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Wet the hair,add lots of shampoo then rub it in.Add a mixture of tea tree oil,washing liquid,lemon juice,mayonaise,baby oil,alchohol and salt(it sounds bizzare but it works).Leave for 30mins-2hrs.Rinse,shampoo,rinse,condition,rinse.Blowdry hair and then add extra heat to turn any nits by straitning/crimping/curling(optional)

I really hope this helps :)


With all the remedies and advice on here, there is also something i wanted to add.. they say vasaline but please do not torcher your kids with this.. it takes weeks to come out of the hair ( my mother tried it) worked but not worth it. Washing EVERYTHING!! HOT WATER and laundry detergent and use the dryer.. its helps.. clothes socks sheets comforters.. everything.. spray everything down with the spray stuff at your drug store.. even the mattress and pillows. Hair brushes, dont just spray them.. Boil them! while treating you or your child, after take those clothes off and wash them too. (believe me this is an all day thing) also do what the box of rid or nix says.. reapply in 7-10 days.. these little blood suckers (yes they suck your blood like a flee) hatch and sometimes the shampoo doesnt get them gone.. also, after that, get your child's hair cut shorter.. this helps if its comes back. I hate to say it, the best stuff is the stuff with pesticides.. i know we dont like the thought but, seriously think about what you are dealing with.


Wow...I absolutely love this site! I have been struggling with head lice wIth all three of my daughters and after countless amount of money spent on otc medicines I decided to try something else. After reading everyones home remedies I have FINALLY gotten rid of those annoying little suckers!! All it took was dawn dish soap, olive oil, and conditioner (no one in particular). I mixed 1/2 cup of dawn and 1/2 cup of olive oil. I lathered each one of my daughters hair and let it sit for about an hour. Afterwards I rinsed out the hair and used conditioner just to smooth out hair. Those lice didn't stand a chance! They were falling out like crazy. I then used a blow dryer to blow them out of their hair! Tomorrow....I will do it on myself because after seeing all those lice I feel things crawling on me....ewwww!

Phil Rega

Both of my daughters get headlice every two months and what I've usefd is a quarter cup of bleach with a quarter cup of vinager and a quarter cup of alcohol mix with water and shake well. This will suffocate and kill all headlice and easy to comb out the nits as well. After combing leave in overnight then wash throughout the scalp really good.


A tip: Mix tee trea oil or cocunut oil with water into a squirt bottle and spray around the home. Couch, carpets, mattress, etc.


dog shampoo any kind really just apply to wet hair leave on for one hour wash out then use a massive amount of any conditioner and with a fine comb flip hair over and over a white towel watch dead bugs slide off your hair and repeat dog shampoo in a week incase of hatching nits left behind and wash bedding of course in hot water and dry in dryer

Melinda Brown

Hair color and flat iron. I am a licensed cosmotologist and when we were in beauty school I remember a whole chapter about lice and dealing with it. The number one remedy that was listed in the book was hair color with ammonia in it. It kills the lice and most of the nits. I would not necessarily recommend this for children but it really works on adults. I also recommend blow drying the hair and flat ironing it. The heat from the iron will pop the nits that are left making it really easy to comb out what nits may have been left. The flat iron in my opinion is better for this because of the direct heat applied to the hair. The only difference in the use of this flat ironing technique is you need to section your hair into 1/4 inch sections instead of 1/2 inch sections. That way the iron will touch more hair each time.


Last week my daughter was itching her head like crazy. I called her over opened up her head and BAM there were tons of nits in her hair I was worried because as a child when I would get head lice or piojos as my parents called them, we would go through a long process of combing and shampooing and it was agonizing. Then I was at the pharmacy buying some RID lice treatment when a lady told me that stuff doesn't work. she gave me this remedie she told me to mix4 drops of tea tree oil and mix it in 3 cups of olive oil shampoo it in your hair everyday along with treating your hair in Suaveā„¢ coconut conditioner for 15 minutes rinse throughly make sure to check the tub for lice bugs and nits that may fall out of hair also be sure that the water is steaming hot . And lastly repeat process for two weeks and you are proven to be lice free


Me and my sister got lice from our school. i tried kerosene but it did not work. once i found out it didn't work, i got mad and wouldn't wait till my mom got home.i decided to see if they would stick so i put hair gel in our hair and then put conditioner in our hair we combed through it with a thin comb and it worked.


Hi guys. Here's a remedy that actually works. Your dad, husband, grandpa, or even you probaby have a can of WD-40 somewhere. If you put this on your head and leave in for about 30 minutes to an hour, it should kill most lice. Afterward, wash out your hair. It may take a few treatments before all are completely gone.
WARNING: Some may have an allergic reaction. This treatment will also make your hair VERY oily.

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