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The easiest natural way to get rid of head lice is by getting a head lice removal specialist in your area. They are available all over the United States and most are nurses. 'Nit Nurses National Head Lice Removal Directory' by Nit Nurses of Virginia is a great place to find a service near you. You won't regret it!


My daughter had a full infestation of lice before I discovered them. We tried doctor's prescriptions, hand combing, everything. Finally, I ordered a hooded hair dryer from The Vermont Country Store...the old fashioned kind that gets very hot on high, and got a professional grade flat iron for hair that heats up to 450 degrees. I soaked her head with listerine, and wrapped her hair with plastic wrap. This was left on for 1 hour, then rinsed with denorex shampoo. I sectioned her hair into small loose pin curls and had her sit under the dryer for another hour, keeping it on high as much as possible, and moving the cap around every 15 to 20 minutes. Then I divided her hair into very tiny sections and flat ironed each section on high, coming as close as possible to her scalp without burning the skin. I repeated this every 3-5 days, each time washing all linens and clothing in hot water. We used conditioner in between treatments, and the heat surprisingly didn't damage her hair.
I know this sounds extreme, but she had a particularly resistant case. We struggled for months with recurrences. I hope this helps someone.


This isn't so much as a remedy as it is a preventive! After you've gotten rid of the lice than use a shampoo called Fairy Tale Shampoo! It is a a wonderful thing! It doesn't have a overly medicated smell but I just mix it with my kids an my own shampoo and that covers up any medical type smell. They also have a spray and a hair gel. The spray is great for their coat collars and back packs. I'm kicking myself because I ran out of the shampoo for a few weeks and learned real quick how well it really works! The girls got it from a neighbor :(


Yes listerine!!! Leave it in for about 2 hours but you must saturate the head then wash it out in the shower. Then take Selsun blue and saturate head with that and leave it in for about a half hour once again rinse hair out in the shower. I bought lice combs with a magnifying glass and went threw each strand of hair. Wash all bed linens, hats buy new brushes ect . After spending hundreds of dollers and endless amount if time on her hair this is what worked and havnt had a problem since. I would also recommend in a week or so later even if theirs no live lice to repeat the listerine to ensure no new eggs hatch because one lice will put you back in the same problem . Also for extra precautions I changed our linens daily for about a week.


Saturate the head with cooking oil and cover head and leave over night then pour vinigar into shampoo nd wash hair adding household salt to head and massage into hair with shampoo rub well add vinigar again before you wash hair then rinse then wash again then rince again then put conditioner on wait a few seconds then rinse off the head lice fall off use hairdryer to dry hair then u can use a nit comb to comb hair through!


Mouthwash. Listerine. 30 minutes. Soak scalp and all hair. Cover with shower cap. Critters will surface and die within a half hour. Don't even need a comb. They surface and die. Guaranteed. Just did it for 10-year-old daughter. Simple. Unsure about eggs. Next phase.


I have 3 girls and have tried Everything from over the counter generic and name brands. Then I contacted their physician for help, No luck with the prescription, I was still pulling live bugs out. Found some suggestions, I saturated their hair in baby oil and went through with a detangler comb then lice come,when I was confident I had most of the bugs I mixed vinegar in with their shampoo (suave rosemary and mint) and let them sit for an hour. sectioned their hair into quarters and went through with the comb again. Hope this helps. they each have a different hair type, one has thin straight hair, the second has very thick curly hair and my third has fine curly hair ;) Also make sure to treat the floors beds pillows stuffed animals clothing sofas and car seats


After two bouts of lice in our family, I have tried a fair amount of things. First of all, when I had lice the first time, obviously the first thing I did was go buy some lice shampoo from the store.( I know, embarrassing). I treated my hair according to the instructions and when I started to nit, I was pulling out LIVE bugs! I did a second and different store treatment and still I got live bugs. Yuck!!! Someone who had had lice told me about using mouthwash. I will probably never buy lice shampoo again. Mouthwash worked awesome! You soak your hair with the mouthwash ( make sure it is saturated) and then put on a shower cap. You may need to put a towel around your neck to stop some of the dripping. Let it sit in your hair for 2 hours. After that rinse out the mouthwash and then rinse your hair with vinegar to loosen the glue on the nits. After you rinse out the vinegar than use some conditioner as a final step. Conditioner just helps ease the nitting process. Now comes the processes of nitting. I used the lice comb called nit free, but it might have a different name now. I never saw a live bug when nitting after using this treatment. I faithfully nit everyday for at least 7 days. After 7 days you could do another treatment if you wanted, but I felt after that many days of nitting and not finding any nits in the last few days that I was probably ok. I have read about using mayo or oil, but did not want to try to get all of that oily stuff out of the hair. This ways only drawback is that you smell like mouthwash:). By the way I use the yellow listenine. Actually the off brand works fine too. Besides the treatment I was very obsessive about vacuumming and washing. Furniture, bedding, clothing, coats, boiling combs and hair stuff, ect. Necessary? I wasn't asking any chances. From now on you will probably alway see mouthwash in my bathroom closet and my nit comb. Oh, and by the way, the cashier at the store won't take a step back when you purchase mouthwash:)


There are two really effective remedies that I have tried that both kill lice and nits and dissolve the glue that holds the nits on the hair shaft.
The first remedy is lemon juice and baking soda. The mixture foams up, but keep stirring and apply to hair. Leave on for a few hours and wash hair. This remedy also kills fleas on your pets. Nits are extremely easy to remove.

The second home remedy is mouthwash. Completely saturate the hair with mouthwash. Wrap hair in plastic wrap or use shower cap. Leave in hair for at least one hour. Wash hair. Mouthwash kills lice and nits. This is the best remedy that I have tried for nit removal. The nits fall apart when you touch them and are easily combed out with a lice comb.


Mayonnaise kills the live lice, and helps the eggs loosen up better for you to comb out.

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