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We tried all the OTC products on my daughter's hair and only killed about 1/2 of them. The nits were a nightmare to try to remove, her hair went down below her waist, I was at my wits end. I have found the end all be all cure, 'hair straightener'. Used it all over her head, took about 20 minutes. The lice, the babies and the nits all died on contact and even let go and released from her hairs. We ran the comb thru her hair again and nasty critters were all gone. We repeated it the next day and the day after that. By that third day, no lice or nits at all. It's been 3 weeks, no reinfestation, no chemicals, no greasy oily mayonnaise to try to wash out, just clean, dry hair.


This was my first experience with lice and I had no intention of putting poisonous chemicals on my child's (or my own) head. The skin is the largest organ of the body and anything that goes on it, is absorbed into your bloodstream. The first night, I mixed about 3 oz of olive oil (same ph as skin), about 15-20 drops of organic tea tree oil, and about 15 drops of organic lavender oil. In a spray bottle on a stream-like setting, I sprayed our dry hair at the scalp, massaged it in, put a shower cap on, and left it on over night. In the meantime, I added about 20 drops of each tea tree oil and lavender oil to our regular shampoo. This is now our daily preventative shampoo for the whole family and treatment shampoo for my daughter and I. Both oils are natural insecticides and lice will not recognize your scalp as human (and therefore, they leave you alone). The next day, I used regular blue Dawn dish soap to wash away the olive oil (it's clearly not all natural but still better than the bottled poison). No need to leave it on, just quickly rinse it off. Then use the metal-toothed combs, very small section-by-section. If you spot a nit that the comb doesn't pick up, simply separate that stand and clip it off with the scissors. That evening, I mixed about 3 oz of leave-in conditioner with about 15-20 drops of each tea tree oil and lavender oil. No more lice and only 8 empty nits left when I checked the next day. Each evening, we used the shampoo, our regular conditioner, combed through section-by-section, and used the leave-in conditioner spray before bed. No bugs, no eggs, no poisons.


Whichever remedy you choose, it will not work unless you re-treat again in 2 weeks... even if you are 100% sure they're gone, please trust me on this! Mayonnaise worked for us once, but it takes a minimum of 2 hours to suffocate them. We did 3 to be safe. Problem is, your body heat turns it to oil and it drips out of the shower cap. Keeping kids off the furniture for hours is misery. My son's pediatrician said to use the Cetaphil treatment on e-how. It is MUCH simpler!!


Blue Dawn dish washing soap, Put on heavily, Place on shower cap wait 1 hour remove cap and find bogs to remove. Pick thru layers with comb . Rinse hair with water and white vinegar mix, keep checking for up to 2 weeks for nits, Hot iron also helps.


Hi all,

I'm an elementary school teacher from Ireland, and after escaping 25 years lice free I recently became infested! Damn kiddies! I made the discovery late at night and all pharmacies were closed, so I decided to look up home remedies. I took a list of most of the suggestions on this page. In the end my mother and I made the following mixture of whatever we could find in the house. This included...
Bread soda
Dish soap
Mouth wash
Tea tree oil
Olive oil

My mother mixed them all together and applied it on dry hair using an old toothbrush (similar to the way you'd apply hair dye). When all the mixture was done we lathered up and wrapped hair in a towel for almost two hours. I could feel the itch disappearing during that time! We then rinsed the hair and applied shampoo and conditioner. When the conditioner was in we combed it through, left it for a few minutes and then rinsed it out!

After we went through my hair with a lice comb and all we found were dead lice! I blow dried my hair on high temp and then straightened it esp near the roots to kill off any possible nits!

Anyway the result is so far so good.

I think the best thing is find whatever u have from my list at home and go for it!

Best of luck :)


This worked for my daughter after an ongoing outbreak of head lice in her scout troop and elementary school about ten years ago. I tried all the OTC lice killers, shampoos, combs, nit picking...only to have the little !@#$% reappear.

My pediatrician's own daughter had it and this is the remedy she gave me: MAYONNAISE! It loosens the nits from the hair shaft overnight. So I loaded my daughter's hair up with mayo, put on a shower cap, shampooed her hair in the morning and combed out the nits. (I had already cut her hair into a cute ear length bob.)

And everything in her room was bagged up for a couple of weeks - especially stuffed animals. Her room was vacuumed & mopped daily, all her bedding was washed in hot water daily and I put plastic zippered covers on her mattress and pillow. Finally it worked!

It's also important to educate after school care givers not to dump all the kids coats & hats together!!!


Vaseline. Plain and simple. Left it in over night. Picked out a ton of lice. Not one live.


