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157 Home Remedies for Headaches


Have someone pull your hair by starting slowly at the back of the neck and grabbing as much hair in two fistfuls close to the scalp.

Pull for 3 seconds and release, slowly working your way up to the forehead, releasing and grabbing the next batch of hair with both hands and so on.

Then work backwords along the sides of the head to the rear.

This will alleviate pain for about 10 minutes.


Having a headache, just have a big gulp of COLD MILK, see the magic..
It works for me and my husband always.


If you drink two cups of Gatorade it will relieve a headache almost immediately without the unpleasant sideffects of most traditional pain relievers.


The number one reason for a headache is dehydration, this is why drinking anything helps. It isn't a cure all, and it isn't always the cause, but it is more than likely some water will do your body good.


Cut a lime in half, rub on forehead.


this is for headaches of all kinda..i find it relieves almost all pain..rub some vicks vapour rub on your forehead, temples, andd chest and breathe the fumes in. Try it it really works!!


Maybe you're constipated. Take an over-the-counter enema or eat a large quantity of something you're fond of, like spaghetti. No more headache once you eliminate.

Anil Saini

Just drink a glass of water! are hydrated and your body needs water


Headaches are usually due to dehydration [take fluids with a little salt and sugar] injury or low iron (due to red blood cells dying every 3 days). I find that an iron tablet or cocoa or 1/3-1/2 a block of dark chocolate, will remove my headache in 4-8 hours, as cocoa is high in iron and contains some caffeine


Drinking peppermint tea almost instantly gets rid of any type of headache for me (I get migraines, sinus, and tension headaches). Also, this may seem a little weird, but, if you have a headache where it hurts the most in a particular spot (migraine), after you steep the peppermint tea, save the tea bag and hold it against that area for a few minutes. The peppermint has a cooling, almost numbing effect.

The aroma of peppermint tea helps as well.

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