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I get severe migraines & I was told to try peppermint oil. You can find it at some special foods stores, I had mine special ordered at a pharmacy. It was around $10 for a small bottle, but you only use a few drops so it will last a long time. Dip a Q-tip into the peppermint oil and apply it where it hurts - forehead, temples, neck - careful not to get close to your eyes. Start with a tiny bit to be sure you're not sensitive and the vapors don't bother your eyes.. you might not feel the effect for a few minutes, so don't over apply it. This seems to last for a long time and produces a very nice cooling effect, also, the peppermint scent is said to relieve upset stomach which can sometimes come with a headache. You can add more if needed. If you lie down in a dark room with a ceiling fan lightly blowing this will make it more 'cool'.. also, if you use cloth ice packs, such a cloth bag filled with ice that has been kept in the freezer, you can apply 2 drops of the oil onto the pack - just don't place it directly onto your eyes. Hope this helps someone out there!


Whenever I get a headache I always drink water first. If that does not work then I try placing an ice back on the back of my neck. This does the trick for me.


Well this is kind of funny because this was at Disneyland and I had the worst headache ever. I had told one of my friends and he told me to drink Coca-Cola. I kid you not this is the best Headache medicine I've ever had.


lay down in a darkened room with a cold damp towel over your forehead. this works especially if the pain originates from the front of your head.


i always get annoying headaches,i decided to take a shower and wash my hair with my boyfriends two in one purt plus fresh shampoo, (i personally hate the way it makes my hair feel and look but i just wanted to get out of the shower quick and not have to do shampoo and conditioner) but any ways that shampoo makes you head have a cold tingly feeling and smells really good, i got out of the shower and my head still felt cool , and my headache, like magic was gone!! hope it works for you


For a headache, take a pencil and put it in your mouth, bite down on it for a little while, maybe 30 seconds or so, and your headache should be gone... worked for me.

Lancess S. Williams

for a headache drink two cap fulls of apple cider vinegar and then one glass of water it will thin your blood and the ache will go away


Usually taking a hot to warm shower or bath helps. Having a hot/warm cloth on your forehead while taking a bath really helps.

Simon Harris

Try drinking 'Iron Brew' (No, its not coz it has a big pic of a head at the front of the bottle!) It actually does work....Try it for yourself!


Chew on your tongue softly for a few moments then stop to see if headache has been eased. Continue this method until headache has gone. Worked for me!

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