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For Head lice go and buy Sea Breeze totally cover the hair and then wrap a plastic bag around your hair and leave it on for 30 mins to a hour then wash away this bugs...Good luck


When i had lice as a child my mom & grandmom grounded naphthalene balls in coconut oil. Put that mixture on my head for an hour. Then shampooed and combed. It is effective but very dangerous. The lice were gone then. Now my sister's head is infested. She has such long thick hair. This remedy didnt work. In fact nothing worked. Now all of us in the family have lice. So mom and I used vacuum cleaner on her head to remove the adults and babies. The lice keeps running from here and there in havoc! Ewwww!!! Its tedious but works great. We also use vineger to remove the sticky eggs off her hair. Yuck!


My daughters have had head lice for a while and I bought neem oil which stops the lice to reproduce keep that in for half an hour then comb out you hair and then put rubbing alchohal in your hair to rubberize the eggs which makes them not hatch keep that in for half an hour after that take a shower and then comb out your hair and you will see all the dead lice.
Hope that helps.


well when i was about 4 i had lice for 7 years and now finally found a remedy
and Men's shampoo
and let stay for about 20 mins. then wash
it works beautifully


So I recently found out that I got lice and I have been looking at all the different remedies on this website. I see a lot of success with the rubbing alcohol so I am going to try that and hopefully it works on me.


I went to recently visit a friend for two weeks, and when I got home, I was scratching my head and felt something in my hair. When I pulled it out, it was a little bug! I was so mad because as a kid, I had to deal with lice off and on constantly. I was not about to deal with this all over again.

So now I'm trying a mix of things:

-White Vinegar
-Olive Oil
-Hand Sanitize
-White Rain Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner (help with the killing of my hair the poo out of my hair)

Leave on for 30 minutes to an hour.

Wash out & repeat the shampoo and conditioner. Comb out your hair in the shower & once you get out.

Will post results!!


My daughter has been treating her 3 little girls & herself now 4 about 5 months with over the counter medications 2 no avail. BUT i finally told her 2 use ADAMS FLEA & TICK SPRAY. She sprayed them, & it killed the lice & eggs! She used olive oil 2 comb out the nits. She just started this, & will spray & oil them every 3-4 days, until no signs of those lil critters are left. This should take care of the problem. She also sprays their bedding before she washes in hot water. Of course this isn't a traditional way, but it was a last resort.


Nail polish remover (doesn't matter what brand) and conditioner (aussie 3 minute miracle because nail polisher remover can dry out hair and this will help repair it while killing lice) works like a charm! mix these 2 together and put all over head for 30 minutes and rinse with shampoo (i used coconut shampoo and condtioner by savue).This is very strong so be careful with little ones.This usually kills nits but comb through hair with nit comb just in case, and check hair every day for 2 weeks, OH and of course wash bedding and everything like that and what my family does is use coconut shampoo and conditioner (sauve usually can find at walmart) lice do not like the smell of that so if one of your kids friends have them, they won't will not want to go on your childs head, so you don't get reinfested from some kid at school! Good luck! :)


Hey! so not to long ago I found out my daughter had head lice!Ugh, for any one going through this I know, it's such a pain, but we tried everything (over the counter shampoos, vinegar, mayo,etc) NOTHING WORKED, now my daughter has very beautiful thick long hair and shaving it was not an option, SO HERE IS THE REMEDY THAT WORKED FOR US, (what your going to need)

-nail polisher remover (smells awful and is kind of toxic so be careful)

-Aussie 3 minute miracle, You could use another but i wouldn't suggest because the nail polish remover may dry out hair and this will help repair it while it is killing the lice. mix half of conditioner with nail polish remover

put all over head and leave it on for 30 minutes (if you leave it on longer like 45 it may kill nits but not always) and then take a metal lice comb and your hair should be silky and easy to comb out nits if they are not dead already,

THIS DOES SMELL AWFUL BUT IS EFFECTIVE if your doing this on kids use less nail polish remover and once again be careful nail polish remover stings in eyes!


After trying many, many over the counter products and nothing seem to work, I decided to search for home remedies and found this site. After reading so many posts I found one that finally WORKED! You will need the following:
- Vaseline $1
- dawn dish detergent (blue) $1.40
- olive oil $3
- suave coconut dandruff shampoo $3
- suave coconut dandruff conditioner $3
- metal lice removing comb (Walgreens) $20
-disposable head cap $1
- hair comb $1
- blow dryer
- metal round styling comb $10

Saturate hair with Vaseline preferably leave over night and cover with head cap. ( I, however was not able to do that. I drenched my daughters hair with Vaseline and covered with head cap and left it for about 4-5 hours.) Then, comb hair with a wide tooth comb and massage hair with olive oil and dawn, comb hair again to get rid of any nots. Then begin to use your lice comb and clean with each stroke until your comb comes out clean. Once you have done that add a little more dawn to the hair to get rid of the grease left from the vaseline. wash hair using the coconut shampoo and condiotioner towel dry and blow dry using a metal round styling comb. Comb the hair one more time using your lice comb, clean and sanitize comb after use. 97% of the lice will be gone for the 3% u want to wash hair with the coco shampoo and cond, blow dry with styling comb, and use lice comb for 5 days and ur child will be lice free..

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