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For headaches an acupunture point is between the index finger and the thumb press down and massage in circular motion untill headache goes.To make show you know where i am talking about you see your thumb knuckles follower acroos to the left and the meaty part or the intersection you massage there.


sinus or 'eyeball' kind. reach around the back of your neck (affected side) with 2 fingers, index and middle. Touch the bottom of your scull, by your spine, with index and the middle finger will be touching c3 or c4. Press on the side of that bone.. pain? press and rub here until you're sinus drains or less pain. You can use a bag of rice heated in the micro for a few minutes and put in a sock as a heat pack or for cold, use a bag of frozen vegies!
other pressure points are on your cheek, by your nose, press and rub. On the top of your eye socket, center, press and rub.
I am a licensed massage therapist and the neck thing really works! I use it all the time.
best of luck!


Heat a cloth, such as a handkerchief, in the microwave for about 1 minute. Tie it around your head and lie down. Make sure the knot is at the spot where the pain is worst.


Headaches - I found out accidentally. Use this if you feel o.k. Place your hands including your wrists under cold running water for five minutes, this cools the blood, you should begin to feel better, my pain is usually gone. I use this especially in the Summer months, when the body is extra hot.

james hodgkin

for mild to severe headache and migraine take no doze each pill contains 200mg of caffine and will kill any headache

Akeira j

Take a deep breath in while you place your index finger and middle finger against your temples pressing very hard. Do this for about 30 seconds. Slowly release the pressure from your fingers to your temples while exhaling at the same time. Continue to do this until you feel your headache fade away.

Akeira j

Blend some fresh cloves, add to vaseline and rub the mixture on your temples or wherever you feel the headache or migrain.


Way back then, my grandmother always did this for me and my brother when we had headaches. We loved it, and i use it with my kids today, they love it too! Boil some hot water and add some ground cinnamon and sugar and mix. Pour in a cup and sniff the steam. That is what you do if it is a sinus headache. If it is a tension headache, pour some of this sugar cinnamon water into a tightly closed ziploc bag and press to the area where your head hurts. This is great for the kids!

Head Ache

If you have a head ache sweeze your finger between your other finger, right between the thumb and pointer finger about one inch from the edge of your skin, hold for 1-3 minutes and slowly release and your headache will realise with it. :) Remeber you haven't fuond the pressure point between you fingers until you feel a pain there when you sweeze, once you got the pain, hold! :) Enjoy free natural help.


go outside and take deep breaths in the fresh air.inhale deeply than slowly exhale about 5 times. your brain needs oxygen, and lack of fresh air can give you a headache

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