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Tammy in Indiana

My grandaughter came for the weekend and I noticed her itching her head. Called mom. She checked all the family and no one had it. So I checked the little one I had. We did not think she had them. But I was going to treat anyway and looked on line to see about home remedies. I tryed one and wow. It immedately proved she had 3 adult ones. It immediatly killed them. then looking through her hair when wet I say the eggs. There were not many so we had found it right away. We got all the eggs out and she is free from them with one treatment and they did not return. Thanks so much for sharing. We put Listerine on her dry hair and put a cap over her hair for 2 hours, then rinsed and put white vinigar on for 1 hour using a different cap. then we rinsed and washed her hair with Dawn dish soap. the combo of the 3 did the trick. Hope this helps someone else like it did us.


Here is my home remedy. I used it out of desperation after finding out how those expensive over the counter remedies are worthless.

I mix Suave Coconut Shampoo, coconut milk, olive oil, and tea tree oil together. I let it set on the hair for as long as possible...overnight is good. I put a plastic bag over this on the hair.

Rinse out hair. Condition hair with Suave Coconut conditoner, Coconut milk and a few drops of tea tree oil. Rinse

Mix Detangler Spray with a few drops of tea tree oil.

Comb out hair with a flea comb (I bought a cute flea comb that is exactly like a lice comb. It was purple with a pink heart, which my daughter liked, and saved me from the embarrasment from buying a lice comb.

Spray on a mix of vinegar and warm water. Let set about 15 minutes. Rinse and blow dry with a hot hair dryer.

Comb with flea comb.

Use flea comb to comb out your hair for a week or two.

Use shampoo/conditoner combo to wash hair with for a couple of weeks.

I found no lice or nits after the first treatment.


Blow dry with hot hair dryer.

Use the same shampoo/conditioner/detangler combo for a couple of weeks.

You will be free of bugs!!


I read all of the advice ffrom this site to get rid of my head lice that my daughter brought home. I decided to try the listerine and I must say, try nothing else, ever. The listerine worked in less than 2 hours, I rinsed it out then I combed out my hair with a metal nit comb in the shower with tons of conditioner on my hair. I washed all clothes and bedding in hot bleach water, even colors, just use a little bleach. I did replace my bed, but I was going to do that anyway, but I sprayed other mattresses in my home with alcohol and vinegar. I have a 2 year old son who did het the lice, so for him I just spent about an hour picking the lice and nits out of his hair by hand. I did not find any eggs. It has been over a month and we have not had ANY signs of an outbreak. I have just been very persistent with cleaning bedding and bedrooms on a regular basis. I also use Denorex Shampoo as a preventative for future outbreaks. LISTERINE WORKS!!! And I should also mention that it actually soothes the head after scratching it so bad, just make sure to keep it out of the eyes. I hope this can help someone easily remove lice from their lives. It worked for me.

Laura Barb

Get some REGULAR mouthwash,(Dollar store brand has the same exact ingredients as Listerine)100% Thyme oil, & 100% cinnamon oil (at your local health store). Fill spray bottle or misting bottle 1/2 way with mouthwash, 15-20 drops of each oils. Mix well then test spot on your head. It should get VERY HOT within seconds. Be careful not to make it too hot as it may blister,but you do want it as hot as you can stand it. Then saturate hair,neck and behind ears. It KILLS LICE AND EGGS!! No head coverings necessary! Leave in or rinse when scalp cools. I leave it in cuz it makes a great styling spray. Use everyother day or so til you're sure lice are gone. I use it once a week as a precautionary. Wash sheets & pillows. Then spray them, mattress, carpet, furniture, etc., every day. Spray PETS as well. After you see for yourself what a GOD SEND this is, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, post this recipe at your Schools, Churches, HAIR DRESSERS etc., so others struggling with lice can finally get some relief as well.

Heather Schrandt

I have been fighting with head lice on my step-daughter for over 4 years now. Not two mention many diffrent towns we have lived in and two diffrent states. The main problem was the schools that we had her in when we lived in Arkansas they seem to be infested with the things. It has become much more under control since we moved up to our home state of Iowa but it is still a problem. Anyway after trying hundreds of diffrent thing we have found two GREAT ones!!!
The first is a mixture of 1/2 cup rubbing alchol, 1 cup of white vinager and 1 cup mouth wash (listernie or generic) origianl flavor. Just Pour it over their hair then ring out and put it up in a towel til dry. then just was and conditon like normal. You may need to do a little combing but not much.
Second is one from my best friend whos mom used it for years on her kids. It is 1/2 cup of Downy to 1 quart of water. Just pour over hair and let dry. Wash like normal. And it works!!!


Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol
Use as much as needed to saturate the hair. Starting at the temples working around the back of the neck and over to the next temple, moving from the front of the head back to the neck. I poured the alcohol in a dish and used cotton balls to saturate the head, then wrapped the head in plastic wrap for 30 minutes. The smell alone should kill them and it did! I spent over the past 5 months and $500 trying to get rid of these microscopic bugs. I was desperate to try anything, because nothing else had worked not even for a day. Always fresh egg were laid by the next morning. A bottle of alcohol cost less than a dollar!
Yes I did all the cleaning, washing, nit picking and combing!Out of 5 children I was able to contain it to just one.
Hope it works for you, I don't want to experience this ever again!Ding Dong the bugs are gone! My family said you have to tell others this experience has been aweful not to mention time consuming and expensive. My daughter missed camp and overnite visits with her friends and dare not say why, she'd have no friends if they heard 'lice'!

flick-new mum

ok about 2 years ago my daughter got nits. i was totally freaking out because i never had nits as a child so i didnt know what to do about them. i did soem research on the internet and i tried pretty much everything!!! i was geting extreemely fed~up with this (it had been a year) so i thought up a shampoo to use on her hair
you will need:
aprox. 600m mayonaise
10 drops of tee tree oil
half a cup of dishwashing liquid
half a cup of anti dandruff shampoo ( any brand)
half a cup of tee tree shampoo
and half a cup of listerine.
put all ingreedients into a spray bottle and shake for about 2 mins spray onto dry hair until hair is soaked, leave on for about 1 hour and then rinse out then comb out nits. it worked for me, if anyone wants advice email me;

Sherri Vidito

My daughter had head lice for 2 months as soon as we thought that we got rid of it, it came back a week later. We tried store bought and home remedies, and nothing was working. I saturated her head and massaged in Baby Oil, used the lice comb, the lice were dying instantly. We left the baby oil in her hair for 24 hours (put a shower cap on) then washed her hair with Sunlight dish soap(just the orginal). The sunlight will take out all traces of baby oil, and this did not damage her hair or scupl. Repeat every second day until all signs of lice are gone. Do the regualr cleaning as well, wash bed clothes daily, vacume sleeping area, and remove all stuffed aniamals and extra clothes while treatment is occuring. Clean hair out of hairbrush and put into the freezer nightly. It may sound like alot of work but it cheaper than store bought remedies and it works faster and no need to cut your hair.


I've been using a home-made shampoo to kill all live lice which is completely natural, and safe. All of the ingridients are effective at repelling or killing live lice, but in combination they work wonders.

Salt - salt is a natural antiseptic and will help to kill the live ones.
Vinegar - vinegar loosens the glue that holds the nits onto the hair, making them easier to comb out.
Tea tree oil - The wonder from down under, tea tree oil is an antiseptic and insecticide.
Peppermint oil - This stuff is potent and kills the live bugs. It also works to repel them when used in your regular shampoo after the infestation has been removed. An added bonus, it has a wonderful cooling and soothing effect on the scalp when applied.
Dish soap - The grease-fighting action of a good-quality dish soap will help make it more difficult for the little critters to hang on, and make it easier for you to comb them out.

You can make your own shampoo out of these safe, relatively inexpensive ingriedients that effectively kill the live lice. The nits, however, will probably survive. This is where the full treatment course comes in.

The life cycle of a louse is about 30 days. The nymphs (technical term for baby lice) do not reach sexual maturity for approximately 5-10 days after hatching.

Step 1. Make a shampoo using some or all of the ingriedients above. Be careful not to exceed 5-10 drops of essential oil when preparing the mixture. Essential oils are absorbed very quickly and efficiently into the skin. Using too much may cause adverse complications. Use the dish soap as a base, making sure not to dilute it excessively, as this will make it difficult to apply and lather. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF OR YOUR CHILDREN TO INGEST ANY OF THIS MIXTURE. DO NOT ALLOW IT TO COME INTO CONTACT WITH YOUR EYES. It really burns; trust me, I know. :)

Step 2. Comb out your hair using a specialized nit comb. I recommend using one of the high-quality 'microgrooved' combs available for this purpose. These combs are so effective that they can be used entirely on their own to remove head lice infestations, without resorting to any kind of preparation to kill the lice. Check out for more information. If you can't get one of these special combs, a normal lice comb will suffice, but you must be very diligent and pay close attention to detail. You must comb your hair at least once a day (2-3 times a day if possible would be ideal) for a period of 7-10 days. Every inch of the scalp must be carefully combed, working with small sections of hair. Be sure to work the comb through at different angles (upward, downward, left and right) to dislodge the nits. Rinse out the comb between swipes through the hair, and sterilize thoroughly before using on another person. For the remaining 7 days, continue to comb your hair, though at this point you will be looking for any evidence that the infestation remains rather than actively removing the insects, so you don't have to go all out. If you are still finding bugs after 7 - 10 days, continue the treatment for another week.

