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Was infested now I am free

When I was growing up my mother was never willing or able to rid our home of lice, so my sisters and I was tortured for years by these bugs. Now I am a mother of three and guess what, nothing could get rid of these pests, until now. I came up with a recipe that will 100% kill lice and condition hair. You will be amazed at the results. You need
* a jar of real mayonaise(store brand is best and cheap)
* white vinegar
* 100% tea tree oil
* a spray bottle.
Mix some mayo and vinegar in a bowl, until it looks like cake batter, kind of thick but still a little runny. Then drop about 8 drops of tea tree oil in the mix, stir. The smell will be strong but don't worry it all comes out when shampooed. Now you put the mix in the hair by seperating the hair into about one inch sections as you go, make sure you put it all over the scalp area of the seperated hair and then spread it all down the lock of hair. It is easiest to start at the back of the head and work your way up. Once you have done the whole head, wrap the hair up with a clip on the top (if the hair is long) and put a shower cap or grocery bag over the hair, press the bag down to remove the air. Leave on for atleast 2 hours. Meanwhile, fill your spray bottle 3/4 with water and drop about 20 drops of tea tree oil in, and shake well. Now as you wait for the hair to be done, take your spray bottle and spray down your carpeting, couches, chairs, beds, pillows, blankets, anything that lice could be living in. Don't soak your carpeting or furniture, just mist it all over. The tea tree oil works as a repellent, because lice, ticks, fleas, misquitos, and horseflies hate the smell, so you could also use the spray on your pets. Also you want to add about 5-10 drops of tea tree oil into your shampoo, so then when your child is around other children that may have lice, the lice won't make your childs head thier new home because they hate the scent. After the two hours rinse the hair in a sink with water until the water runs clear. At this point you will see dead lice laying on top of the hair as you rinse. It will amaze you. Now you need to comb threw the hair with a lice comb to remove the dead bugs as well as the eggs. The eggs will come out so easy because the vinegar eats away the glue that holds the eggs onto the hair. If you need to, you can rinse with conditioner before combing. After these very simple steps you and your home will remain lice free. As with any lice treatment you will want to repeat these steps 7-10 days after the first treatment, to make certain that no lice eggs have survived. You will want to keep spraying the oil and water mix around your house just incase someone comes to your home with lice, atleast you will know the bugs are not being dropped off into your carpets or furniture. This treatment is the fastest, cheapest, easiest, and unlike the others it is 100%. I promise ,just try it. My family has been infested with lice for around 15 years, and finally we are lice free.


Sulfur soap with Lanolin works to both kill lice and discourage lice from climbing back into your hair from home furnishings. I find the soap at the Mexican Grocery, it cost $1 per bar. It also kills scabies, and ringworm infections.
I work in a daycare and have had many of these infestations passed on from children. I find that washing with this soap often had prevented any further problems from lice, parasites, scabies or ringworm.


To remove head lice and their nits. put lotion on the head thick ( we used baby lotion) an the comb the hair out with a regular comb to get any knots out then comb out with fine tooth comb rising out ever other stroke


MY GOSH ... after reading 45-50 remedies for LICE ,I thought I should post mine here too...might help u guys, My mom used this when I ws in school, I had long thick thickest hair ..and had Lice for was horrible..for me&my family.. I lost many freinds bcoz of this ..Anyways here is the REMEDY - Take 1 piece of CAMPHOR (look it up in google)-it has a strong smell-which kills LICE, crush it into powder,and mix the powder with coconut oil, keep away from eyes-put a shower cap for ur child- it will itch her,cz the LICE will be struggling to death, keep for 1-2hrs and wash off with Good shampoo and after shampoo, massage hair with only coconut oil, to ease the scalp!! I was relieved after this, this will even mk the nits fall off..the most difficult part. (do let me know, if it helps u,as it helped me)


to kill lice on ur hed take out sitafal seeds crush & heat in coconut oil keep for 1 hour wash with shampoo then comb ur hair all dead lice will come out.


ok for head lice it simple. first, rub olive oil into the head all the way to the roots, a lot. wrap hair in seran wrap for a couple of hours. the comb leaving the oil in. shower, comb, and shampoo.the oil makes the hair slick so the eggs and bugs come out easily. wash hair.


WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY!! people want to torture others for head lice i feel sorry for these kids out there head lice is not that difficult people to get rid of..there was a report on the news how a dr was charging $200 a treatment to get rid of head lice and tried to get a patent on his treatment. the bad thing about it was all he used was cetaphil skin cleanser.
is that so can buy it about anywhere its what they use in nursing homes on patients all the time and i believe its been used on patients in hospitals too...dont use
diesel or kerosene there is so many easier uses forget those perscriptions they didnt work when i needed them..


I use nothing but the ROBI_COMB!!! It only costs about $30 and takes one double A battery. You can find it at almost any drug store. It makes a buzzing noise that shuts off when you have a critter between the teeth. So, you can also use it to effectively check for lice. It takes about a half hour to comb through medium lenghth hair. As for the nits, simply use it every morning and night or at least once a day. It will kill the buggers after hatching when they are still too small to reproduce. If the host has very thick hair, you are bound to miss a nit or two just using a nit comb. You have to be consistant with this but it is chemical and mess free. I used it on all 3 of my daughters and even took it with me to church camp!! Sure enough there were two little girls that brought them with them. I was glad to treat them and it was very discreet. They were so heavily infested (about 4 generations!!) I sent it home with them and got our family another. Get the Robi Comb it works!!


My children had head lice for 15 years. Nix and Rid and lindane and mayo do not work. Head lice have become immune to everything. They laugh at us when we stick these crazy products on our heads. They have learned to survive through everything, just like the cockroach. There is only one thing that they have not figured out yet. Take a metal lice comb and comb through your child's hair every day for two weeks. This breaks the life cyle which is 7 to ten days. After two weeks, comb for five min. every morning before school. Check your child's hair every week while they are in school. My children have not had head lice for 8 months now. It is in the school all of the time. One day I found a head lice on two of my children. I combed their hair for a week and they never got one nit. I swear by this remedy because I am not lying. I fought head live for 15 years. I poored all kind of concoctions on my children's hair. They never worked.


For head lice use Listerine (original flavor). We had lice in our home and used everything over-the-counter we could find. Someone told me about Listerine and it worked. I just put it in a spray bottle full strength. When I bathed the children, I would wash their hair with shampoo, I skipped the conditioner, then I sprayed the Listerine on their scalp and tried to leave it there for at least 10 minutes then rinse and don't shampoo again. The kids did complain that it stung so I would just get a cool cloth and lay it on their head, during the 10 minutes, changing periodically. It also helped to distract them by playing in the tub with some toys. I used it on myself too. It really worked. I did a treatment on them at every bath for a week, then once a week for a month, combing with a nit comb after I got them out of the tub. After the first application though, I did not see another louse or nit. Now whenever I hear of lice going around at school, I Listerine their head. As far as the bedding, furniture and carpet, I just used the over-the-counter products and vacuumed everything a lot, several times in one week. We've been lice free ever since.

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