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10-15 drops of black walnut extract mixed with about 15-20oz of water in a spray bottle will repel lice. You only need to apply 2 squirts either on top of or underneath the bottom of the hair daily just prior to possible exposure. I squirt my daughter's hair each morning before I take her to school.


I took a combination od remedies that I found on the internet and sort of combined a few of them. I had my daughter wash her hair with Denorex Extra Stength, then I mixed mayonaise, tea tree oil, and vinegar and put on her hair and covered with a shower cap for 1hour. Then rinsed, you could see the dead lice and the eggs had turned white. Then I used a lice comb to get them out. Washed twice with Dawn Detergent and then with Denorex again. This dries the hair out so use a real good conditioner.


i use alcohol. saturate the hair then put a shower cap on(making sure all is secure) leave on for 15 min then rinse with vinegar and water solution.
it kills the bugs and loosens the nits to comb easier


I have never typed anything like this before but after battling head lice and finding a relativly easy remidy for such a pain in the butt issue like head lice I had to give my two cents worth. If you don't want to read our horror story I'll sum it up, BUY EXTRA STREGNTH DENOREX and watch the lice DIE!!!!
We battled the head lice issue with our two boys this past summer. When our oldest came home with the 'creepy crawlies' from baseball we did the RID routine and 'nit picked' for HOURS and HOURS. We wanted to shave his head, it was June and it gets hot here, but he didn't want to do that so we battled through it and killed all the eggs and lice....or so we thought. Our youngest had lice about 2 months later, we don't know if it was a reinfestation or if he caught it from somewhere else. We didn't want to go through all the pain of the first go around, and we researched the internet, just like you are doing now if your reading this, and DENOREX EXTRA STERGNTH kept popping up as a remidy. We thought 'why not' it is a shampoo not an instecticide, and tried it and IT ALONE on our youngest. We could see the lice fall out of his hair and onto his back; they were dead, we washed all the sheets, clothes, etc... but only washed his hair with DENOREX for the first week everynight, and every other night for the second week, and were LICE FREE after that, you still will have to 'Nit Pick' with a nit comb, but I thought it was alot quicker after we washed his hair with the denorex, I don't know if the salasylic (sp) acid lossens the nits or not. We now wash their hair 1-2 times a week with it for preventative maintenance. I don't know if this will work for you, but for us we won't go a week without everyone washing thier hair with DENOREX!!!


My daughter first came home from school with lice in Jan. I was so upset cause my daughter takes good care of her hair. At first I went to the store and got Rid i followed it to the tee and yet she was still infested and i was still pulling out live bugs. So then I bought Nix. I thought everything was great untill later that night When I was combing though her hair and still saw live bugs. Then it turns out that me and my other daughter got it to. I then started looking on the internet and saw this ad for LiceRX I bought some and couldnt wait till it got here. I thought that had work the school nurse even checked us and we were okay. LiceRx even told us that we didnt havet to do it again in 7 to 10 days like Nix and Rid. After awhile my daughter got sent home again with it so the process started all over. I couldnt believe it cause I knew we were clean and so was my house. Come to find out the neighbor was outside and she told me that he daughter had lice and that she couldnt get rid of it for about 8 months now and here I didnt know that and my daughter was over her house playing with her daughters and thats how it ended in her hair again. I couldnt use the LiceRx again cause it aleady caused my daughter to break out and have scabs on her scalp. So I tried something else cause I was at my wits end I read something called mayo mayo and more mayo for lice. What I did was heat some mayo ( the real mayo ) and coated my daughters hair and put a shower cap on her head and let her sit there for 2 to 3 hours. Then washed it out with dawn dish soap ( for the grease ) and after that I washed it with Coconut shampoo then with Coconut Cond, then last but not least cause this is the most important thing I then washed her hair with Denorex shampoo ( the best shampoo for this ) I let that sit on her hair for about 5 mins then I washed it out after that I blowed dried her hair on high heat and i combed though there will be no live ones cause of the mayo it smothers them. The nits should just comb out with a good nit comb not a lice comb cause its teeth are to far apart to take out the nits. EVERY morning and EVERY night wash the hair with Denorex shampoo and blow dry the hair and keep searching for the nits. What the Denorex shampoo does it dries them out to where they cant mate and kills them. Please let me know if this helps anyone or if you have any questions. But believe me coloring your hair or any of that over the counter dont work and i couldnt do the vinger cause as soon as i put that on my daughters head she screamed.. Heres my email addy if anyone needs it for


The remedies here for (head)lice(vinegar, mayo, etc.) are good, but they fail to address the problem of reinfestation from your own pillows and chairs, etc.
Body lice in particular live in seams of clothing and come out twice a day to feed on the host(you).
Body lice: They can live for 15-40 days in clothing without feeding. The trick is to wear the same (few) clothing for one month until lice starve in other changes of clothing that you wore when infested. Clean clothing that you wear fairly often to reduce the lice population in worn clothing while they die of starvation in unused clothing. After at least 30 days, switch clothing. Use over the counter lice spray for chairs and environment. Or, you may wish to try alcohol and/or white vinegar.
Head lice: Follow directions of others here in regard to use of vinegar, mayo, alcohol, tea tree oil soap or coconut shampoo, etc.
But I would advise turning your mattress over every time you wash bedsheets and spraying both with over the counter (lice) chemical spray or vinegar and alcohol. Use only the latter two on pillow sheets. Probably okay to use chemical on pillows and head board.
Good luck, amigos.


After doing any of these remedies and physically removing the nits wash the hair then take the hair in 1/2 inch sections and dry each section with a hair dryer on HIGH HEAT. Make sure that each section is dry from root to tip. The heat will kill any remaining pests. Becareful not to burn the person. You can also follow this by again parting the hair into 1/2 inch sections and running a curling iron or a straighting iron, on high heat, along the hair shaft from scalp to end. Again the heat will burn the nits and lice. Dry the hair after each time washing it as a maintence.

Also when doing any topical remedy apply the solution to the scalp and to the first 2 inches of the hair shaft, by taking 1/2 inch sections at a time, then work it on to the ends of the hair. The lice live in the scale and lay eggs on the hair shaft. Good Luck!

Eric Simon

I have found that as menay have said conditioner in the hair for at least 2 hours works. Saturate the hair with regular conditioner and wrap with either a shower cap, bag or palstic wrap. Let it sit for at least 2 hours to overnight. Wash the hair as normal, then apply shampoo. Comb through with a lice comb.

I have also found that tee tree oil, coconut oil, rosemary, and mint oil help to repel the lice. There is a great shampoo and conditioner that I have found made by Nature's Gate that has all of these ingredients in them. It is called Rainwater herbal Tee Tree Oil Shampoo and Rainwater herbal Tee Tree Oil Conditioner and is sold as a non-medical dandruff treatment that is all natural, has no animal testing, and is Biodegradable. You can find this at the following website:


Another Great effective and cheap way of getting rid of head lice is by using the Off Bug lotion made with natural herbs. Just rub it on your head, and leave it for awhile and by the next day, they will all be gone.


Just mix 1/2 Olive oil or vegtable oil and 1/2 Kerosene or Kerosine. Comb mixture through hair. Dead nits and bugs all come out, then wash as regular. Repeat in one week to kill any bugs that came from your bedding or house and they will be gone forever!! It's a miracle and only $5 a gallon at Lowes Home improvement. It only takes about 1/2 an hour to be bug free!!!!!

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