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Drink water. When you're dehydrated your blood thickens and this creates pressure, especially around the forehead, where alot of small blood vessels are concentrated.


if you have a headache or migrane i suggest you add peppermint extract into hot water from microwave or stove. cover head and cup with towel and inhale. works in seconds.


Drink a cup of coffe and two asprins


I have been getting migraines for 10 years, although mine aren't as severe as those of many migraine sufferers. Tylenol and Ibuprofen don't touch my headaches, but over the years I've tried various remedies that sometimes work, sometimes don't. I've never found one that consistently works, every time. Here are some that work sometimes:

1) Take extra-strength Excedrin at the first sign of a headache. (I can only do this if the headache comes on in the morning or afternoon, because the caffeine in Excedrin keeps me up at night).

2) Take a decongestant. This works whether or not your headache is caused by your sinuses, because decongestants help constrict your blood vessels.

3) Drink 64 ounces of water over the space of about two hours. Then drink a strong cup of coffee, followed by another 8 oz glass of water. If your headache has anything to do with dehydration, this does wonders.

4) Apply Vicks to your temples, if that is where the headache is located. You can also use peppermint oil (even better) or eucalyptus oil (I've heard that lavender oil helps too, though I've never tried it).

5) At night, sleep with something soft yet firm pressed against your temple, or wherever the pain is. I just use a rolled up sock or something similar. The pressure on your temple will help ease the pain during the night and in many cases the headache will be gone in the morning.


I tend to wake up with bad headaches and one morning looked up some natural ways to get rid of them rather than just popping pills all the time. I kept reading about peppermint, peppermint oil and soothing, cooling things to apply to the source of the headache. I had some pepperminty shampoo and conditioner so I hopped in the shower, made it nice and hot and steamy and shampooed and conditioned my hair. I lathered it in and let it sit on my scalp for about 5-7 minutes (each) and I started to feel some relief from the headache. After I got out I had breakfast and downed a couple glasses of water and within about a half hour of my shower, my headache was nearly completely gone!

Marshall C.

If you drink hot tea then this is good for you. Make a cup or two of hot tea and use it as a type of heating pad for your forehead; I myself like to rest it on my temple. this doesn't work well if your tea isn't worm enough or it's burning you. Also drinking it is very good for you. Any would suffice, I like Portsmouth tea company tea in NH if I can ever get my hands on it. keeping yourself hydrated is very important also.


Well I hope this will help, as it works for me. I had a bad headache not long ago…. I had nothing in the house and called a friend who told me to try this: Take 2 cap fulls of Apple Cider Vinegar and add it to a cool 8oz glass of water. Add raw honey to taste and sip it slowly. It works for headaches, and other aches.


An effective headache treatment is ice applied to the forehead and the temples--we have used bags of frozen peas and frozen gummy bears, but any frozen object will do as long as it is not unbearably cold to hold against your head.


Take a lemon peel it and place the peel on you forehead with the shiny part or the out side faceing out tie the peel and leave there for 15 minuets to an hour depending and the pian of the head ache.


Make a hot cup of chamomile and try to drink half of it fast, and the other half slow. Make sure its %100 organic chamomile.

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