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The only safe and sure remedy I found was to THOROUGHLY comb my daughter's hair every single day for 4-5 days (or until you don't find any more). Use a special lice comb and comb the hair from the scalp to the end in 1/4' sections. Sure, it's pain, but we'd put a movie on while a combed her hair, so it went fast and she enjoyed it. I kept a small bowl of water to rinse the lice off of the comb.

Don't forget to wash and dry pillows, stuffed animals, clothes, etc.

None of the other remedies worked for me (mayo, oil, commercial kits, and I would NEVER put kerosene in my child's hair!) Combing the critters out is the only way.


To Rid Of Head Lice ,Soak Hair in White Vinegar for 3-5 minutes.The vinegar will kill lice and make it easier to pull nits without pain.Rate Well;)


Best remedy for Lice is simple: apply a thick coating of mayonnaisse to your child's hair. Be sure to massage it down to the roots and the scalp, paying particular attention to the nape of the neck and the areas just above the ears. Carefully wrap a plastic grocery bag or plastic wrap around the hair (DO NOT LEAVE CHILD UNATTENDED, PLASTIC BAGS CAN CAUSE SUFFOCATION) and wait one hour. **Rinse hair in very warm/hot water, using a comb to help slide mayo off of hair. The lice will have risen to the surface of the hair and will be easy to remove, and the nits will slide right out. Wash hair with DAWN Dishwashing liquid to get residual oils out. Then follow with shampoo and conditioner, preferably a Coconut-scented brand and/or one that contains Tea Tree Oil (lice HATE both of these). Repeat again in 10 days. Great alternative to harsh chemical shampoos, and EFFECTIVE!


Put three teaspoons of lemon juice in a small container. Pour in one tablespoon of butter. Apply to hair, and wait 15 minutes. Rinse hair, no need to use comb!! Really helpful!


Head lice: Start with Mayo and a shower cap for a few hours (while you wash the bedding, bag the pillows, stuff animals and spray mattresses and floors etc. with Raid Flea killer). Rinse the mayo out and wash with a drop of dawn dish detergent - rinse- then drench in listerine - rinse - then wash in Denorex extra strength shampoo - rinse - drench in tea tree oil and blow dry for at least 30 minutes. Comb through. Lice will be dead and nits are easily removed. Don't forget to spray the flea killer in your car as well as your entire carpeted areas. Repeat daily for a week - at least the denorex and combing process.


As Previously Mentioned,Olive Oil Works Great To Rid Your Hair Of Live Head Lice. However,If You Also Add Rubbing Alcohol To The Mixture...You Will Be Sure To Kill All Of The Nits As Well.You Should Leave On For At Least Three Hours. The Longer,The Better. There Will Be No Need For A Second Treatment.

maria murphy

For headlice wash your hair with Denorex extra strength shampoo. It has salicytic acid in it which kills the live lice. If you do this morning and night any newly hatched lice will be unable to reproduce since they will be killed before they are mature enough to lay eggs. Continue with the hair washing routine until all nits are removed. My daughter and I did this and it was effective and safe unlike the pesticidal shampoos.

Tina from Tipton Co. TN

Pure rubbing alcohol, Hair dye(it has alcohol in it), and vinegar work great. Baby oil is great for nits but you will have to wash your hair a lot to get the baby oil out.


New homemade shampoo! Mix 3 tablespoons of mayo and 1/2 cup of vinegar into a bowl. Apply to hair. Leave on hair for one hour (or more. Then rinse. And voila...your lice free


Use Suave Tropical Coconut shampoo and conditioner (less then a buck a bottle) and wash with it as the coconut oil smothers and kills the lice. I would suggest doing this for a week or two and the first week after putting in the conditioner sit down with the conditioner left in with a lice comb to comb the lice and nits out....

I would also suggest possibly changing your children over to this as infestations are common at school not to mention when it's sports seasons because of sharing helmets and this helps repel them.

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