Step 3. Clean your environment. Although new research is showing that we do not need to go as 'hog wild' cleaning our homes as previously thought, a good clean will definitely help prevent re-infestation. Studies have shown that spraying pesticides all over our furniture is largely ineffective at controlling infestation, but if you still want to do it, use Lysol rather than the more expensive 'special' lice sprays. For the most part, a thorough vacuuming of the carpets, beds, couches, chairs (don't forget the car!) should be sufficient. Adult lice do not survive for much than 24 hours off the host body. Nits require warm temperatures to hatch, so it is unlikely that any nymphs will hatch from eggs that have fallen from your head, but even if they do, they will die within a few short hours unless they are able to get an immediate meal of blood.

Wash all of your laundry in hot water and dry on high heat for at least 30 minutes - this is sufficient to kill them. Adding additional chemicals is not necessary, and may even be harmful. Anything that may be contaminated by contact with an infested person (or their personal effects) and cannot be washed should be sealed up in plastic bags for at least two weeks. This does not suffocate them as is popularly thought, but rather starves them by preventing them from finding their way back to your head.

Don't go crazy - save your time and energy for removing them from your head. If you're scrubbing every nook and cranny, you're just wasting your time, given the creatures' extremely short lifespan when not in contact with the host.

Step 4. Repeat the shampoo recipe as above for 2 weeks, applying it every 2 days. Use as a normal shampoo, and leave on for at least 5 minutes in the shower. As the mixture only kills the live lice, the strategy here is to kill off each new crop of lice before they reach maturity and have time to lay their eggs. Again, diligence is the key. Wash thoroughly. Massage the mixture deeply into your scalp. Comb your hair! Manual removal is the key component of any lice removal program. IF YOU DO NOT COMB YOUR HAIR CAREFULLY AND OFTEN, NOTHING ELSE YOU DO TO GET RID OF THEM WILL WORK.

Step 5. After each treatment, change bedding and re-vacuum all surfaces that might have been in contact with the infested person. The course of this treatment should last no longer than 2 weeks. In many cases, infestations can be removed succesfully in as little as 3 days to a week, depending on the commitment and diligence of the individuals involved.

One of the most important things to remember is this: your house doesn't have lice, -you- do. Your head is this creatures' complete biome, and it cannot exist for very long anywhere else without you. Head lice are very specific to the scalp and do not live anywhere else on the body, nor can they be carried by animals. Reinfestations commonly occur because of re-exposure to another infested indivdual, or incomplete removal of the bugs in the first place. Although the environment can cause reinfestation, with proper cleaning, it is rare. Concentrate on your head because that is where they live and breed.

Step 6. Since lice are a social disease, it is usually impossible to keep everyone affected isolated. Eventually your kids will have to go back to school and all it takes is that one missed nit on someone's head to start things all over again. When an outbreak of lice occurs and many people around you have been infested, it's a good idea to continue to use small amounts of the essential oils in your regular shampoo for about a month following the outbreak. Dandruff shampoos with zinc as their active ingredient have been reported effective at repelling lice, as well as taking zinc vitamin supplements. Follow package directions carefully when taking nutritional supplements.

The great thing about these lice un-friendly ingredients is that they are safe and non-toxic when used topically. Concentrated essential oils are powerful chemicals, albeit natural ones, and should be treated with respect and care. Used in moderation, they will do their job effectively.


I have to bring up the conditioner angle. A couple of years ago I found that my (then) 4 yo girl had headlice. I found many home remidies online. I washed some bedding, did some vacuuming, washed with lice shampoo, did some nitpicking etc. .. didn't really work that hard at it, and ridded us of the lice.

But ... I didn't not treat myself or my husband. At that time my little one spent a lot of time sitting with me, in close contact, and I did not become infested.

The only conclusion I can reach is that the use of conditioner will prevent headlice. At that time I did not use conditioner on my little one's hair, but I do use it on my own everyday. I also only became aware of the infestation after several of the little *&^%! fell out of my own hair. Then I looked online to discover that they were headlice. So I know beyond a doubt that they did get to my head, but were apparently unable to remain and become an infestation.

I guess the working theory is that the lice find it diffucult to move around because the hair is slicker, and they are also unable to attach eggs to the hair shaft for the same reason.

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