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I've tried RID (Killed live ice, left most nits untouched), Slept overnight and found nits in the morning. i have had LiceIce in my hair for 15 hours now. Rinsed it out and was going to wait till morning to try combing out nits again. I have been told that the LiceIce works EXTREMELY well, if you have been having a hard time getting rid of lice, order it offline, it is not common in stores and is very safe. But I need a really good, natural, overnight treatment. ANY remedies in comments have my most EXTREME thanks. I need to get rid of these nasty little bugger soon! Have used rid bedding spray, washed all clothes and linens in hot water, and boiled most everything else.


So I read on here for a while and in the comments I saw someone comment about selsun blue (the dandruff shampoo) on how they put that in there hair, left it for 30 mins or so and it killed the lice and nits, it worked. So I figured I would give it a try tonight with my daughter and myself.... And it really did kill all the lice and nits on our heads. I was so relieved by this. We have been dealing with it for a while now and its been driving us crazy. Going to redo the same process in a few days.. now that's SELSUN BLUE (the dandruff shampoo). You lather that into your hair. Leave it for about 25 to 30 minutes, then you rinse and comb out and/or have someone help pick out the dead nits and what not.. then repeat process in a few days.


Alcohol.after trying EVERY remedy posted, I resorted to hand sanitizer. Saturate the scalp, let it sit and wash hair 1st with foaming hand Sanitizer wash. After rinsing, I washed again with tea tree oil and peppermint shampoo. I heavily conditioned my hair, combing through to remove any nits. I used a hair dryer and after brushing with a good quality boars bristles brush, I cleaned out the hair and bugs with a fine tooth comb,which I soaked in alcohol with the brush. Brush and soak are least twice a day, wash all clothes and bedding. Throw pillows ans covers in dryer 15-20 minutes every time you change bedding. This works but you must follow through with alcohol soaks and additional scalp and hair treatment till they are long gone.


I just mixed nighttime baby lotion, rubbing alcohol, pinesol, and mayo..... Bout to try this!!! And rinse with blue dawn and little bleach, then rosemary and mint shampoo and conditioner. I'll rinse and comb out the tangles, then use metal comb for nit removal!!!! Hoping for some luck with this!!


So many of these are great ideas!! A good tip for long, thick, very infested hair is to leave which ever mix you choose to use on over night with a shower cap!!!! Especially mayo, baby oil, veg oil, any oils. I've even left nix and rid in over night!! The best and most effective stuff I've ever used happened to be prescribed but was awesome! Can't remember the name it's been do long but it was an oil in a weird little bottle and smelt of done type of very strong pine!! It was almost hard to handle to be honest!! It said to leave it on for 12 hours but I left it in over night ...I swear when I rinsed my daughters hair the next morning the nits even fell out!!!!! Wish I knew what this stuff was called!! Inbox me on Facebook if you know @ Kim Griggs


When my girls were in kindergarten and first grade the school had an outbreak of lice . I bought two case for each class for a kit could be sent home wilth each child my children had terrible skin allergies to rid and nix so I used baby and saturated their hair and put on a shower cap and let them play outside for an hour comb out nits and dead lice shampooed hair with sargents flea and tick dog shampoo the green kind all nits and lice dead. After that once a month without fail I washed their hair in dog shampoo no more problems additionally I asked teachers at school to let my children hang their coats and back packs on the back of their chairs .


We fought lice for months spent hundreds of dollars on crap from pharmacy. The stuff with permetherine in worked but did not kill nits. So again we battled. We started using white vinegar for hair rinse every night. Just prince and leave in. Then wait the to fifteen minutes and use the metal comb all the nits comb right out. The vinegar dissolves the nitglue and they comb out. No success with those blue plastic combs though. And we used kitchen bug spray with permtherin on beds and stuffies. Finally a real fix.... Cheap-easy-efective-safe. Never have lice again. Just prince hair with vinegar at least once a week. Who knew!!!!!! Really works


I just been researching page after page and myself just tried this salt and vinegar method and I earlier had combed and combed finding nothing and after the vinegar mix I hopped in the shower rinsed it off put a load of conditioner on and began to comb and found 7 tiny hatchlings so obviously this worked ut I now just read about forget all these things and get alcohol mix it with water in a spray bottle saturate your head wait 30 mins or more cover hair if you want then wash hair and whilst you have conditioner in it comb it first with big comb then a nitt comb apparentlt this is best also they recommend you vacuum and clean floors and spray round with the mix, they use this in drs and hospitals and its cheap


A blow dryer, flat iron and tea tree shampoo , conditioner and leave in conditioner! Add teatree to leave in conditioner, blow dry the heck out of your scalp! Use the straightener to fry nits. Do these everyday or every other day and / or alternate. They will disappear!


Hyssop tea or just opening a capsule of hyssop into a cup of warm water and rinsing with it will kill all living lice in your hair. Since eggs do hatch later, repeat rinses are necessary. It may be added to laundry and even put into a spray bottle to be sprayed on furniture, in the car, etc.

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