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Mayo and Denorex DOES work. The trick is to do repeat treatments. Coat the entire head with a thick layer of mayo, making sure that every hair and the entire scalp are coated. Section hair and work from scalp to ends to ensure complete coverage. wrap 2-3 layers of plastic (I've done showercaps, plastic grocery bags, and saran wrap. All three work- the idea is to prevent mayo from leaking and provide an airtight cover.) Using 3' thick heavy masking tape helps keep the plastic in place. Leave mayo wrap on overnight, or at least 8 hours. Rinse mayo (dishsoap helps take the greasy residue from the mayo out,) then wash hair with a thick helping of Extra Strength Denorex shampoo. Leave shampoo on for 3 minutes, then rinse. Any conditioner with coconut works- I bought a 24 oz bottle of Suave with coconut for $2.00 and it worked fine. Rinse, dry, then section hair and work out any nits left in. The older nits will have been killed due to lack of oxygen, however new nits can survive the treatment because they do not need oxygen the first few days to survive. I've read that vinegar helps loosen the nit glue, helping them slide out with ease, however I found the vinegar to be completely useless, other than making the hair smell even worse. Again, THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS REPEAT TREATMENTS!! I did 3 treatments, each 3 days apart and my daughter is now lice free. I spent under $20 for everything- an 80 oz bottle of mayo (real mayo-not light, or Miracle Whip) a 12 oz bottle of Extra Strength Denorex, and a bottle of Suave with Coconut. The most expensive item was the Denorex. Don't forget to wash sheets, blankets, towels, clothing, etc. as doing this treatment will not repel lice from returning, as the medications do. If your child comes back into contact with an infested child/object the lice will return. By washing all washable items or putting away in plastic bags for 2 weeks, and restricting interaction with any possible contaminated person you will have a much better chance of staying free of these annoying bugs!


For head Lice removal, I have always used Mineral oil. Apply the mineral oil to the hair, completely saturating it, place shower cap or plastic bag on head tightly, leave overnight, wash childs hair 2 times in the morningto remove the oil (hair will remain oily for a couple washings) I have foundthat this suffocates the live lice and makes the nits soft like mush, i have pulled out nits after this application and attempted to crack them between my nails with absolutely no sound the eggs are soft which means they are dead...i have used this method the last 2 times my children got head lice and it was 3 years in between...not to mention mieral oil is extremely cheap. As for over the counter meds i have found that Lindane shampoo can also be effective in the killing of these nasty little pests.


When my youngest daughter had head lice, we had tried Nix, Rid, the combing, mayo, and even antibiotics from her doctor. After three months, and several hundreds of dollars, I found out that pepperment oil works. I went to the local organic store, it's located in the bath products. I put ten drops in her bath, and five drops mixed with one gallon of water, in a pitcher of water to rinse her hair after washing with peppermint soap. Then comb through hair to remove nits. Within 5 days all lice, and nits were gone. We contiued the process every day for 14 days.


10 tbs of olive oil, 10 drops of lavender oil and 10 drops of tea tree oil. Leave it for 30 minutes the lice will turn white and be easy to find, pick them out one by one then wash hair with tea tree oil shampoo to keep them away, it will kill all the nits as well.


To rid the louse or head lice, lime juice is perfect. But it take two or three application of the juice on the head. With a plastic bag cover the hair to eliminate the evaporation to keep that poison for the louse. Maintain it for one hour. After wash your head with a regular shampoing a couple times and rinse with vinegar (1/2 cup)to eleminate the eggs.


For those of you who like the mayo remedy, but hate the smell, try a thick conditioner, like TRESemme. Follow the same procedure that you would with the mayo


My daughter first came home from school with lice in Jan. I was so upset cause my daughter takes good care of her hair. At first I went to the store and got Rid i followed it to the tee and yet she was still infested and i was still pulling out live bugs. So then I bought Nix. I thought everything was great untill later that night When I was combing though her hair and still saw live bugs. Then it turns out that me and my other daughter got it to. I then started looking on the internet and saw this ad for LiceRX I bought some and couldnt wait till it got here. I thought that had work the school nurse even checked us and we were okay. LiceRx even told us that we didnt havet to do it again in 7 to 10 days like Nix and Rid. After awhile my daughter got sent home again with it so the process started all over. I couldnt believe it cause I knew we were clean and so was my house. Come to find out the neighbor was outside and she told me that he daughter had lice and that she couldnt get rid of it for about 8 months now and here I didnt know that and my daughter was over her house playing with her daughters and thats how it ended in her hair again. I couldnt use the LiceRx again cause it aleady caused my daughter to break out and have scabs on her scalp. So I tried something else cause I was at my wits end I read something called mayo mayo and more mayo for lice. What I did was heat some mayo ( the real mayo ) and coated my daughters hair and put a shower cap on her head and let her sit there for 2 to 3 hours. Then washed it out with dawn dish soap ( for the grease ) and after that I washed it with Coconut shampoo then with Coconut Cond, then last but not least cause this is the most important thing I then washed her hair with Denorex shampoo ( the best shampoo for this ) I let that sit on her hair for about 5 mins then I washed it out after that I blowed dried her hair on high heat and i combed though there will be no live ones cause of the mayo it smothers them. The nits should just comb out with a good nit comb not a lice comb cause its teeth are to far apart to take out the nits. EVERY morning and EVERY night wash the hair with Denorex shampoo and blow dry the hair and keep searching for the nits. What the Denorex shampoo does it dries them out to where they cant mate and kills them. Please let me know if this helps anyone or if you have any questions. But believe me coloring your hair or any of that over the counter dont work and i couldnt do the vinger cause as soon as i put that on my daughters head she screamed.. Heres my email addy if anyone needs it for


coat yourchild's head in vaseline and cover wiyh a shower cap, leave overnight Apply shampoo or dish soap before getting wet, then rinse out. Comb with nit comb,your chid's hair may look greasey for a few days. Repeat in a week if needed, we have never had to repeat, this has always gotten thr lice out in one treatment.

christy Leeann Castillo

This is for head lice, put disel in ur hair wrap it up in a plastic bag for a few hours, then wash it out with dish soap, then get a metal lice comb to comb out lice bugs, i battled with lice for many years. I have also tried raid do not try that


For Head lice Spray hair with hairspray all over head evenly leaving hair stiff lice can not hang onto hair

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