehead..


in night before going to bed apply suitable oil in your temple and sleep. morning also apply but don't wipe it.


Whenever I have a headache , I use a few home remedies.

Remedy 1: drink Pepsi or coca cola. This helps if the headache is do to having a lack of caffeine( or take caffeine pills).
Remedy 2: lay down, this in a dim room with no sounds and it is best of you fall asleep. Putting a wet, warm cloth helps.
Remedy 3 : take painkillers, this is probably the best solution even if it isn't necessarily a home remedy.


try and avoid bright lights and loud noises. lay down in a dim room and relax. tea helps, nothing to strong though, and if you put a damp cold cloth over your eyes, then that sometimes helps,too.


HEADACHE HOME REMEDY: Apply Lemongrass oil to your temples, base of neck and between the eyes. I actually just tried it and it works!

Depending on how severe the headache is will determine how well this works I suppose. Go try it and good luck :)

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