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Cedar oil spray...I use it on my dogs for natural lice and tick prevention, and it has worked for years and we live in a heavily wooded area in the North East. It is also good for killing/deterring spiders, bedbugs, snakes, ants and lice!


Can some people be more susceptible to lice than other people? We have 8 people in the house and 3 of us can't seem to get rid of them. Each time I think we have, we start to itch again. The same 3 of us.
We first tried the over the counter harsh kind. Then we tried Lice Freeeee. Then we tried olive oil overnight. Then we tried mixing tea tree and neem oil in our shampoo and leaving it for 20-30 minutes. We washed all of our bedding, etc.

Today we tried mixing Dawn, Vinegar, and Tea Tree Oil. We will see if it works. I am going to use it daily for a week or two. I might also sleep in mayonnaise a couple of nights. Next up is Cetaphil and a hair dryer.

I am pregnant with my 7th child. I don't want to keep doing this!!


I finally found something that worked for me. I put a quarter cup of salt into a cup and a quarter of vinegar in a spray bottle. (That was the amount of vinegar that was required to make the salt go into solution otherwise the salt crystals clog the spray bottle.) Sprayed on enough to wet my hair and put on a disposable shower cap for two hours. Then I washed and conditioned my hair. I did this once every three days for a total of four times. I used vinegar because that was already in the spraybottle and I was too desperate to take a chance on plain saltwater. (Plain vinegar does not work.) Salt mixed with just the water might work. Maybe I didnt' need to do four treatmens. I probably combed my hair a few times with a lice comb but I didn't have anyone nit pickl, You can proably use the cotton strips for children that are used for perms to make sure the solution doesn't go into their eyes. Hope this works for you.


My best friend gave me lice. I have medium thin/thick straight hair. She has really thick hair. I knew she had it, and so did m parents. I tried the whole, 'My other friend might have it, so me and you going to treat our hair just in case' thing, and I even gave her a spray to go home and spray her room down. Let's just say, that was at least a year ago, and her infestation os way worse now. She's had it as long as we've been friends (at least 6 years). I didn't want to go out and buy the expensive and dangerous treatment, so I looked on this site. I combined most of the things I read about: distilled white vinegar, olive oil, mayonnaise, WD-40 (believe me, it works for dogs on fleas), Dawn dish soap (HAS to be blue, I don't understand why though), and conditioner (Herbal Essence, but I don't think the brand matters much). I didn't put in any specific amount, just until I felt it was right. I then put my hair up into a bun and let it sit for 30 minutes. I took it out, brushed it out, and got into the shower. I rinsed and washed with the Dawn to make sure I got everything out. I used a LOT of conditioner, flipped my head over (while still in the shower, conditioner still in my hair), and I combed over and over, pulling out tons of dead bugs and nits. I rinsed out the comb every few times. Then I rinsed out the conditioner. I brushed it out after I got out of the shower, and combed through again, wiping the comb on a white towel (to see the bugs). That was all a few hours ago, and I've been so relieved of the non-itchiness! I wil do it again in a few days.


I.have a daughter who.for the first five year's of school she came home with lice every two.weeks. i found the perfect thi.g for them and it is all natural to. It is made from a flower which most of us ladies have heard chrisathemums ( sorry about spelling) it is the.oil which the leves produce when you crush them up. The oil is called pyrethimum oil. I found it only in one store (walgreens) it is in a brown bottle and u can also buy the bedding spray also. It is a little pricey but if you have ever dealt withthis problem on more then one occasion it is worth it. Also, lice can not stand the smel so no reonfestions will occur. It is in a brown bottle with a green lid.


I'm sure if you're reading this by now you are at you're wits end in the battle against head lice. I understand how you feel. I went through a 3 month battle before finding something that worked for us. I used tea tree oil, white vineger, any cheap shampoo, and a hair grease that I purchased at Dollar Tree called 'Softee Mango Butter Daily Hair Dress'. I put one part of each into a bowl and microwaved it for 30 seconds to melt the hair grease. Mixed it up and cooled it in the freezer for a few minutes. I saturated our hair and covered with a shower cap and left it on for 30-45. then I rinsed over the tub with hot water, or as hot as you can stand it. use a comb to comb through the hair while your still leaning over the tub the bugs will fall out dead. Comb through the hair with a lice comb and repeat within a week to be sure you got all of eggs. Good luck to you all!!!


So a month ago my 10 year old came home from school with lice. I have 2 other kids and my husband and myself in our house and luckily none of the rest of us got it. We bought RID right away and at first it worked fantastically. I spent 3 hours combing his hair that is the same color as the lice and he was good to go. We spent 2 days scrubbing our house. I bought new hairbrushes and pillows and I was confident it was just an awful memory. Well 3 weeks later they came back not with a vengeance but they came back. We went through the same process all over again. Well last night my 13 year old daughter was complaining of itchiness and sure enough she had them, not bad but 1 is too many. We used the rest if the RID on her and I didn't want to spend 5 hours on her long light brown hair so I made sure I got all the big stuff out and flat ironed the nits. And what do you know I combed my hair with the lice comb I had three little brown friends on my head. Well thanks so much to this site I'm trying a multitude of things. I bought tea tree oil and put it in Suave cocunt shampoo and conditioner. I did a more extensive combing with the nit comb on my son and daughter. I think what made the process easier is I had them comb out the tangles first with a large tooth comb while the conditioner was still in it. Then I came through with the nit comb while there was still conditioner. My daughter only had nits and they came right out. My son had 4 big ugly live things but they were slower than they usually are.
On myself I tried the mayonnaise with olive oil for 2 hours and then put a disposable shower cap on. I washed it out with the tea tree oil infused shampoo and conditioner. I only had about 8 eggs and 1 tiny bug come out but I think I just got it. It all came out easily. The bug was dead. I'm about to dye my hair and hope for the best. My daughter just dyed hers and so far she's good. I'll try to update if this all works. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the great advice.


Tips For You: Head lice love straight,fine hair. You can not get head lice with super thick, curly hair(some think that's a lice favorite).

Remedy For You: Get a nice PERMANNENT hairdye you can even use clear.Now simply use the directions on the box.Now use a flat iron on your hair for 30 mins.Wash out hair with 1/2 cup of dawn dish soap.I came up with this after 8 pages of head lice remedies and remember those tips! Hope this helps


So..we worked hard. For like three weeks to get rid of the gross little blood sucking things. We even got stuff from the doctor and treated her every 7 days. We cleaned EVERYTHING and combed my daughters hair three times a day. Those stupid things kept coming back. Two days after treating her there were little nits crawling around on her scalp. I felt defeated. Finally I called our hair lady. She said, like so many web sites have said, use mayo. So, I did. I put it on her hair for 45 mins and then rinsed it out. I didn't use any shampoo. I just rinsed it. And then I combed. There they were like 50+ nits and eggs that didnt come out prior to the mayo treatment. I left her hair that way for 24 hours. That was 7 days ago. No more lice. I never thought it would work.


Our nurse said the first recommendation is to us Cetaphil Cleanser (OTC). Google Cetaphil kills lice for instruction. Very easy. 97% effective and contains NO pesticides.

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