So, I tried everything for my daughter, would had hair to her waist and a raging infestation of head lice. The thing that finally worked, and has worked every time since, for all three of my kids is Listerine, or any generic version thereof. What I do: Get the plain yellow mouth wash. I put it in a spray bottle and warm it a bit in the microwave, just for comfort purposes. Wrap a towel around the child's neck as to not soak their clothes, and proceed to spray their hair until it is saturated and dripping. I then wrap their hair up in the towel and let it sit for about half an hour. Then shampoo. Your hair will smell like mouth wash for awhile, but it beats lice. I repeat twice more, exactly a week in between. There isn't even a need to comb or wash/dry linens or anything else. The Listerine does the whole job, just as long as you don't skip any one of the three treatments. We fought them the first time for about four months until I figured this out. She's had them twice since, and my son has had them once and this worked every time. For an extremely bad infestation, you may want to soak their hair before bed and cover with a plastic shower cap overnight. If this treatment doesn't work for you, you are doing something wrong, either not enough Listerine or you aren't letting it sit long enough. I don't fear the kids picking up the nasty little creatures any more, though the first go around was a nightmare. The mouth wash was a God send!


How to get rid of lice

Dish soap
Olive oil
Lemon juice
baking soda

Lather hair with mixture. Put hair into bun. let sit for 30 minutes- 1 hour. Comb through with lice comb. Rinse. Rub in dish soap, shampoo then conditioner. Comb through. Rinse. Comb through. Blow dry on high. Straighten hair on high.


As we were travelling, one of my daughters spotted a bug in her sisters hair. I think this was just a gift from God because we caught her lice before we had a huge problem. Because we did not know where it came from or who all had the lice, we hit the next Walmart we could find (we turned around immediately to head home so we didn't infest a hotel.
I purchased Olive Oil, White Vinegar, and Tea Tree Oil (and a salad dressing shaker since we were on the road and I had plans to put this into action ASAP.) I also purchased towels, washcloths, gloves, and shower caps. Behind a McDonalds we doused all the girls hair with a mixture of Olive Oil a touch of vinegar, and a few drops of tea tree oil.
I figured this would prevent the lice from travelling and also prevent infestation in anyone's hair who didn't have it.
When we arrived home I began with my daughter that we knew had lice. I took the lice comb that I purchased at Walmart and began sectioning her hair starting at the nape. The oil slowed down the lice (We found 4 total) and it also helped the nits (eggs) slide down the hair shaft. The eggs did not come off, but it helped pull them away from the scalp. (This was HUGE as we proceeded with our plan of action -- you will see why soon.)
After combing through each section (this took about 70 minutes, I am very meticulous and my daughter has crazy thick hair. Also I cleaned off the nit comb after every section in soapy dawn dish soap water. After this, we washed her hair in the hottest water she could stand. We used Dawn dish soap to help remove the olive oil. I then blow dried her hair on the hottest setting, blow drying section by section combing with the nit comb. As I would find nits, I either just pulled out the strand of hair, or slid the nit off her hair shaft but 9 times out of 10, we just pulled out the strand and put it in a ziplock baggie. After blow drying, we flat ironed on the highest setting.
Then once the hair was straightened (I was using heat to help kill anything 140 degrees is how hot it must be to kill eggs). After her hair was straightened, I rinsed it with water and then doused it with white vinegar. This supposedly repels and kills lice? We simply rinsed it (no shampoo) so the smell was still very present, towel dried and then put a shower cap on for her to sleep in.
In the morning we washed her hair again with tea tree shampoo. I then sectioned and blow dried, then I flat ironed as I sectioned. This is where the nits being far from her scalp really came in handy. There were some nits that I had missed the night before but they were brown and you could tell the flat iron had killed them. All in all we did not find more than 30 nits. I really think dousing it with olive oil like we did, saved us from the situation becoming even worse. With the nits being at least a 1/2 inch from the scalp, I was able to get the flat iron close enough to the scalp to kill them. I am a hairdresser and so I took small sections, put a comb against the scalp to protect it, and placed the flat iron right against the comb to get as close as possible. I flat ironed my hair and my two daughters hair 3 times a day for the first two days, then once a day for the next 7 days. I did not ever find anything in my hair or my oldest daughter and we shaved our boys hair. My husband took all our bedding and pillows to a laundromat and washed everything on HOT and DRIED in the professional dryers. He took every stuffed animal as well and threw them in dryers as well as all our pillows. It took him 4 hours total to wash and dry or just dry everything.

So far it has been 1 month and we have not found anything lingering or had any reoccurences. We also vacuumed everything like crazy for a week and then some.

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