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hello to all..Well my daughter is 4 years old and keeps getting bugs from her older siblings that come on the weekends. I heard of a home remedy that works wonders. Add equal parts of vinegar and alcohol to hair, squeeze hair out, wrap hair in towel for a few minutes. Take the towel off and they are gone. I did not even have to comb through her hair. But please parents make sure the child covers face completely with towel while getting this stuff poured over hair. It stinks!!!!


After reading some of these rememedies, I have to say 'what are some of you thinking?' Omg! kerosene? disiel oil? I know rid and Nix doesnt work but you need to find something better than those. Mayo works to a point, its awful hard to get out in the morning. Olive oil works pretty well, too. Like the nurse said the only way really to get them out is by picking them out one by one.

Tara Barley

Find an empty shampoo bootle, mix 2oz vegetable or olive oil works well, 10 drops of lavander oil, 10 drops of tea tree oil, 10 drops of lemon oil or juice, and 4oz of white cider or normal vinigar,mix together and lather dry hair with the complete bottle place a shower cap or grocery bag on the head and leave for 2 hours.Rince off and wash hair 2-3 times to remove oil condition as normal and comb through with a lice comb to remove head lice and eggs, the vinigar helps to loosen the glue the nits attach them selves with too each hair strand. This remedy is a 100% proof of getting rid of head lice after spending money on shop bought remedies i found this remedy works the best.


I did not have a problem with headlice until grade seven, and the whole school year was a pain! Me and most of my friends had it, so I washed my hair frequently with every lice shampoo on the shelf, with no avail. My scalp was raw from all the itching so one day, I decided to get rid of them once and for all. Believe me, this remedy works wonders, costs next to nothing, and most of it you can find in your own house!

Drench your hair and scalp in a mixture of mayonnaise, white vinagar, olive oil, tee tree oil, listerine, and, if you are willing to part with some money, some linadane lice lotion (it's in a white bottle). Mix equal parts of all this (excluding the mayonnaise, put in quite a bit of that) in a bowl. Depending on how long your hair is, you just need to mix enough so you make kind of a syrup that will fully cover your head. Wrap your hair in a plastic bag and leave it on overnight, or for about 4-5 hours, again depending on the length of your hair. Wash out with head and shoulders shampoo and a coconut-scented conditioner. Get a good METAL NIT COMB, and CAREFULLY comb out EVERY nit and louse.
The reason why I had lice so long was not only because the lice shampoos didn't all work- it was because lots of my friends were poor, or their parents had a flipout everytime they told them that they had lice, and just told them to 'take a shower'. So, because this mixture was inexpensive, we all had kind of a sleepover to get rid of our lice. Since none of us really hung out with other people, we had a small chance that we'd pick it up from somewhere else.
I'm proud to say that I never got lice again, thanks to this magic mixture.

jujus mommy

For BAD INFESTATIONS when all else fails, like with us. (I have enough hair on my head for 3 people) We ordrered some Quassia Tree Bark on the internet and made a tea. 1 once per 2 cups water. . . .boil 20-30 minutes, let cool, add 1/3 cup rubbing alcohol (to avoid spoilage) Spray in hair throughly EVERY DAY. Use as a rinse after you shampoo, also. We used it around the house also, we shampooed the carpets and added 2 tbls bleach to the recommended shampoo 4 my shampooer. As it dried, we shot Quassia all around the base boards, for infestations, they like to hide there. We were using 5-6 cans of the household lice killer a day,for 2 months and the over the counter kits wouldnt do it for my hair. The Quassia DESOLVES THE EGGS, NITS, & Lice. For the mixture you spray on hair before shower or throughout the day, add a touch of vinegar. It depends on how infested you are on how quickly they leave. Within 7 days of CONSTANT TREATING THE ENTIRE FAMILY I could tell a big difference. It still took about 3 weeks to be gone, for 7 family members. Our neice still comes over with eggs in her hair, because her mom doesnt want to do anything about them(WHAT!@#$%???) So we spray her hair down as soon as she arrives and its been ok so far.....Oh yeah, when you hear a sizzle, thats them frying!! Unless you have mouse or hairspray in your hair. So when it finally stops sizzling for 7 days, they are gone!! We just keep it around ALWAYS!! Just in case!


I managed to catch lice as a school volunteer. I didn't have another adult around to help rid me of the little buggers and have spent months trying to find a cure I could implement myself. After trying prescriptions, RID, NIX, various oil treatments, etc., the best thing I have found is Nutrogena TGel Extra Strength with Coal Tar Extract. Shampoo twice a day and leave the shampoo in place for 5-10 minutes. I did this for a month and the bugs are gone. This is the easiest and cleanest method I have found.

Stephanie Delaney

My daughters head lice was impossible to get rid of,I tried all of the over the counter remidies-nothing would work.The only thing that has actually been affective is to pour RUBBING ALCOHOL on her dry scalp,rub in well,then clip hair up and let it dry by its self.It is very stinky,best place to do it is outside,I would not recommend it in the house,or to let your child try applying the alcohol on thier own.After the hair is all dry wash hair normally.Make sure to keep the hair combed frequently,and keep using the nit comb.


Do not wet hair!! Leave it dry then use 100% rubbing alcohol!! Immidately put hair in a shower cap (or my family used wal-mart sacks tied in the back)Then let it sit for 20minutes to an hour depending on the thickness of hair Then rinse out hair throughly and use conditioner as usual to make an easy comb through!!! Do this about once or twice a week and they'll be gone for good!!!!!!!


Tea tree shampoo may smell funny but it helps to repel lice. If you don't have the money to buy tea tree shampoo all the time, you can buy tea tree oil and put a few drops in your(or your child's) shampoo.


It's simple buy vaseline, put it on your head, and wear a shower cap over night, and when you wake up just shower, and wash your hair a few times, and there you go all cured!!!

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